Women Share What Things Got Overrated With Age

Lex Gabrielle
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Throughout life, we focus on a lot of things that eventually realize are the "wrong things" to be focusing our energy on.

When we're young, we prioritize specific things like what other people think about us, our looks, and even people who are just not worth our time. When we grow and prosper, learning every step of the way, we see that there are some things that are simply just overrated.


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"Staying up late and getting very little sleep. I feel like it’s almost romanticized when you’re younger.

Now, sleep is the most important thing in my life. If I don’t sleep enough, I’m not the best version of myself," said GreenMountain85.

Getting super drunk.

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Many Reddit users said that getting drunk just isn't what it used to be now that they are older and wiser. takemeup-castmeaway shared that they're three years sober, nothing to do with alcoholism, but just realizing it was a total waste of time and money.

Being popular.

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Growing up, many of us wanted to be popular and have a large circle of friends. However, now, being older—we're over that. MsNewKicks even pointed out how meaningful it is to have a small, valuable circle of friends rather than a big one.

The "finer things in life" are actually not what we thought.

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"What the finer things in life would look like: it's not elaborate dinners and fancy car and red bottoms. It's a really high quality mattress, with 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. A deep claw foot tub (one of these days) and a shower with REALLY good water pressure. Not having to buy furniture from Ikea (working on this one also). A top grain leather sofa (another one I'm working on)," said rapsnaxx84.

Work isn't everything.

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critiqu3 said that one thing they learned is that work is not the end-all, be-all that we always need to be doing. Not everything has to be work, work, work, and no play. Working ourselves to the bone for a company that does not appreciate us? Very overrated.

Marriage and the whole "social norms" in relationships.

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grizzlyalmighty shared that as she got older, she realized trying to get married and be in a relationship that is "normal" just so that society can accept you is for the birds. No one wants to feel pressure to do something just because everyone else expects you to. Love who you want to love.

Clubbing and going out partying.

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LMYID8892 said that they are completely done and over the club and party scene. 10 years ago, they admit they were clubbing all of the time. But, now they couldn't be paid to go out and go to a club.

Deciding what to eat for dinner every single day.

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"Every. Single. Day. What are we going to eat. What can I make? What do I need to defrost? And then I have to think about what to buy for next week at the store and on and on and on and on. It's dreadful," said Dogsrulekidsdrule.

Trying to stay "trendy."

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rosegoldennight said that staying on "trend" and being "trendy" is super overrated. What was popular when they were in high school is all the way back in style again and they're tired of constantly having to figure out what's popular and cool.

Big boobs.

woman body
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MaPluto shared that they had always wanted big boobs growing up. But, now, they realize that it's harder to do everything with big boobs. Shopping's harder, staying in shape is harder, and they are a whole lot of upkeep to have.

Trying to appease everyone and do everything.

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foofighter16 shared that "going along with plans" they don't actually want to do is overrated and terrible. If you don't want to do something, don't do it—say no. There's no problem with being real and true to what you want to do.

Being very petty.

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"Pettiness, being indirect for the sake of being polite, worrying if others are upset with me.

If people are upset with me and not telling me that’s their burden to carry. If they would like me to change anything they can communicate openly with me," shared cabidinger.

Living somewhere just to say you live there.

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Team_CoffeeWithCream said that many people end up living in a shoebox-sized apartment just to live there and say they are from a specific city. But, in reality, it's a waste of time and space when you can get somewhere to live for the same price, with way more space.


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KSplitInTwoK said that while they love music, concerts are not it anymore. The tickets are very expensive, the crowds are crazy big and loud, and everyone is always wasted beyond belief. They're over that whole scene.