A package of peanut butter in a store fridge section.
Reddit | XheartBreaker439

20 Things So Infuriating We're Seething Just Looking At Them

Sometimes, it feels like the world is out to annoy us. Like, that's the only way to explain why so many irritating things exist. Or at least, the only way that makes sense.

If you were looking to get annoyed today (for some reason) then you definitely came to the right place. I swear, just looking at these pics made me develop an eye twitch.

"This happens every time I write a lot. Problems of writing left handed."

The side of a person's hand, which is covered in dust from a graphite pencil.
Reddit | Mustachetacocat

I'm also left handed, and this used to happen to me all the time. It's because the world is built for righties. Totally unfair.

Keeping a piece of paper under your hand while you write helps, even if it isn't ideal.

"This person is double parked into my parking spot and I cant park my vehicle or I’ll block another spot next to me."

A yellow sports car parked over the line in a parking lot, taking up two spaces.
Reddit | techhausinc

Imagine caring so little for other people that you'd do something like this. I'm racking my brain for a (legal and non-destructive) way for OP to get revenge, and I'm drawing a blank. And that makes this so much worse.

"How and why does this happen?"

An entire Reddit thread in which every single comment and username is deleted and removed.
Reddit | poopfupa

I get that mods have to delete inappropriate comments under Reddit posts and stuff, but sometimes I wish they weren't so quick. Knowing that a whole conversation happened but not knowing what it was about is really starting to bug me.

"How my plate was printed."

A paper plate with a design around the edges. The plate was printed incorrectly, causing the design to be off-centre.
Reddit | AliverseArtworks

Sure, you can still use this plate the way it's intended. But if I went to a cookout and somebody handed me this, I'd be pretty annoyed the whole time.

"This happened when I tried to leave my office."

A hand holding the handle of a broken door knob.
Reddit | DrGreene120

It's one thing when this happens in your house. But it's totally different when it happens at work, because I can't think of anything worse than accidentally locking yourself in your office.

"Wanted to break this pen because I was angry, ended up just bending it..."

A ballpoint pen that's bent in the middle at an approximate 90 degree angle.
Reddit | xdjcm

Talk about adding insult to injury. I have to say, though, I've... had this exact same thing happen to me before. More than once. High school was a stressful time.

"Someone needs to go back to middle school."

A hand holding a pack of alphabet stickers in a store. The stickers start out in order, and then devolve by the end of the alphabet.
Reddit | Ultimate_Yosher

There's actually no reason for that O to be where it is. And then the order gets so much worse. It almost feels like whoever arranged the templates for this sticker pack didn't even try.

"My school…."

A vending machine filled solely with bottles of water. A sign on the glass reads, "Out of water."
Reddit | kreamycheeze

I can't tell if someone forgot to take the sign off, or if they're purposely trying to keep students from taking bottled water. Either way, I'm both annoyed and confused.

"3 slices of rye bread with each slice individually wrapped."

A bag of bread. An icon on the corner of the bag indicates that there are three slices, each individually packaged.
Reddit | MarshyMiao

This is actually making my head hurt a little. Like, what's the point of having each slice of bread individually wrapped? It seems like such a waste of time, and a waste of plastic to boot.

"Watching an English language documentary that interviews a Spanish person, with the subtitles on…"

The bottom of a screen showing a program that's been captioned twice. The first captions show a translation of what the speaker is saying, while the second (which are covering the first) simply say that the speaker is speaking in Spanish.
Reddit | attilla_the_hyundai

I hate it when captions do this! Like, are we not allowed to know what people are saying if they're speaking in a different language? At least the original had the translation, but it's all covered up...

"When Oreo screws you over 2 cookies b/c 1 tipped over during processing."

An opened package of Oreos, showing that one has fallen on its side, preventing any others from having been packaged in that spot.
Reddit | Notrealacct12345

I hate how you literally won't know this happened until after you already purchased the package and brought it home. And then at that point, there's literally nothing you can do about it!

"I hate when pencils do this."

A hand holding two pencils, each one sharpened in a way that renders them useless.
Reddit | Ben_Dingover

I hate it when you spend several minutes sharpening a pencil, only for it to do this. The only thing worse is when you keep sharpening and get the end nice and pointy... and then the lead breaks off.

"Gave a coworker my screwdriver (not the work's) to use for literally a day and this is how it came back."

A screwdriver with a red plastic handle. The handle is completely damaged from excessive use.
Reddit | Substantial-Title-25

I'm guessing it didn't look nearly that bad before OP lent it to their coworker. Imagine having such little care for other people that you'd treat their property like this.

"When people park like this, blocking the whole sidewalk."

A red SUV parked in a driveway, but in such a way that it covers the sidewalk.
Reddit | gcjunk01

Sure, homeowners own their driveways. But only the part up to the sidewalk. They can't do this.

And yet, so many people will straight up cover the sidewalk without a care in the world...

"Tried to refill my little Tabasco bottle from the gallon jug."

A kitchen counter and floor. A gallon-size jar of Tabasco sauce sits broken, its contents all over the counter, sink, floor, and the foot of the person taking the picture.
Reddit | GoneKrogering

Looking at this as it is is bad enough, but I only just noticed the fact that OP's foot is in the picture... also covered in tabasco. I'm cringing so hard at this mess right now.

"Guess which one looked more like the coffee jar as I was waking up."

Two similar looking plastic bottles side by side. The one on the left is for onion gravy, while the one on the right is coffee grounds.
Reddit | JasonY95

Look, I love gravy as much as the next person, but there's no way I'd want to drink it in the morning. Though, I'm sure the first sip of "coffee," where you realize it isn't actually coffee at all, is gonna wake you up more than anything else.

"Was so ready to eat and then this happened."

Two takeout containers filled with salads that have spilled all over a carpeted set of stairs.
Reddit | TattedHokage

There's honestly nothing worse than looking forward to a meal, only for it to be ruined in some way. I will say, though, this is only slightly better than coming home and finding that someone else in your house has eaten your leftovers.

"I did order hot sauce and a video game. But I didn't realize they would come together."

A PS5 game case that's covered in dried sauce, making the title and box art impossible to distinguish.
Reddit | sofu_des

This is causing me physical pain, but mostly because I'm straining to read the title and I just can't. On the plus side, the disc should still be okay.


A half dozen doughnuts, each with a single wedge cut out of them.
Reddit | Glovkll

Okay, hear me out. This is... kind of normal. In a box of gourmet assorted donuts where you kind of have to try each one.

But in a box of regular coffee shop donuts? Just plain rude.

"Packaged peanut butter."

A grocery store fridge section with several Styrofoam packages of peanut butter.
Reddit | XheartBreaker439

There are a lot of things in this world that annoy me. But very few things that make me genuinely angry.

This, though. This is an abomination. I don't think I've ever been more offended by peanut butter in my whole life. What kind of sick jerk would do something like this!?