Funny Quotes About Husbands They May Not Enjoy

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Jessica Rockowitz

Husbands are a rare breed of individuals. For the most part, they get to live their life being pampered and taken care of by their wives. Wives are, indeed, the ones who do just about everything in the house.

Let's face it—husbands lose things, make a mess, sleep like rocks, and also complain a whole bunch (even though they have it pretty dang easy!)

Imagine the day!

Why is it that our husbands can never find anything, ever, in their own home? Do we live here all by our lonesome? I think not!

So, you would assume that if someone lives somewhere, they would know where things are. Like, where the dishes go, or even where the laundry should be placed.

Looking at that app all day, huh?

Apparently, my husband has a hobby that he doesn't want to share with me often. That hobby? Well, it just so happens that his hobby is staring at the bank app and credit card alerts all day long until he finds something that I spend money on.

He sleeps like a rock.

Sleeping like a baby sounds nice, but my baby wakes up an awful lot throughout the night. I want to sleep like my husband, who doesn't move an inch, even when the baby is crying all night long.

That's 99.9% fact.

You can tell every one of your "non-shareable" secrets with your husband because if it's not about what's for dinner or the beer in the fridge, chances are he's not really listening to what you have to say.