A guy who's sticking out of a clothes donation bin.
reddit | Eyeofthemeercat

20 Pics That'll Have You Saying 'Uh Oh'

Words can be both a pain and a comfort depending on what's said and when it's said, and that's not even getting into nuances like tone or inflection.

Sometimes, though, we're left at an utter loss for words. We don't have the opportunity to help or hinder, all we can do is stare at what's before us, feel our heart drop for the other person while also being grateful it's not us in that scenario. In times like that, all you can really say is 'uh oh'.

"Left our totally normal house to run errands. Came back an hour and a half later to this."

A room where the ceiling has collapsed in.
reddit | Station28

Obviously, this is just awful, but there are some silver linings here! At least you weren't standing right under it, and all things considered, your kitchen could be way worse for wear! Three cheers for it not being as awful as it could have been!

"Working at Kroger and had to get some Organic Raspberries. Found this when I was going to put it on my trolley."

A container of raspberries with a bee inside.
reddit | Fierydragon921

And then what? You just put it back down and decided that was someone else's problem? I wouldn't even be that mad if you did, that's kind of a power move.

"Just pulled into our campsite 450 miles away from home."

A broken car key.
reddit | ThrowingChicken

Well, if you're going camping that far away, you probably planned on staying there for a bit, so at least you'll have plenty of time to try and fix it before needing to turn back!

"I went to wash my hands and broke their sink."

A bathroom where the sink is off the wall.
reddit | shizkc

Forget the sink, did you also rip up half of their tile floor? This looks like a bathroom that could later host the first Saw movie, it was gone before you even got there.

"[ATM] shut down with my card still inside."

An ATM that's shutting down.
reddit | _asilenthippie

Your card? You mean the ATM's card now, right? It thought you had a pretty tasty balance so it decided to claim your card as its own and eat your whole account too, like a camouflaged predator animal.

"This was a 7ft tall mirror a few mins ago…"

A 7-foot frame containing no mirror.
reddit | GreeneBean64

And now it's a seven-foot-tall frame, perfect for holding things like life-sized cutouts of your favorite actors, two movie theater posters stacked on top of one another, or an extremely zoomed-in photo of your mother-in-law!

"I don't have any cows."

A cat looking out a window to see cows outside.
reddit | clarky2o2o

I don't think you really get a say in the matter at this point. You know, some people believe that one does not choose cow ownership, but instead, cow ownership chooses the person. Usually not like this, though.

"Dog I was sitting got its head stuck in the stairwell banister."

A dog whose head is stuck between a railing.
reddit | Earlwolf84

Seeing as if this happened to me when I was small enough to stick my head through a banister I'd have been screaming my head off, this dog is pretty chill about it! And the uploader confirmed she got out safely, all is well.

"My friend tracked his airpods to the local dump."

A GPS Screenshot showing airpods in a dump.
reddit | Brad_irl_acct

Just like a tracker to not work when you actually need it, then finally spring to life when it's already far too late.

Unless you feel like going dump diving. Surely they must still be working!

One thing after another.

A tree fallen down in front of a stairwell.
reddit | NonConformistFlmingo

"Had our apartment and the one below us flood due to a shoddy repair job on our bathtub. Have to vacate it today to have it all fixed. Then last night, a giant tree fell in the courtyard and blocked the stairs."

"You can tell it sucks by the way it is."

A long screw piercing a through a tire.
reddit | 357Bang

That's true actually, I can tell it sucks by the way it is. Anything that's this type of way is sure to suck, no way around it.

"Lift broke down so we had to walk up the black diamond to another lift."

A shot of a group of skiers hiking up a hill.
reddit | Plsdonthateme69

No thanks. I'd just spend my night at the bottom of the hill until that lift was fixed. I go skiing to conveniently zip down hills at blazing speeds, not agonizingly hike up them.

"Spent hours painting pottery and it breaks in the kiln."

A painted pot with a large paint chip off it.
reddit | Depressedlydepressed

Just make sure that paint chip is always facing the back and there will be no issues! Things don't have to be broken if you just pretend they're not.

"Dog sitting for a good friend, doing my taxes on Monday and I just found both my W-2’s."

A shredded pile of paper.
reddit | BigGerm1264

I know teachers don't really buy this excuse anymore, but do you think your country's financial division would be open to hearing 'my dog ate my taxes'?

"I wanted some lemonade..."

A box of lemonade where there's no spout.
reddit | karembo212

This is such a simple yet tragic scene. We all know what happened next is that they tore at the side of the box-top like an animal, trying to open it like a milk carton when it wasn't designed to bend that way.

"This guy was looking for his wedding ring."

A guy who's sticking out of a clothes donation bin.
reddit | Eyeofthemeercat

I was about to make some joke about this guy, like I'm ought to do, but the uploader said he actually ended up finding his ring, which is extremely impressive and deserving of respect.

"[How's] your day going?"

A huge tool box that's toppled over.
reddit | adelbosque088

Better than this, that's for sure. Not to use you as fuel to feel better about my own day, but someone has to do it, and I am pretty grateful this wasn't something I had to deal with!

"Just morning rush things."

A grilled cheese sandwich but the cheese still has plastic on it.
reddit | clo_ut

We've all been there...kind of. Maybe not plastic-wrapped-cheese-on-the-sandwich-type of rush, but salt-instead-of-sugar-in-your-coffee or biting-into-an-unpeeled-orange-type of rush!

"Somebody had a bad day."

A vending machine with two bottles stuck at the bottom.
reddit | Cardans1328

And you decided to capture their pain to peddle to others online, for shame. No comments about how I'm essentially doing the same thing. I didn't take the picture.

"In case your Amazon delivery is running behind, I may have found it..."

An amazon truck that's driven into a ditch.
reddit | kingrodedog

People like to make jokes about UPS throwing their packages into rivers, but at least they're not Amazon throwing entire truckfulls off bridges!

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