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People Share The Best Things They've Ever Bought Themselves

Don't you love it when you get the opportunity to buy yourself a little present? Maybe you've come across some extra money, or you've been doing a lot of hard work and deserve a reward, whatever the reason might be.

Sometimes, that little present your get for yourself becomes way better than you could ever imagine. That's what this list highlights, as someone on Reddit asked people to share the best thing they ever bought themselves, and people happily replied!

Broadened horizons.

A photo out a plane window showing the plane wing and a sunset.
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"Every plane ticket to another country."

The replies were in full agreement, with many people saying that the travel they've been able to do has enriched their lives more than they ever thought possible.

Rise and grind.

A hand holding a mug currently being filled with coffee.
Unsplash | John Schnobrich

"[...] a good automatic coffee machine, a $300 one. It has a water reservoir, bean hopper, burr grinder, and fully customizable automatic scheduled coffee making. I can wake up to the alarm of freshly ground coffee I don’t have to make any effort for. It’s one of those things I pretty much never think about, but if I didn’t have it anymore I would definitely notice."

A cool, cool breeze.

Air conditioning units on a colorful wall.
Unsplash | Ashkan Forouzani

"Literally just bought a new AC unit for my house. Considering I live on the Gulf Coast I say it's my best purchase."

I stand by my belief that air conditioning is one of the greatest modern inventions that often gets overlooked in favor of things like 'computers' or whatever.

Gettin' around.

Two bikes stood up on a mountain path.
Unsplash | Julian Hochgesang

"The nicest bicycle I could afford. 14 months later and I'm 70 pounds lighter and in the best shape of my life. Can't imagine life without cycling now!"

All clean, no effort.

A roomba on a hardwood floor.
Unsplash | Jan Antonin Kolar

"A Roomba. It keeps my floors so clean that my mom thinks I’m some sort of neat freak who spends large amounts of time cleaning my home. I’m lazy as [expletive]… I let a robot do it and barely have to touch up every few weeks."

Alone at sea.

A solitary man in a boar on a lake next to a forest.
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"A boat cause I can get away from people without most of them following, got a boat that can get in really shallow water so that nobody can follow me. I like being alone."

Unique motivation, but there's nothing wrong with wanting solitude!

Silence and solitude.

Headphones in purple lighting.
Unsplash | Fausto Sandoval

"Noise-canceling headphones."

I'm big on this too, bonus points if they're Bluetooth. Since I work from home, I wake up, throw them on, then keep them on all day long until I go to bed, it's awesome.

Pearly whites!

A dentist and patient looking at teeth xrays.
Unsplash | Caroline LM

"Dental care. I love my new tooth and there's no pain when I eat anymore."

This person later edited their post to add, "[...] really though people, take care of your teeth! Insurance lists them as luxury bones... like you aren't entitled to them. If I could tell younger me just ONE thing it would be to take oral hygiene more seriously."

Heavy is the blanket...

A weighted blanket next to some pillows.
Unsplash | Dex Ezekiel

"A weighted blanket."

"Came here looking for that answer," said another user. "Bought one for my husband 2 weeks ago and it has honestly transformed his sleep. I recommend it to everyone"

A mile in your shoes.

A corner of a shoe store, with all the boxes on the shelves.
Unsplash | Fikri Rasyid

"I started researching my shoes instead of just buying whatever. My feet and back thank me."

I have a friend who used to work at a shoe store who swears by this mentality. If you can't afford expensive shoes, look for branded inserts. All the support in any shoe you want!

Feelin' fancy.

Ice spheres with flowers in them.
Pexels | solod_sha

"Silicone Ice Ball Tray. Every time I sit down with a drink with my spherical ice cubes I think about what a good purchase it was."

Sometimes, it really is the little things that make life better.

A permanent fix.

A display with different glasses in it.
Unsplash | wu yi

"Laser eye surgery. Not having to deal with poor vision, contact lenses and glasses for the rest of my life is a blessing."

Another person added, "My husband keeps telling me to do it and I think I’m finally going to take him up on it. I don’t want to worry about surviving the apocalypse as a blind person. If I lose my glasses I’d be [expletive]."

Squeaky clean.

A semi-open dishwasher.
Unsplash | Mohammad Esmaili

"Dishwasher for convenience. Didn't get one until late 20's. Will never go without one again."

As someone who is currently dishwasher-less in his apartment, I definitely miss having access to one and will never take it for granted again.

Nice and dry!

A pair of brown winter boots.
Unsplash | Andrew George

"Decent winter boots. Living in Canada, we get lots of snow and cold (shocking, I know). I used to work in logistics and was responsible for selecting and purchasing uniforms, including boots. After years of trials, I find the minimum spend is $270 per pair. Anything less, and you’ve got cold or wet feet, chum."

Getting help.

A man sitting on a couch with a hand to his forehead.
Unsplash | Nik Shuliahin

"Therapy. First one in my family to get it, definitely not the first one to need it."

Another person replied, "Wife and I have been going for a year and our lives are so much happier, lower anxiety, better communication, I'm sleeping better...just because we get to talk to someone who wants to listen."

Leave it to them.

A gloved hand holding a sudsy sponge in a sink.
Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

"Cleaning lady. She comes every other week and coming home to a clean smelling house is amazing. We still vacuum and don’t really let the house get 'dirty' but she cleans EVERYTHING and it’s so worth the $$."

Someone else cleaning for you does sound like the height of luxury.

With the wind.

A silhouette of a girl petting a horse.
Unsplash | Kenny Webster

"My horse! He has brought me so much joy and peace. Riding feels like flying to me, and I'm so glad he's willing to let me borrow his wings."

Keep it simple.

Deep frying some chicken strips in a pan.
Unsplash | Tyson

"Instant pot with the air fryer lid. I can pretend I know how to cook and cleaning is a breeze [...] it also cut out a lot of oil from conventional deep frying."

Sleeping soundly.

A bed.
Pexels | Rachel Claire

"A really great mattress. Never underestimate how a good night's sleep can improve everything in your life."

For some, it's not the mattress, but the pillows, or even the sheets. Identify what's stopping you from getting your best sleep and fix it if you can!

A good scrubbin'.

A hand holding a black electric toothbrush.
Unsplash | Goby

"Electric toothbrush. Seriously, it's like I never brushed my teeth before I got it."

I used to have an electric toothbrush that wound up breaking so I went back to manual, and I have to agree, it's just not the same. Do yourself a favor and spend the money for a better clean!