18 True Stories Of People Who Said 'I Object' At A Wedding

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Weddings are a beautiful occasion to celebrate two people joining their lives together. It's all about the ceremony where the couple exchange vows in front of friends and family. But what if something unplanned happens and somebody actually objects to the union? Have you ever seen that happen?

I have not, but apparently, it's more common than many of us thought. A recent Reddit asked, "Have you ever witnessed a wedding objection? What was it like?" and people had some interesting stories to tell. Let's take a look.

This Squirrel Intervention

squirrel standing up
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"I was at an outdoor wedding. During the ceremony, we get to the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' bit and during the pause, a squirrel had been walking across a tree branch causing it to crack, break, and fall to the floor. It was loud. I turned to my wife and said 'I guess God is trying to tell us something.' to which I got hit on the arm by her as others around us chuckled. Apparently, I said it a little too loudly! Turned out that the squirrel was on to something. They split up after five years."


This Joke That Backfired

man with hands up shocked
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"Oof, that reminds me of a clip that I saw where a groom jokingly says, 'I do not!' when the priest asks if he wanted to take the bride. The priest goes, 'OK, bye, I'm not doing it.'

Needless to say, the groom died inside, and the bride was very pissed. Apparently, in some places, the marriage legally can’t continue if one of the people to be wed says no."

OMG, what? I would have died inside, too.

This Officiant Gaffe

couple and wedding officiant
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"At a friend's wedding in 2003, he was asked if he wants to marry the bride [first name, last name]. Without any pause, he said no! Everyone was shocked, including the bride. It was like the world stopped turning for a second and dead silence together with severe tension was in the air.

He then corrected that he was there to marry [correct first name, last name] — the bride's first name had been the wrong one when he was asked, but the bride herself [didn't] notice (some guest did notice as well). The official then checked and it turns out he noted down the wrong first name, which would have lead to them not being married if not corrected. They are happily married today."

Phew, right?

This Sad Situation

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"I was at the wedding of my mom's cousin (J). When the guy asked if there were any objections, the mother of J said, 'I never wanted my daughter to date such an asshole like him.' Everyone started whispering, and J was holding her tears back.

I was something around 11 when that happened, still old enough to understand that J didn't want her mother there. The mother had to leave, and the ceremony continued... They are still married, happy, and healthy, but if I'm ever gonna get married, this is going to be my biggest fear."

Aww, that's so sad, no?

This Strange Foreshadowing

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"I was at my uncle's wedding back in the '90s. He was getting re-married and had three kids from a previous marriage. At the objection part, my cousin who is his oldest son yelled "DON'T DO IT, DAD!!!" They went through with it but got divorced like five years ago. They were married 20ish years though."

This Coo-Coo Clock Interruption

Tick-tock clock
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"Many, many years ago, the wedding was at the bride's upscale residence. They had the rehearsal and thought they had anticipated every possibility. When 'the question' was asked it was too late to realize that nobody had thought to stop the cuckoo clock. 'CUCKOO, CUCKOO, CUCKOO!!!' It was a good 10 minutes before the laughter died down enough for them to finish the ceremony. The bride, groom, and officiant chuckled their way through the rest of the ceremony. They have been married for over thirty years."

Aww, it's good to see that everybody had a good sense of humor about this, huh?

This Act Of Rebellion

sad kid
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"My brother objected at my dad's wedding to my stepmom... while he was standing next to them at the altar. He was young and just trying to be rebellious. It was just cringey."

Holy, moly! Can you believe that?

This Jokester

bodybuilder at a gym flexing muscles
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"There were no objections but at my cousin's wedding, about 12 years ago, when the priest asked if there were any objections, my cousin who is a 6’5 bodybuilder turned to the crowd with his arms wide as if to challenge anyone to object. The whole place erupted with laughter. It was great."

Ha, ha, that I can definitely stand behind.

This Shotgun Wedding

woman laughing
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"About 20 years ago a coworker threw a 'shotgun wedding' for his daughter in Arkansas. All the bride's family packed heat, and her three brothers stood behind the couple with shotguns at the ready. '...let him speak now or forever hold his peace' was followed by SHUCKSHUCK SHUCKSHUCK SHUCKSHUCK.

