20 Times Where Being Patient Didn't Pay Off

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
An uncoocked burger with a bite taken out.
reddit | usualsquash0137

They say patience is a virtue, but that doesn't mean it always results in the best outcome. Sometimes, we're stuck waiting around for nothing, or worse, we wait for something that ends up being below our expectations.

This list is full of times people were patient to less-than-satisfying ends, it just didn't end up paying off.

"Sitting here for over an hour waiting to be Interviewed."

An empty chair at table.
reddit | Flat_Mechanic_8229

You know that 'rule' that's like "if the teacher doesn't show up for 15 minutes we can all leave"? This version is "if the interviewer doesn't show up for an hour you automatically get the job". Congrats!

"Waited 3 hours for this…'pizza'."

A very messy pizza.
reddit | TsarVladislav

I'm glad you only loosely called this a pizza, because that's very far from what I would call it. It reminds me of when people throw veggies in a container, shake it, then call it a salad. Also that crust looks too yellow to be healthy.

"I declare war on the [expletive] temperature people. Ruined the perfect photo."

A clock that shows 22:22 on 2/2/2022 at 21 degrees.
reddit | MrBeanEatBeansWithMe

Very interested in seeing this person's solo crusade against the entire weather system and how that goes. Who knows, maybe people will be emboldened by the cause and join at their side!

We just missed you!

A FedEx slip on a front door.
reddit | Yosho2k

"I stayed at home to wait for a delivery from FedEx. I was on the opposite side of this door for hours waiting for them to knock. I go out to take the trash and I see this blank door tag slapped on my door."

Here we go again.

An unplugged toaster oven.
reddit | zxvegasxz

"Found out my toaster can work as a timer, even when not plugged in. Now I have to wait another 20 minutes to find out how good these fish sticks are."

As a fellow toaster oven timer owner, I understand this pain.

"Roommate broke the toilet seat. No worries though. He replaced it."

A toilet where the seat and lid are smaller than the bowl.
reddit | cisagore

Wow, it was really nice of him to step up and replace what he broke! He definitely took the necessary steps and did this maturely, which is commendable for roommates these days.

"Waited 5 hours in line for my driver's test, got to the front only to tell me that they’ve reached the maximum amount of tests for the day."

A line outside a DMV.
reddit | iAmWaluigi

Hell hath no fury like that of a group of anxious teenagers who just waited around for who knows how long with exactly zero payoff. Really, I feel bad for whoever had to deliver this news.

"It took me 10 minutes to peel this egg because the shell came off in tiny ass pieces."

A messy, peeled boiled egg.
reddit | jiga_jiga_bojangles

I think the patience here was misplaced. You shouldn't have put the patience into peeling, but in waiting for the egg to cool before you peeled it. You'll get it next time, buddy.

A breach of privacy.

A Vans box.
reddit | frickinheckinfrick

"[My] mom opened my package that I waited 4 weeks for and was really excited to open saying 'I thought it was your sister’s medication'."

"Waited a month to get my favorite bbq sauce only to receive this."

A box of shattered bottles of BBQ sauce.
reddit | bjarbeau

Even worse than the sight of six broken bottles of barbeque sauce is the feeling of that soggy cardboard. I just know that was slimy and revolting, a real insult to injury moment.

"Decided to order McDonald’s after my 13 hour long shift and they forgot to cook my burger."

An uncoocked burger with a bite taken out.
reddit | usualsquash0137

They're trying to elevate their dining experience by serving rare McSteaks, but the trial isn't going as well as they hoped as it just looks like they're serving raw burgers.

"I am one of a handfull of women turbine mechanics, today I received this see-through shirt as a reward for being safe."

A shirt on a hanger that's clearly so thin it's see through.
reddit | realhotcocoa

The uploader came back to clarify that she doesn't think there was any malice here, she's just upset that she got a shirt she can't even use at work given what she does, which is a valid complaint!

"Waited in line for this rollercoaster for two hours, when I finally got to the front they said I was too tall."

A boy standing against a theme part height stick, showing he's too tall.
reddit | LiteralGiraffe

That face is one of a defeated man who just had his hopes completely dashed.

But also, it's about time tall people faced a bit of adversity. Struggle a little, know how it feels.

"Waited 25 minutes for Windows to get its life together and then this happened."

A Windows update screen that says they couldn't complete the updates.
reddit | fabulouskayjoy

Oh, Windows updates, the bane of every PC owner's existence. My old laptop used to just slowly stop functioning without ever telling me it needed an update, so by the time I realized, I was three behind and it was a whole day ordeal.

"Our mailman put this letter in the snow rather than the mailbox next to it."

A letter stuck in the snow.
reddit | HaguPlays

Why did he...do this? What was he thinking? Did he forget that snow is still water and can make things wet, especially paper things like mail? I'm so baffled, I'll be thinking about this for weeks.

The long way home.

A man's bare feet against a tile floor.
reddit | parzival4242

"Went to the sauna post-workout for 5 mins just to find my shoes and socks missing. Of course the gym says I’m out of luck, and had to take the walk home completely barefoot."

"My dasher decided to take my order to the post office."

A photo of a text conversation. The recipient sending a photo of a post office saying they left the food there, and the sender saying "That's not my house."
reddit | Vinstofle

Don't worry, now it's in the hands of the postal service, you should see it at your door in 5-7 business days! It might be stomped on or opened for inspection, though.

"Why would you buy groceries when you can grow your own?"

A small banana in someone's hand.
reddit | Public-Custard-6438

In the description for the image, the uploader said they'd been nurturing five banana plants for over three years and this was all they had to show for it.

I appreciate the dedication, but sometimes you need to know when to quit. Banana growing isn't your calling and that's okay.

"New oven installed, but now the dishwasher doesn't open."

A dishwasher door that can't open due to the oven handle.
reddit | jessie_kitti

You could either have one of the other, clean dishes or hot food, and you made your choice. You have to accept that now. You've entered your hand-washing era.

"Yes! My package finally arrived! I can't wait to take it home and see what's inside!"

A hand reaching for a package that's stuck in a mail box.
reddit | DieMensch-Maschine

Sometimes delivery people see small mailboxes as a challenge. They don't think about getting the package out later, only about fitting it in. Their job is done after that, they wipe their hands of it.

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