A picture of a building taken at an angle that makes the building look flat.
Reddit | dontbemulatto

20 Bizarre Photos That Are Down Right Puzzling

I swear, sometimes it feels like the only interesting things in this world are things that also happen to be super odd. Like, I know that isn't necessarily the case, but it certainly feels like it.

And of course, that's why lists like this one here exist. There are some things in this world you need to see to believe. Even if they puzzle you the whole time.

This cat's showing its true colors.

Okay, so that cat doesn't really have a super long neck and a demonic stare. Right? Because it kind of looks like it does from this angle.

"Looks like the bus is floating."

A white bus advertising telescope observing; the angle obscures its wheels, making it look like it's floating on the ground.
Reddit | lee086229

It's kind of funny, because this bus is advertising telescope observations. And it looks like it's floating. What if it could actually take you up to the moon?

"Upside down ballerina."

A large flower in a greenhouse. The stem coming from the middle of the giant pink petals resembles legs, making the entire flower look like a ballerina's legs and tutu, upside down.
Reddit | squalorfarts

If I'm not mistaken, that big, upside down-looking flower is a titan arum (which is also incredibly stinky, and not in the normal flower way). I don't know if that makes it more or less fitting...

This cat's been squished!

A cat laying flat on its stomach, beneath a floating shelf that's only a couple of inches from the floor. It gives the illusion that the shelf and the books on top are balancing on the cat.
Reddit | BrandoSometimes

Luckily, no cats were harmed in the making of this picture. The shelf is just really low to the ground, but still high enough that a cat could fit under it.

The cat's sort of shocked, regretful expression isn't really helping much.

This house-sized bird feeder.

An old, white house. A birdfeeder hands somewhere in front of it, and the angle the picture is taken at makes it look like the birdfeeder is as tall as the house.
Reddit | ZatVandal

Either this thing is for feeding human-sized birds, or we're looking at this picture all wrong. Okay, so maybe I know that we actually are looking at this picture all wrong, but I also like imagining the giant birds that would eat out of this thing.

"My daughter, where's the rest of her?!"

A girl holding a smartphone in a park. She's standing against a ledge that backs onto a trail; both the trail and the ledge have similar stone pavers. From the angle, it appears that the girl is stuck in the floor.
Reddit | MK24ever

I'm not gonna lie, it took me way too long to realize that this kid isn't stuck in quicksand or anything. I almost thought it was something we were going to have to start worrying about.

One extra long cat.

Two cats standing along the edge of a bathtub. Thanks to a shower curtain, only the front half of one cat and the back half of the other are visible.
Reddit | Penny_Montgomery

I guess this is what happens when you have two cats (or dogs, or rats, or any kind of pet, I guess) that look alike: you're going to end up taking funny optical illusions with them every now and then.

"Balloon head."

A screenshot of YouTube search results for balloon activities. The top thumbnail is of a large balloon, while the one under it shows a woman's torso, making it look like the balloon from the first thumb is her head.
Reddit | goldtoothgirl

Every once in a while, you end up finding two YouTube thumbnails that really go well together. Usually, it's in the most unexpected way.

The disappearing leg.

A man standing in a restaurant, with his back turned to the camera. As he stands, one leg is in front of the other, making it appear as though that leg is missing.
Reddit | yfaimac

This kind of reminds me of when flamingos stand on one foot, and have the other one hidden really well. Except this dude isn't a bird, and he isn't even wearing pink.

These mirrors that almost look like a window.

Eight squiggly vertical wall mirrors in a row, close enough together that they look like a window into the next room.
Reddit | fluorescentboi

You could honestly say "that's a window that leads into the next room," and I'd almost believe it. Except I used to have a mirror exactly like one of those, so I know its tricks.

"Floating vase."

A white vase with purple mums standing on top of a clear pillar in a room full of brick and wood.
Reddit | becki_bee

I'm pretty sure there's some kind of platform there that's just clear or something. Or maybe it's attached to the wall. Or, it could actually be floating. Anything's possible.

This incomplete house that's looking a little too complete.

An exterior wall of an incomplete house. In a window, what appears to be a room can be seen despite there being no side walls.
Reddit | Ewe_sir_naem2

I want to say this is nothing more than an optical illusion, but I've seen so many weird things today that this could totally be a portal into a different (yet still incomplete) house.

"Freaked out when I opened my eyes to this sight this morning."

A dog's ear that's been flipped over.
Reddit | PhotonDecay

I guess this is one of the hazards you face when you sleep with your pets. It's definitely creepy, but way better than waking up to your pet licking your mouth.

"Lahaina Noon when the sun shines from directly above in Hawaii."

An oversaturated image of posts next to a store parking lot, where there are no shadows whatsover.
Reddit | equiinferno

I'm getting a weird urge to look around for cops. You know, because this looks like the kind of graphics you'd find in a Grand Theft Auto game.

"Walked downstairs and did a double take."

A woman hugging a dog on a couch. The woman's head is behind the dogs, making it look like she has a dog head.
Reddit | ianlukekane

Yeah, I don't blame OP for having no idea what's going on here. I'm kind of ashamed to admit that it took me more than a second to figure out where that person's head went.

"I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly."

Some sort of electrical satellite unit, where each plate appears like a pigeon sitting on a post.
Reddit | NOCHNOY_

I'm not gonna lie, I still have no idea what those things are. I guess they're probably lights of some sort? Not pigeons, at least.

"Gigantic raised house."

Two women standing in front of what appears to be a large house on a post.
Reddit | parttimeninja

OP clarified that the thing behind those women is a birdhouse. But to be honest, I'm looking at this picture and I still can't make heads or tails of it.

"My cat's head fell off."

Two hands holding onto a cat, whose head is leaning behind it, making it appear headless.
Reddit | JuanezSanchez

For some reason, it took me a bit to figure out where the head is supposed to be. I guess this cat is just in the process of breaking out of that person's clutches.

"Thinnest building I’ve ever seen!"

A picture of a building taken at an angle that makes it look flat.
Reddit | dontbemulatto

It's amazing how many "flat" buildings there are out there. I swear, you end up seeing something like this all the time. Why are there so many flat buildings!?

"Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused."

A man sitting with his feet crossed. From the angle at which the picture is taken, it looks like his feet are on the wrong way.
Reddit | Dylfonda

I know in my heart that this guy's legs are crossed, but I can't help but want to believe his feet are truly on backwards. I don't know why, because that would be so weird!