15 Tattoos That Have Powerful Stories Behind Them

Jordan Claes
"You'll be alright" tattoo on forearm.
Reddit | viblical

The best tattoos have a story behind them. They're used to commemorate life-altering events and preserve memories in a place where we will always be able to access them.

Some tattoos, however, go a step beyond that and become epitaphs to fallen loved ones and friends. Have a look below and check out these 15 tattoos that have incredibly powerful stories behind them.

Father gets son's cancer scar tattooed on his own head, in order to help with his son's self-confidence.

Father gets son's cancer scar tattooed on his head.
Reddit | GuacamoleFanatic

To have to look at yourself in the mirror every day and be reminded of the pain you went through would be trying for any adult — let alone a child. The fact that this father was willing to walk that path with his son is incredibly heartwarming.

"Dad passed away in 2009, got a note he wrote in my 2nd grade yearbook as a reminder." - Reddit u/Highlingual

Love note tattoo.
Reddit | Highlingual

Most adults work for their entire lives just to hear four simple words from their parents — "I'm proud of you." This loving reminder is a beautiful message we all long to hear.

"My dad died on December 15, 2016. Today, I got a tattoo." - Reddit u/42dftba

Daughter's collage of father.
Reddit | 42dftba

No, it's not a Breaking Bad tattoo (although her late father does bear a slight resemblance to Walter White). It's a subtle yet powerful reminder that her father is and always will be with her.

Dad's last handprint tattooed on son's back.

Dad's handprint tattoo.
Imgur | Beerguy1984

There's no greater feeling than knowing that your mother or father unequivocally has your back. Although this Reddit user's father may no longer be here in body, he will always continue to support him in spirit.

Climbing rope tattoo in memorial of best friend who fell to his death.

Climbing rope tattoo.
Reddit | PleaseBeSafeGuys

To make matters even worse, this Reddit user was there and witnessed his best friend fall 50 meters to his death. The tattoo is a reminder not only of his friend's legacy but to also always climb safely.

Heart surgery brings an extra life.

Heart tattoo.
Imgur | silla2389

A pixelated heart in most video games is used to represent a 1UP or extra life. When this user had successful heart surgery, she could think of nothing better to symbolize just that: new life.

Father's wavelength tattoo of his son's laughter.

Wavelength tattoo of son's laughter.
Imgur | Theycallmekam

This young father's infant child died suddenly and unexpectedly of SIDS. By choosing to tattoo a wavelength of his son's laughter, he'll never forget that beautiful sound for as long as he lives.

Brothers stick together.

Lego block tattoo.
Reddit | Minifig81

"The big brick is to represent my big brother who died one day shy of his 40th birthday this year, in his favorite color, and the little one (hugging the larger one) represents me, in my favorite color. We always built LEGO together." - Reddit u/Minifig81

Husband gets tattooed as a sign of solidarity in his wife's battle with depression.

tattoo of two elephants; one holding a leaf as an umbrella.
Imgur | Nicanor72

We should all be so lucky as to have someone there for us who's willing to stand in the rain and bear the brunt of our worst moments.

A copy of the last card his best friend ever signed for him.

"Love Nico" tattoo.
instagram | @cdmprinceton

By putting his best friend's handwriting on his arm, a part of him will be with this Redditor forever. It's a painful but important reminder of the wonderful years they spent together.

SpongeBob SquarePants tattoo in memorial of a best friend.

SpongeBob and Patrick tattoo.
Reddit | llamalove12

You'd be hard-pressed to find two best friends who love each other more than SpongeBob and Patrick. A close second would be this Redditor and their fallen bestie; excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.

A semi-colon tattoo for suicide prevention/awareness.

Semi-colon tattoo.
Reddit | ZebraOnezie

I didn't learn this until very recently but a semi-colon is used as a symbol for suicide awareness. It's meant to represent continuation as opposed to an ending — which is fitting considering that this Redditor lost their father to suicide when they were only 7-years-old.

"My mum passed away a few months ago, yesterday I got my first tattoo." - Imgur/jitterbug13

Tattoo of mom's love note to child.
Imgur | jitterbug13

I'm sure your mother (if she's anything like mine) would of course be livid that you got a tattoo at all. But the fact that it's something as touching as this would probably enable her to turn the other way.

A twin sister who lost her better half.

Tattoos on forearms.
Reddit | lovelindahope

The tattoos are identical but inverted. One is designed to represent life here on earth, while the other is an homage to the here-after, where this user's twin sister currently occupies.

Mom's favorite saying to her child.

"You'll be alright" tattoo on forearm.
Reddit | viblical

There's something reassuring in knowing that although your mother may no longer be with you, her reassuring nature and presence will never leave. This may just be my favorite tattoo I've ever seen.

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