Woman Got A Tattoo So Bad People Think She Drew It On Herself

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Getting a tattoo is a very meaningful thing for many people. Some people get tattoos because they enjoy getting them—they like having ink on their skin, seeing it as a piece of art.

For others, they like to get tattoos that have a deeper meaning. Many parents and family members like to get tattoos in order to honor someone they love in their life.

Many parents like to get tattoos to honor their children.

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After having children, many people like to get tattoos so that they can always carry them with them, no matter what happens or where they go. Some parents get their child's name tattooed, others get their footprints, and even some get portraits of them.

When you are getting a meaningful tattoo, it's important to research your artist and do your homework.

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Getting a tattoo, especially one that is meaningful and special requires that you research your artist and do some homework via research. All artists have their own niche and talents when it comes to ink. If you are getting something that you want to honor and cherish, you want to go to the right person.

One TikTok user and mom recently learned the hard way.

29-year-old Jo Rand recently shared a problem she was facing with other TikTok users about a tattoo she had gotten done. The mom of two said that she had wanted something special for her son. The mom shared that she has "eleven tattoos" that are all special and meaningful for her son, Logan.

She wanted to get a daisy, which is her son's birth month flower.

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Rand said that she wanted to get a daisy, but when she showed the artist what she wanted, it was totally different than what she had gotten. Not to mention, the placement she had decided on was something that she would not be able to cover or hide.

The mom was in "tears" over what she ended up with.

Tattoo Gone Wrong
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"I took the tattooist a picture of the inking I wanted him to replicate - it required very thin lines and delicate shading. It cost me £50 but after it was finished I burst into tears. Because of the delicate work of art I hoped for, I was left with what looked like a kid’s crayon drawing," Rand told The Sun.

She even had issues with the tattoo artist.

Sharing on TikTok, the mom said she had issues with the tattoo artist who said he would "pay to have it fixed" and then kept going back on his word. He even said he wanted to take her to court over the issues that were happening between them.

Her tattoo ended up getting infected, too.

Tattoo gone wrong
The Sun | The Sun

"For the next four weeks I was constantly pulling my sleeve over my thumb to hide the tattoo. 

Then, over Christmas, the tattoo became infected because I was constantly hiding it under my pulled-down sleeves and with gloves when it should’ve been left open to air," she shared.

She wanted to sue the artist who did the original piece in order to get it covered up for no cost.

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She shared on TikTok with followers she truly wanted to get her tattoo covered up and wanted to sue the original artist so that he may pay for the bill to get it covered up. Tattoos are not inexpensive, so she didn't want to pay for it out of pocket when it was not her fault originally.

The mom ended up finding a tattoo studio that would cover it up.

"A couple [on TikTok] suggested a specialist tattoo shop in Colchester run by women for women. It’s called the Pastel Palace. It has a safe space for people who are worried about getting tattoos. They did a daisy on my other arm exactly like the picture I chose," she said.

The mom ended up getting a tattoo to cover up her thumb, too.

"I am now having the dodgy daisy covered up with a multi-shaded feather - it’ll end up costing £150," she shared.

The mom said that women should not be afraid to speak up in tattoo studios, especially with male tattoo artists, when they are unhappy with the work that they paid for.

If this TikTok mom has taught us anything, it's that good tattoos are a two-way street.

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When you are going to get a tattoo, it's very important to have a consultation with your artists beforehand. Allow them to show you their work, and also show you a mockup of what they want to do for you. If you don't like it, find somewhere else to go.