Single Women Share Why They Choose To Avoid Relationships

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To all the single ladies, throw your hands up! Rejoice in knowing that you are strong, you are valued, and that you don't have to answer to anyone — least of all a man.

Yet for some reason, society still seems to be at odds with the notion that a woman could actually enjoy being single. So for (hopefully) the last time ever, here is a list of single women sharing all the reasons why they choose to avoid relationships.

I'm looking for Mr. Right — not Mr. Right Now.

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"I guess you could say it’s purposefully because I don’t want to be with just anyone," Reddit user Cocacolaloco explained in her post. "I’m looking for someone I’m really excited about and compatible with."

I like only having to worry about my own needs.

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Reddit user per_c_mon says that she loves living alone and doing things at her own pace. She considers herself an introvert and enjoys not having to contend with the emotions of others.

You'll regret it.

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Redditor HeadCar5112 admits that she's currently in a relationship, but that she misses her single life each and every day. She feels that she has to give so much of herself to her partner that there isn't enough leftover for her.

Because men are the absolute worst.

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Reddit user LiberalNutjob420 isn't one to mince words. As she so eloquently states in her Reddit post, the time in her life when she was willing to take crap from a man has long since passed.

The loss of a lover.

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"I was married and my husband died when he was just 36 and I was 34. I’ve stayed single for the last four years and enjoy it as much as being married…it’s just different. I doubt I’ll ever marry again unless it was necessary for some reason." - Reddit u/Sundae_Gurl

Human beings were meant to sleep alone.

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Reddit user CatrionaShadowleaf explains that her mental health and wellbeing are far greater when she's single as opposed to when she's in a relationship. That, and she doesn't have to worry about sharing the bed.

It just isn't a priority right now.

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Redditor Confetticandi said that she just recently moved to a new city and started a new job — in the middle of a global pandemic no less. She's far more concentrated on forging a new friend group than she is finding a bed buddy.

All the fish in my sea are bottom feeders.

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Reddit user TheTeaYouWant says that she's 27-years-old and has never dated, never been kissed, and is still a virgin. At this point, she's just giving up trying and couldn't really care any less than she already does.

No more drama.

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Redditor shybookworm1 is tired of all the head games and drama that comes with dating. She says that bettering her own mental health and investing in herself has begun to pay dividends — so why would she stop now?

Tired of giving 90% and getting 10% in return.

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"I noticed I tend to feel more lonely in a relationship than I do when I’m single. i[sic] love too hard and the men I’ve dated don’t reciprocate. It’s like they just don’t care." - Reddit u/Jazzyidk

I'm perfectly lonely.

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Reddit user Erinkayla269 enjoys the simple kind of freedom that comes from being able to do what you want — when you want. That, as well as the fact that she witnessed first-hand how damaging love and relationships can be to a person.

Because I like who I am and that's all I need.

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Redditor SakiSpice says that she enjoys being a whole complete person. She has never allowed her own happiness to be contingent upon someone else, nor does she think that she ever will be.

I am who I am.

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Whenever Reddit user t_r_m_91 gets into a relationship, they have a bad habit of losing their independence. She's spent enough time feeling as if she was conjoined at the hip with a romantic partner and prefers to avoid it at all costs.

Fear of commitment.

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Reddit user Hot-Championship-848 says that she has a hard time committing to things. She says that she can't even commit to showing up to her D&D campaigns on time, let alone agreeing to go out on a date with somebody.

'Cause I've got a peaceful, easy feeling.

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"Its[sic] just way too peaceful being single to easily give up. Not having to worry about another person’s feelings or opinions, knowing the goals I'm working towards cant be derailed by anyone but me." - Reddit u/Mistygirl179

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