Quotes From Children That Will Certainly Brighten Anyone's Day

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Kids can say some funny and hilarious things when you pay attention to what comes out of their mouths. Sometimes, we are so frustrated with our kids and overwhelmed with life going on around us that we let the things that they say go in one ear and out the other—right over our heads.

But, there are times when we stop and listen to the hilarity that comes out of their mouths and we can't help but share it with the rest of the world, too.

Kids these days, don't know anything anymore.

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Little Hoots | Little Hoots

Isn't it almost sad that kids forget that there is such thing as writing notes to each other with paper and pen, and you can communicate with your friends that way—and it's not considered "texting." Instead, they think everything is some form of texting. Passing notes in class was the OG texting!

Hey, he has a point.

Little Hoots
Little Hoots | Little Hoots

I mean, AJ, you do seem to have a point over here. All of the bad guys in Disney movies do happen to have a pretty good singing voice. When you stop and watch, they're all singing about the "evil plans" they have for everyone.

An appropriate name.

Little Hoots
Little Hoots | Little Hoots

If there's anything that kids are—it's clever. If Liam wants to know where the thermometer is, a good name for it is definitely the Tylonel gun. First, his mom uses it, then he ends up having Tylenol because of a fever. Smart.

Not bad!

Little Hoots
Little Hoots | Little Hoots

I mean, technically that is a sentence using precipitation in it—right? You did not specify if it had to be a statement and/or a question. So, Andrew gets it!

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