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Ukrainian Girl Singing 'Let It Go' Brings Smiles To Bomb Shelter

The spirit of the Ukrainian people has been nothing short of incredible to see since Russia invaded on February 24. From unarmed civilians confronting soldiers in the streets to couples getting married on the front lines to acts of kindness toward captured Russians, the resilience of the Ukrainian spirit has inspired people far and wide to try to help with their cause.

But for the average Ukrainian citizen, it's still a nightmare on the ground. And buoying those now-famous spirits isn't easy.

Perhaps that's why one girl's attempts to lift spirits has touched so many people's hearts.

On Twitter, Ankita Jain shared an unverified video of a girl in a bomb shelter singing "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen to all the other families sheltering with her. As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 5.8 million times, and has been shared at least 39,000 times.

As many in the Twitter thread pointed out, her performance captured her audience in the shelter.

The voices around her all hushed, and the room came to a stop to listen to her sing. And online, the reaction was much the same.

"Well it was impossible not to cry with that gorgeous little voice and that sweet little face singing so beautifully," one person wrote. "May she and her family and all with her remain safe. The memory of her won't let go of my heart anytime soon."

It wasn't long before the video made its way to some of the people involved with the actual film as well.

Lino DiSalvo, who worked as the Head of Animation on Frozen, chimed in with his thoughts, clearly emotional that his work had come to the mind and inspired a little girl in a terrifying situation.

Some of the voice talent shared their thoughts as well.

Josh Gad, who voiced Olaf the snowman in Frozen, said his heart was "overwhelmed" by her performance.

And Elsa herself commented, too.

Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa in the film and performed "Let It Go," let the everyone know where she stood and how the girl's performance had touched her, saying simply, "We see you. We really, really see you."

What do you think of this girl's performance? Let us know in the comments!

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