Baby Expert Recommends What Children Names Should Die Out

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Naming your child is a big responsibility. The name you give your child can determine how they feel about themselves and their own identity. Names do give us a bit of direction and also stay with us from our childhood to our adolescence and all the way into adulthood.

Names we think are "cute" as kids, may not transfer as well when our kids are now adults in the workforce. It's all about perspective.

Today, many parents try to get "creative" with their baby names.

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There has been, over the last several years, a huge uptick in parents who try to be creative with their baby names and what they want to call their children. Some names are unconventional, and others are common names that have a unique spelling to them.

Where before, there were only a few names to choose from, today parents just go for it.

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Whereas in the past, you may name your daughter "Ashley," today, parents try to "spice it up" by changing the spelling and dynamic by naming their daughter "Ashleigh" or "Ashlee" instead of the stereotypical way.

While some names do work, not all do.

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While some creative ways can work out and seem relatively normal, there are many names that just don't work. It leaves kids open to a lifetime of mispronouncing, bullying, and tons of confusion. Sometimes, it's better to go with something conventional.

TikTok user Amber, is here to make you understand just that.

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Amber is known as "The Name Fairy" on TikTok, sharing videos helping people come up with baby names and even keep things unique and interesting. With 5.5 million likes on her videos, it's clear Amber has quite the influence.

Recently, Amber shared some videos of names parents need to retire and avoid.

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For Amber, a lot of her distaste for baby names came from spelling names in a weird way. For example, Amber shared that "Tatum" is an acceptable name for a child, without a doubt. But, if you're going to spell it "Taedum," you are taking it too far.

In addition, Paizleigh has to go.

bad baby names
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Pasley or even Paisley is fine, but going over the top and spelling your daughter "Paizleigh" is that name that is going to just confuse a lot of people, especially when it comes to spelling her name in Kindergarten.

Don't get her started on Jackson.

bad baby names
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Historically, Jackson is a popular name for kids. But, giving them a completely unique way to spell it is just cruel. Jaxon can be one way to get it done. But, if you are going to change the name entirely making it Jaxsyn, you should quit while you're ahead.

The same with Kinsley.

bad baby names
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It seems any names that end in "ley" have been remixed up to be "leigh." And they are constantly replacing the "in" sound with "yn." It's a lot of confusing times for kids. And, they'll never find their name on anything at travel gift shops.

The same goes for "Jaden."

bad baby names
TikTok | TikTok l thenamefairy

Remixing names is fine, but once you take it a step too far, as Amber points out, you lose the name entirely. And, kids don't want to spend a lifetime trying to remind people how to pronounce their names. As well, you want to be sure that your own kid can spell their own name!

Word to the wise: if you want to be creative, think twice.

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I am all for finding unique and creative ways to raise children, and ultimately a baby name is something personal that parents have to decide on their own. But if you think they might get bullied for it, maybe think again?

Hey, to each their own!

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