19 Hilarious Wives Who Make Marriage Fun

Kasia Mikolajczak
Husband and wife kidding around
Unsplash | Brian Lundquist

Some say that once you get married, the fun ends. Do you agree with that? Well, I hope not since I'm about to get hitched, ha, ha. So I wanted to let you know that it doesn't have to be that way at all.

In fact, there are spouses out there who still like to keep things lighthearted and bring some hilarity into their partner's life. Today, I'm focusing on these funny wives who always surprise their other halves in the best ways possible.

This Fitting Christmas Gift

Nicolas Cage in a banana peel pillow
reddit | u/seriphae

"I always pester my husband to eat bananas for his leg cramps. I tried to get him to eat one last night when he was watching Netflix. He was already irritated as every movie suggestion starred Nicolas Cage and he doesn’t like him. I just found him the perfect Christmas present. He’s going to hate it."

OMG, I can so relate as my hubby-to-be dislikes Nic Cage, too!

This Crafty Wife

Toilet seat up with a funny label on it
reddit | u/hammonjj

This is what happens when your wife gets a label maker and can't help herself. At least you're reminded every day that your other half does have a great sense of humor. And that, my friend, goes a long way.

This Genius Prank

Speaking of toilet humor, this seems to be a thing, too. I've seen not one, but multiple posts about wives telling their husbands that their toilet was smoking only to find this in the bathroom instead. Ha, ha, I love it.

This Baby Announcement

Couple baby announcement with jar of Preggo
Imgur | Imgur

Baby announcements can all look the same. Am I right? It's usually the couple holding a pregnancy test or a sonogram photo. So this wife wanted to be totally different, and she opted for this instead. What do you think? I think it's pretty clever.

This Baby Prank

Speaking of having babies, what if your wife pranked you with a fake pregnancy test, huh? Would you be mad at her or what? Well, if you wanted to have a kid, it would be quite disappointing news, but if you didn't, you would be pretty relieved.

This Funny Request

Imagine if your wife put this bumper sticker on your car when you weren't looking, ha, ha. I wonder how the guy would react if all of a sudden people started honking at him out of nowhere. That would be a hoot. Am I right?

This Thoughtful Wife

Funny looking carrot
reddit | Reddit | u/kcrab91

"I just got a vasectomy and my wife found this in her bag of carrots and saved it for me."

Haha, I hope this isn't anatomically correct y'all. That would be some sad state of affairs. Don't you think so? What a way to cheer a man up, huh?

This Sweet Note

funny card
reddit | Reddit

Speaking of husbands getting a vasectomy, check out this nice gesture this wife did. She gave her husband a special card to commemorate the occasion. Aww, isn't that so nice? I'm surprised they don't make cards for that, ha, ha.

This Sneaky Wife

Woman dumping water bucked over a man
instagram | @vivekjadoo

This wife thought it would be fun to throw a bucket of ice-cold water over the head of her unsuspecting husband. Somehow, she lured him outside and got him to put an eye mask on only to get a surprise like that. Ha, ha. I don't think he liked that very much.

This Ominous Gift

back of watch with engraving
reddit | Reddit | u/Stumbling_Corgi

"My wife got me an engraved watch band. A little ominous…"

Oh my gosh, I should get that for my fiancé. What do you think? Would he find this funny or be slightly creeped out by it? I guess we will find out soon enough.

This Roomba Name Change

Roomba message thread
reddit | Reddit

Check out this funny wife. Here's what she apparently did unbeknownst to her husband. She changed the name of their roomba robot, and now he gets messages like this. I wonder what his reaction was the first time he got one of these.

This Toilet Monster

Don't be surprised to come home to this one day. I guess this wife had enough of those stink bombs the husband keeps living behind that she resorted to redecorating their bathroom. I say it's pretty fitting, no?

This Snapchat Queen

Oh boy! I wonder why this guy didn't realize why his wife was gushing over him while he was playing his video game. He better get on Snapchat ASAP if he knows what's good for him, lol.

This Randy Wife

funny message on a door switch
reddit | Reddit | u/Wildest83

"Something my wife left for me after I got out of the shower this morning."

I can tell you right now that any husband would love to see something like that after getting out of the shower, ha, ha. I have to give her major props for coming up with something as funny and clever as that.

This Tech-Savvy Wife

Let me ask you something: are you tech-savvy? I consider myself as such, but I admit I don't know how to alter the auto-correct on the phone. This wife obviously does, and she changed the word 'love' to 'penis' on her husband's phone. That's hilarious, right?

This Genius Plot

We all know how much our husbands are scared of seeing Amazon packages arriving at home. So can you imagine what this guy thought when he saw this scene? I bet he was totally petrified, ha, ha.

This Devoted Husband

OMG, you guys. You have to see this hilarious video of a wife pranking a husband. She told him she got pulled over for speeding and pleaded with the cop not to give her a ticket because her husband sprayed his ankle. Now the cop wants to see if he's okay. And get this, the husband totally went along with it, hee-hee. I'm dying here.

This Ultimate Surprise

OMG, I'm laughing so hard at this one. I loved it when the wife said the husband would be so excited, and there he is gesturing, "No, I'm not." This wife deserves an Oscar for her winning performance here. I bet he was so relieved once he found out this was only a prank, ha, ha.

This DIY Alternative

This woman was going to be out of town for a few days and didn't want her husband to get lonely while she was gone. Awww, that's so thoughtful... and hilarious!

See what I mean?

Man next to a woman saying "pranked ya!!!"
Giphy | UKTV

Who says marriage is the death of life and fun? Not me, that's right. I believe that if you marry the right person life will be as good if not better with them. You can make each other laugh all the time if you have a great sense of humor. Do you agree with that? Have you ever pranked your husband or wife?