employees at a fast food restaurant
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18 Fast Food Orders That Are The Definition Of Annoying

I'll admit I don't frequent fast-food restaurants that often. But when I do, I usually stick to regular menu items instead of some crazy elaborate dishes. However, that doesn't seem to be the case with everyone. Some people go out of their way to drive the fast-food employees up the wall with intense food orders.

So I thought it would be fun to share a few of those examples with the rest of you. Once you take a look at them, you'll realize that working in a fast-food joint can be a really hard job.

This Fast Lane

line of McChicken sandwiches at McDonald's
reddit | u/ryanm210

Oh my goodness! What have we got here? I bet the employees working this shift love it when somebody comes and orders 11 McChickens, huh? I really do hope this didn't happen five minutes to closing because that would have sucked big time.

This Indecisive One

Tweet screenshot
reddit | u/punk664

How many times have you gotten to the fast-food restaurant counter only to stand there for five minutes deciding what to order? I'm guilty of that, ha, ha. It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes I need a moment or two.

These Hungry Masses

McDonald's order screen
reddit | u/swilliams080

Speaking of big orders, how do you like these ones here? I wish I knew what time of the day this was, so I could figure out the times to avoid going to McDonald's. Do you hear what I'm saying?

This Attentive Customer

Tweet screenshot
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Let me ask you something: How many times has this happened to you while taking somebody's order? Why is it that people fail to listen when it comes to ordering fast food? Don't they want to get their food as soon as possible? I don't get it.

This Picky Order

picky fast food order
reddit | u/Blippsk

"People who make orders like this should be escorted out of the store," - said this McDonald's employee, hee-hee.

You know what, I've never actually customized a McDonald's order. I had no idea you could do that. I just assumed that you get what you see on the ordering board. Hmm, now I'm wondering if I do this, will I be hated? What do you think? I'm tempted.

This Meat Hater?

burger order without the bun
reddit | u/dreezypeeezy

Wait a minute, what is going on here? Is this a burger order without an actual bun? What the heck? How is this person going to eat it? That's what I would like to see, hee-hee. At least they could have ordered in a lettuce wrap, eh?

This Hungry Mob

McDonald's order screen
reddit | u/Zombieslayer4qq

I guess somebody here is feeding a hungry mob. What do you think? I wonder how long it would take to make 80 double-quarter cheese patties. Let's try to guess. I say, two hours. It's your turn now.

This Huge Order

long fast food order
reddit | u/420plant

"I wish when people like this show up I could just be like 'No. Nobody needs this much McDonald's. Go home and fix your life.'"

Ha, ha, is that right? What do you think? I definitely feel sorry for the employees here.

This Closing Shift Order

hand holding huge burger with three paties, cheese and bacon
reddit | u/HarryPotterGay69420

Who knew that people show up right before closing and order something like this. Well, apparently, at this fast food joint, it's pretty typical. To be honest, right now I could have this and some fries, ha, ha.

This Annoying Order

fast food order screen
reddit | u/Jealous_Tie1859

"This order took 60 mins to make - $420 order."

Whoa! Just how many people do they plan on feeding with this, haha? Is this for an army or something like that? I bet it was so much fun making it all to-go. I don't envy the people who got stuck preparing that.

This 3 a.m. Surprise

Employee standing besides long McDonald's burger order line
reddit | u/Ikonik_Real

Imagine this, it's 3 a.m., and you're doing the night shift at McDonald's. So you think nobody will show up. And then a bunch of late-nighters throw this order on your shoulders. Oh, boy! That doesn't look boring at all.

This St. Paddy's Day Nightmare

St. Paddy's drink order at McDonald's
reddit | u/blazefire_101

It's cool when a fast-food joint comes out with a special treat like this St. Paddy's Day drink at McDonald's. Am I right? However, I don't think the employees love it as much as we do. Now they get inundated with orders, and that can't be fun.

These Code Yellows

fast food frying
reddit | Xx_nyarlaTHOTep_xX

"Just had 3 code yellows (school busses)."

Oh my! I bet this person here is really thrilled about that. Now, they need to get these orders out before they lose their mind, ha, ha. I hope those kids are taking these to go.

This Cash Order

McDonald's order screen
reddit | u/LegitMemes

Not only is this order pretty crazy but get this — they paid with cash. I mean, who carries almost $2,000 in cash in their pocket? Wow! I guess they're pretty well off, ha, ha.

This Special Order

long fast food order receipt
reddit | u/Elizashizzle

Holy moly, talking about some special instructions on this fast-food order, eh? It's like this person was writing a novel, hee-hee. The best part of this order is when they say, "Don't make my sandwich messy." Yeah, okay.

This Fries Obsession

huge bag of fries to go
reddit | u/Happyatal1

I'm not going to lie, french fries are my favorite fast-food munchies. So if I saw somebody order ten large fries in a C bag, I would have been like, "Wow!" Now, I need to know if they're going to eat this all by themselves, lol.

This Giant Order

Pizza order receipt
reddit | u/lily2kbby

"This order. Only me in the store. Took me an hour and a half."

Yikes. I don't envy the person who had to make all those pizzas by themselves. The fact that it took them an hour and a half is actually impressive. I think it would have taken me a lot longer than that, ha, ha.

This Unusual Pizza Order

pizza dough with pickles
reddit | u/chaosful

"So, we got this order today, just bread and pickles, warm bread and pickles. Weirdest part is, it was not a fake order."

Let me take a wild guess — it was a pregnant woman, lol. I would bet $20 on it.

Those were some wild fast-food orders, huh?

McDonald's orders
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I'm really glad I never had to work at a fast-food restaurant. I honestly don't think I could survive the madness that goes on there. Dealing with a hungry mob isn't my kind of fun, ha, ha. I prefer to stick to jobs that don't require me to work like a mad dog. Have you ever had to deal with something like that?