OMG, run for your life!

This Lawyer Wedding

judge's mallet
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"They were lawyers being married by one of the judges they appeared before a lot. It was done as a joke. The judge overruled the objection."

I have some friends who are lawyers so I'm pretty sure they would get a total kick out of that, ha, ha.

This Declaration Of Love

Man saying "oh my God."
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"Everything was going normally, and the bride walked down the aisle, and it was all good. Then, the officiator asked if anyone had any objections, and the best man came forward and just started roasting the bride. Like, he held nothing back. So the groom got really upset and was like, 'Why are you insulting my wife?' The best man answered, 'She's not your wife yet.'

It went back and forth for a bit before the best man shouted, 'I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, DEREK!' The whole place went silent like in a movie. Then, the maid of honor dragged the best man away, and they continued on with the wedding like nothing happened."

Whoa! That must've been unexpected, right? How do you recover after that?

This Nightmare MIL

Unsplash | Ishan @seefromthesky

"My cousin and her husband purposely had the priest skip that part because the groom's mom had been trying to cancel the wedding. She’d threaten not to come, tried canceling venues, tried booking her own rehearsal party for only the groom’s family, and started calling the bride’s guests saying the wedding was canceled."

I can't even get over that. I feel so bad for the bride.

This Awkward Moment

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"Very small wedding, just family, and a few of us close friends. The guy performing the marriage asked if anyone objected, paused for what felt like forever (was probably like 45 seconds), and then said, 'Are you sure? Like, really sure you don’t have any objections?'"

All of us sat in awkward silence. Everyone knew it was a rough relationship, but the couple had not listened to anyone’s concerns. Three years later they are still married, although they were separated for most of it."

That was probably the longest 45 seconds in everybody's life at that moment, ha, ha.

This Cringe-Worthy Moment

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"I got my license to marry people online. It's kinda cool. I was marrying this sweet couple and when I got to 'Does anyone object to this marriage?' Someone did. The uncle of the GROOM. He stood up, and said he objected because 'I love you more than your girlfriend does! Marry me instead.' It was kinda weird. I am not going to lie."


This Kid Interruption

flower girl at a wedding
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"Not an objection but I was at a wedding, the priest gets to the objections. The three-year-old daughter was the flower girl. Walks up the aisle, pulls the bride's dress, and whispers something to her. Everyone was like...is the little girl objecting? Nope. Apparently, she told her mom she didn't feel good. That was about half a second before she threw up all over her."


This Weird Declaration

man looking confused
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"My bud and his soon-to-be wife [were] kissing when all of a sudden this random dude stands up and says he objects to their marriage since that [expletive] of a man doesn't deserve any happiness in life."

Okay, somebody is holding a grudge. Am I right?

This Fun Wedding

wedding couple laughing
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"The couple wanted a redneck-but-not-redneck wedding. They rented him a big, rich cowboy suit. Think Doug Dimmadome. They then proceeded to give him a holstered revolver with a blank in it and told him when he got to the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' bit, the groom’s brother would stand up to object, and they wanted him to pull the gun and shoot him. According to my dad, it was the stupidest request he ever had, but it was fun, and the crowd loved it."

That sounds like it would be a fun wedding to attend, no?

This Dramatic Ending

man pointing finger shocked
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"The most dramatic objection came from a guy seated farther back in a church filled with people. He said the groom was still legally married to another woman in California — that a decree of divorce had not been finalized by the judicial system.

Turns out the guy was correct — some glitch in the process prevented the divorce from becoming official, even though the groom thought it had long been resolved."

Apparently, the man who spoke at the East Coast wedding ceremony was related to the groom's wife, and the guy was intent on spoiling the occasion out of some bitterness he held toward the groom."

Oh my goodness, I wonder how it all turned out.

Whoa, can you believe all of that?

empty wedding altar
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I can't get over all these crazy wedding objections, ha, ha. To be able to witness one would have been something I wouldn't forget for a long time. Have you ever been to a wedding that somebody objected to, huh? How did it turn out? Did the couple get married or not?