Guy Makes Perfect Parody Of Every Local News' Gas Price Segments

Ashley Hunte
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Unless you take public transit, drive an electric vehicle, or you just live under a rock, you've probably noticed that fuel prices have been hitting record highs lately.

I think it's pretty hard to miss at this point.

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Even if you haven't ventured out of your house to pump you car full of gas in a while, you've probably seen plenty of people grumbling about it online.

Or you've been watching the news.

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Because if there's one thing the news loves, it's airing segments about how ridiculous gas prices are. Little do they know, we're starting to think the segments themselves are ridiculous in their own right.

A YouTube video shows how ridiculous and repetitive these segments are.

In a hilarious video by johnbcrist, he parodies pretty much every news segment about high gas prices that has ever existed.

It's pretty spot on.

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From the random footage of a gas station signage, to the shots of somebody pumping gas, even down to the doom and gloom of the interviewee, it all feels familiar.

Which is, of course, part of the humor.

Jerry from Tom and Jerry pointing and laughing.

I think the fact that any person who has ever watch the news will have seen something like this is what makes it so relatable.

The comments under the video are a goldmine, too.

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"I'm so excited my loan was approved! I'll be closing on a full tank of gas this weekend," User Michael PDIT commented.

A lot of people even took to making suggestions on how to make the segment even more "accurate."

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User Hansang Bae writes, "Eerily accurate! And the sound effects, SPOT ON. The only criticism? The missing 'Back to you Cynthia...' as the anchor shakes her head in disbelief....and segues into a heartwarming puppy rescue news with that million dollar smile."

I couldn't agree more with that.

Rising gas prices sucks, but at least the jokes are funny.

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Milofarmer1 says, "Forgot to include the interview of the 'expert' or college professor sitting in front of a bookshelf bringing this 'complex' issue down to our level."

Some even talk about what other kinds of news segments this YouTuber could do next.

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"We need more of these accurate news stories. Maybe one about a crime and how there's always that one person that says, 'this is a quiet neighborhood. Things like this doesn't happen here,'" user Q T suggested.

h/t: BoingBoing