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Man Creates Family Drama After Commenting On SIL's Leg Hair At Dinner

Body hair is an issue that many people shy away from discussing. Am I right? For the longest time, women were 'encouraged' to shave their hair. I'm talking about the legs and underarms. Women have been targeted to keep those areas hair-free for aesthetic reasons.

But I honestly thought we were past that. Well, as it turns out, some people still feel compelled to comment on other people's hair, and that's exactly what got this one man all fired up.

Check this story out.

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A woman recently posted on Reddit about something that happened to her. She wanted to get other people's opinion if she acted like an asshole in this particular scenario. So let's find out exactly what transpired here. Shall we?

This lady was at a family dinner.

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She happened to sit down on the couch next to her brother-in-law. Inadvertently, her skirt raised to reveal some hair above her knee. That's when her BIL looked down at her leg and made face then loudly said, "Oh shooo, OP! This is gross, you should've shaved, that hair isn't supposed to be there".

I mean, what?

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This is what happened next:

"Everyone stared, I told him 'If it's not supposed to be there then why does it grow there, can you explain?' He was like 'It's just not supposed to be there', I point at his mustache and say 'Well, guess the same thing can be said about your little mustache then, huh?'. He looks at me eyes wide open, and awkward silence takes over though some laughed. My sister told me to knock it off as my brother-in-law got up from his chair and went inside the bathroom. My sister followed and I could hear him having a breakdown asking her if there was something wrong with his mustache, my brother and I kept giggling but dinner got cut short cause my brother-in-law wanted to leave."

Hmm, sounds like somebody is attached his mustache, ha, ha.

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Well, that's exactly what this guy explained to his wife.

"I later got scolded by my sister saying I stepped over the line and disrespected someone who's older than me, who's her husband, and demanded I apologize to him for insulting him and ruining dinner."

Here's how the story continued:

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"Guys! My sister said the reason my brother-in-law got so offended was that he considers his mustache as a symbol of his 'manhood' and so I insulted his 'manhood' [and didn't] just made a 'backhanded comment'. She said I psychologically harmed him and should apologize for it but I'm not sure if this fixes anything except how he feels about his mustache, lol."

Hmm, so let me get this straight, he commented rudely about her leg hair but she's the one who 'insulted' his manhood?

I don't think so.

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Here's what some Redditors had to say about this.

"Anyone who says leg hair 'Isn't supposed to be there' as a method of shaming women into complying with ridiculous beauty standards is always, always the AH. I bet his mustache looks ridiculous."

Amen to that, ha, ha.

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Somebody also pointed this out.

"Anyone commenting on his teenage SIL’s legs while at a family dinner is also behaving like a pervy weirdo. Why was he staring at OP’s legs so closely while sitting down to dinner anyway? Unless the hair was long enough to tie into a leg-ponytail (at which point you shouldn’t have to shave either, because let’s face it, that’s just cool) he shouldn’t have even been looking at her legs hard enough to notice."

What do you think of that?

I love this explanation here.

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"It's never appropriate to comment on someone's body. If it's on someone's body do not comment on it...unless it's in retaliation like OP. He needs to apologize for sexualizing his sister-in-law's body hair and making her body hair about his sexual preferences. Someone else here posted that he even sexualizes his own mustache and wants OP to see it as sexy/manly too. Guys around here stared growing Tom Selleck mustaches ironically because mustaches usually look so douchy."

I totally agree with this observation here.

So what do you think of this story?

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Whose side are you on? Do you think this BIL deserved this backhanded comment after he was the one who commented on his SIL's body hair inappropriately? He basically embarrassed her in front of the whole family, and then when she retaliated, he threw a fit like a 5-year-old. At least that's what I think of this whole thing.