Betty White's Former Employee Shares Sweet Story About Late Star

Jordan Claes
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Betty White was the whole package. She had the heart of a lion, the compassion of a Saint, and a sense of humor that could leave you doubled over, in stitches.

She was an unabashed force for good in this world, and our lives are a little less bright and a whole lot less funny without her. Recently, Betty White's former assistant shared a sweet story about the late star — thus giving us even more reasons to love the legend that was Betty White.

As difficult as it is to process, it's now been three whole months since the world lost Betty White.

Betty White with dogs.
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The comedy legend passed away peacefully in her home on December 31st, 2021, after suffering a stroke six days earlier.

Betty was the epitome of a TV/film icon, with an impressive award-winning career that spanned seven decades.

Young Betty White with her dog.
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Best known for her role as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as well as Rose Nyland in Golden Girls, Betty dedicated her life to film and to bringing joy into the lives of everyone she touched.

Earlier this month, an old post resurfaced on Betty's official Facebook page that illustrates just how wonderful she really was.

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The post was made by a woman named Kiersten Mikelas, who worked as Betty's assistant while she was alive. Now, Kiersten manages the late star's social media accounts.

"So, I try to stick to strictly Betty posts, but when this popped up in my own FB memories this morning, I wanted to share," Kiersten began.

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"It’s a great way to see her personal sense of humor and sweetness, and start the weekend with a giggle," she captioned the post.

The memory post from April 1st of 2021 begins with Kiersten explaining how everyone loves her boss, Betty.

Betty White with a golden retriever.
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Kiersten quickly goes on to say how she too loves Betty White, but not necessarily for the reasons that others might tend to think.

The former assistant explains how one day Betty found her crying in the backyard — after she'd just been dumped by her then-boyfriend.

Duck biting man's nose.
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"Her immediate reaction was 'Well, now I guess we have to rename one of the ducks.'"

For context, Kiersten explained that there was a family of ducks that decided to make a home out of Betty's pool.

Betty White holding little dog.
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"She had named one of the male ducks that have taken up residence in her swimming pool after my former dude in an act of love and support."

At first, Betty suggested that they refer to the duck thereafter as "the duck who shall not be named."

Betty White with two puppies.
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As Kiersten's tears began to fall at an uncontrollable rate, Betty moved in to comfort her. "Oh honey," Betty said as she wiped away Kiersten's tears. "We can just call him the duck who sucks!"

Kiersten concluded her post by stating that Betty's kind supportive words instantly restored joy back into her life.

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A wave of Betty's fans and supporters were so touched by Betty's thoughtfulness that they just had to make their feelings known.

"It truly warms my heart to hear these stories about Betty that we know are true stories, showing her love, humor and kindness," one Facebook user wrote.

Betty White on a couch surrounded by puppies.
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"I'm not sure what I love more, her naming options for the male duck or that she had ducks living in her swimming pool!" another user said.

It's these kinds of heartfelt anecdotes that remind us that although Betty may be gone, she'll never be forgotten.

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So the next time you see a duck floating around in your swimming pool or in a pond or anywhere for that matter — think of Betty and always remember "The duck who sucks."