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Fancy Restaurant Gives Boyfriend Menu With The Prices Even Though Girlfriend Is The 'Breadwinner'

No matter how advanced we as women feel in the twenty-first century, there are moments that remind us that we're still battling sexist assumptions that have been ingrained into society for centuries. It can be exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes downright embarrassing.

At least we have social media apps like TikTok that make us feel less alone when people make us feel weird for being independent, financially stable women.

One woman is going viral on TikTok after having a super weird encounter at a fancy restaurant recently.

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While being sat down with her husband, they both received two different menus. One had the prices, and one didn't.

Now, I have never heard of this before and it instantly filled me with anxiety.

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The idea of just not knowing how much something could cost me makes me feel sick to my stomach, and to know it was just assumed that I wasn't going to be the one paying also would send me for a loop.

TikToker @abbiechatfield took to the video sharing app to explain what happened when she took her boyfriend out for an expensive dinner while on vacation.

Filming herself in the "bougie" restaurant, Abbie explained how she had remarked that the menu "looked" expensive, which her boyfriend confirmed.

When she questioned how he knew, it was revealed that she had been given a menu without prices.

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“And he got a menu with prices on it, and I didn’t,” Abbie says, visibly irritated. “I’m the breadwinner.”

Fellow TikTok users took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

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"The idea of what is 'feminine' & what is not at restaurants is ridiculous! They always give me the cocktail or smaller meal even when it’s not mine," one woman commented.

"What’s even more frustrating is when your the wealthy one as the woman!" said another.

Some users were invested in justifying the restaurant's decision.

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"Some places make it on purpose. They doing it that people on date (female specifically) didn't worry about prices and just choose what they will like," explained one TikToker.

"Technically if you are the bread winner you wouldn’t be worried about the price the person with less money would," echoed another.

Well, it's good to know things like this happen at fancy restaurants so for now, I'll be sticking to my regular dives thankyouverymuch!