Little Debbie Turned Its Zebra Cakes Into Mini Donuts

Emily McWilliams
Zebra cake donuts
Little Debbie | Little Debbie

Growing up, Little Debbie snack cakes were a part of every school lunch. Most kids had their favorites in that bygone era of the late '90s and early 2000s. I was more of a Swiss-Roll-kind-of-gal myself, but I knew some kids who were counting down the minutes until they could open up their pack of Honey Buns at lunch.

Now, Little Debbie has launched a new treat sure to grace kids' lunches, but this time it's a new take on one of their classic snack cakes.

Zebra Cakes are nothing short of iconic.

They definitely stand out in the snack aisle thanks to their distinctive pattern of white and black icing. And the cream filling? Don't even get me started — it's delicious.

If you go wild for Zebra Cakes, you're going to love this new treat from Little Debbie.

The recognizable white and black pattern is set to grace store shelves as a mini donut. Expect to see these new donuts — which consist of yellow cake covered in white icing and drizzled with fudge stripes — to hit store shelves in March 2022.

The donuts will be sold in a resealable bag for $2.19.

I can appreciate the idea behind the resealable bag, but let's be honest: the entire package will be consumed in one sitting.

Are you excited to try out these new donuts from Little Debbie?