Balenciaga Is Selling A Grocery Store-Inspired Bag For Over $1300

Rae Batchelor
Various fashion accessories.
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The world of fashion wouldn't be the world of fashion without sometimes making some strange, unique, and unpredictable choices. Whether it's high heeled crocs, the return of parachute pants, or the unstoppable rise of mom jeans, sometimes the fashion world makes a unique choice that gets everybody talking.

Sometimes, that talking is not necessarily a good thing.

It's no surprise that Balenciaga is selling an expensive handbag.

Actor John Boyega saying he has Balenciaga on.
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Balenciaga is one of the biggest names in high fashion, so pretty much everything they make is going to be expensive. That's why the price tag of $1300 for a men's handbag called the Monday Shopper wouldn't be all that surprising — until you see what that bag looks like.

For many people, the design looked familiar almost immediately.

A Balenciaga bag with blue stripes and a red box around the logo, resembling a bag from TESCO.
Balenciaga | Balenciaga

The bag, which features multiple thin blue vertical stripes with the logo encased in a red square in the middle, struck many people as familiar — it bears a pretty striking resemblance to the iconic plastic grocery bag from UK grocery store Tesco.

It's a pretty clear resemblance.

A TESCO grocery bag with a red logo and blue stripes.
Daily Mail | Daily Mail

While some people love the homage to the classic grocery bag, others are less convinced.

"Balenciaga’s new £1k shopping bag looks like the old Tesco carriers - Metro. I get brand luxury and understand you pay a premium for materials, design, workmanship and kudos of the brand - but this company surely are milking their customers far too much," tweeted one user.

What do you think?

Is this a cute, retro, grocery store chic style, or is it a bit rich to ask people to pay over a thousand dollars for a bag designed to look like a disposable grocery one? Let us know how you feel in the comments!