20 Frustrating Moments That Could Cause Anyone To Snap

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A bar storage bin with a broken jar of cherries at the bottom.
reddit | foxxychicken

I find that bouts of anger in people rarely happen due to one large event or moment that sparks a firey rage, but more so a building of small, annoying moments that culminate into an explosion of emotion. The straw that breaks the camel's back, so to speak.

This list shows off a number of those tiny frustrations that could tip any of us over the edge. Hey, at least these aren't happening to you!

The worst to live with.

A sink full of dirty dishes.
reddit | JesseLynx

"My roommate has been refusing to do his dishes for the past month. Every time I ask him to I get told to piss off. Every time I cleaned his dishes in the past, he just dirtied them again for me to clean."

"My 11 years old and 9 years old screwed me up in Scrabble."

The start of a Scrabble game with 'way' being played horizontally and 'caw' vertically.
reddit | MagdaleneFeet

"The 'chicken' we learned to cook in my foods class. Came in a tube. Absolutely no flavour. (The red bits are diced red pepper)."

Concerning bland looking chicken patties with chunks of red pepper in it.
reddit | Evanxch

Any meat coming from any sort of tube is already off-putting, but when it looks like cement like this chicken does? That's even worse!

The peppers don't help at all. You could grout tiles with this stuff.

"Both my damn cheeseburgers didn't have meat on them!"

Two cheeseburgers with no patties.
reddit | ButtersHound

They took the request of cheeseburgers fat too literally, it seems. No, McDonald's employee, cheeseburger doesn't mean burger of cheese, it means burger with cheese!

"My dad threw mum's ring in the grass to test his new gold detector. The detector doesn't work. Can you help find it?!"

A man searching through a patch of grass.
reddit | MajesticOrchid9352

Right, because throwing your wife's jewelry on the ground has always gone well. There was zero possible way it could have ended badly, no foresight was needed, and you definitely couldn't have tested your detector while the ring was still on her finger.

"This bars 'combo' pricing."

A TV screen showing a listing for merch prices where the 'combos' of multiple pieces equal more than if you were to buy them individually.
reddit | ajf01

Do they expect people to just not to the math for themself to see how much they're saving? Actually, given that this looks like a bar of some sort, maybe they're hoping their clientele will be too drunk to perform basic addition.

"Gave a co-worker my screwdriver (not the work's) to use for literally a day and this is how it came back."

A fully chewed up plastic rod to a scredriver.
reddit | Substantial-Title-25

Did he even use it as a screwdriver, or did he throw it around the backyard for his dog to play fetch with and subsequentially chew the ever living hell out of?

"Spotted at a botanical garden in FL."

Laege stalks of bamboo that has been carved into by passerbys next to a sign that says, "Please no carving on the bamboo."
reddit | Practical_Duck

It's incredible how many people suddenly lose the ability to read whenever it interferes with something they want to do. Why should they care about nature preservation over their momentary whims, right?

One after the other.

Someone holding a broken bike pedal and door handle.
reddit | overdead333

"My truck is in the shop so I've been biking to work. This morning my bike broke 50ft from my apartment and when I went to take it back inside my door handle fell off."

"My wife only wants half a banana. 'Why don't eat the other half next?' Her response, 'It's all brown and gross'."

Some half-cut bananas hanging up where the remaining half has gone brown.
reddit | Lower_Arugula_5554

Oh gee, I wonder how the other half got all brown and gross in the first place, that sure is weird!

I try not to dog on people for how they eat, but this act in particular is definitely some sort of crime. Or it should be, anyway.

"The tiny sliver of strawberry ice cream in this Neapolitan ice cream…"

A tub of neopolitan ice cream where the strawberry section is just a sliver wide.
reddit | mgir_18

To anyone who may be cheering for this and saying that strawberry is the worst part anyway, I need you to know that you're the weakest link and natural selection is coming for you.

"The stove at my new apartment."

A stovetop where the burner is off center from the ring on the glasstop.
reddit | bonjourmarlene

Time to move! Sure, you just got there, but think about it, could you really live with this for a long time, or would it slowly drive you to a state of madness from which you could not return?


S pack of donuts where a slice has been taken out of each one.
reddit | Glovkll

To anyone that does this, I'll be the one to break this to you, everyone hates you. Maybe not all the time, but especially for pulling this inconsiderate stunt right here. Just take a whole donut.

"What the employee bathroom at my job currently looks like."

A bathroom full of tires and other mechanic equipment.
reddit | Lumpy2

Calling this a bathroom doesn't feel quite right. How about shifting perspective and saying it's a storage closet with a conveniently located toilet? That sounds much nicer!

"The placement of the Power button."

A laptop keyboard where the power button is in the middle of the top row, right above the backspace button.
reddit | Skrido

Prepare for a lifetime of shutting your computer down in the middle of typing because you didn't carefully monitor the trajectory of your ring finger every time it went to hit 'backspace'.

"I woke up and had one shoe missing. I found it a few meters away like this. What could have done this damage?"

A sandal where one strap has been completely severed and marked up.
reddit | dingo_dollar

Stray dogs? House hippos? Robbers with really strange goals? Yourself in a fit of rage as you sleepwalked throughout your own home looking for something to take your anger out on? The possibilities are endless!

"Shouldn’t have had so much confidence in my grip…"

A bar storage bin with a broken jar of cherries at the bottom.
reddit | foxxychicken

The top comment on this post said it best, "Idk what is is about working in restaurants but even though cleaning that up would take 15-20min TOPS quitting becomes a real option for a moment."

"These are all apparently the same size."

Three pairs of jeans stacked on top of one another to show they're all wildly different sizes.
reddit | WHMADLJC

The inconsistency in pant sizes across the board is a plague upon humanity. We need to tear down and rebuild the system from the ground up! Or just learn how to make our own pants.

"Almost a a cute sign."

A sign that says "It is going tibia a great year!"
reddit | Bigbobseinfeld

Man, this is so sad. A cute, original pun on a nice little encouraging sign that doesn't feel too cringy or preachy for a school, and they went and fudged it up anyway. It could have been great.

"Apparently they got the name of this puzzle wrong. It should be '4,999 Colours'."

A 5000 color puzzle with one piece missing.
reddit | Lobbychopsticks

Honestly, the fact that you made it this far is feat enough. While missing the final piece does feel like a real punch to the gut, you can definitely say you completed this, people would give you a pass on this one.