15 Life Hacks That People Now Use Daily

Lex Gabrielle
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Many times in life, learning a few tips and tricks can help you get through things a bit better and easier. For a long time, we may be struggling to figure out some everyday things that work for us—but, learning a few hacks along the way from others can help make even the smallest things a bit easier.

Now, you can learn from the best of the best and what works for them.

Flipping your pill bottles.

Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

rachwiddabangs said that they take medication twice a day, and it's from the same bottle of pills. Sometimes, they can't remember if they have taken it or not, because life is confusing. So, they flip their pill bottle every time they take it, so they know if they have or not.

Work smarter.

Unsplash | Trnava University

"I stopped doing any kind of work in my dorm room at college and only did it at the libraries. Not only did I become way more productive, but I enjoyed being in my room a lot more.

It’s way more comfortable (and easier) to fall asleep when you’ve taken a 15-minute walk home than when you’ve been working at your desk in the same room for 4 hours," said NoLifeMax.

Clean while you go.

Unsplash | Brooke Lark

Cooking is definitely a process, and everyone hates cleaning when you are done with the process. devatrox shared one hack they live by is cleaning as you cook. Wash the dishes when you have downtime during the cooking process. You will thank yourself later.

Jot down what you need when you need it.

board kitchen
Unsplash | Squared.one

turtlescanfly7 shared that they have a whiteboard in their kitchen on the pantry and fridge so that when they run out of something, they can automatically write it down so that you know for the future when you are going to go shopping.

Look back with good energy.

think positive
Unsplash | Viktor Forgacs

anderoogigwhore said that at night when they are lying in bed going to sleep, they think about everything they have done that day in a positive way, or as if they are working towards accomplishing a goal. That way, they go to bed in a good headspace and not a negative one.

Replacing "I'm sorry" with "thank you."

Unsplash | Aarón Blanco Tejedor

"Saying 'thank you' instead of apologizing for things that don't need apologies. I'm a chronic apologizer and it's helped a lot.

For example, if I have a bad day and vent to my husband, instead of saying 'sorry for venting and bringing down the mood' I'll say 'thank you for listening and being supportive,'" shared thegracefuldork.

Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room.

alarm clock
Unsplash | mostafa mahmoudi

soik90 said that they put their alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom so that when it goes off, they can't snooze it and go back to bed. They have to physically get up and get out of bed in order to shut it off.

Get your things ready the night before.

Unsplash | Angela Bailey

KomodoJo3 shared getting everything they need ready the night before for the next day is incredibly helpful the next morning. They aren't on a time crunch and they can have more time to get to where they need to be, instead of stressing and rushing around.

Brush your teeth early.

brushing teeth
Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

petethepianist said that when they put their daughter to bed, they brush their teeth with her, too. This not only keeps their teeth clean and healthy, but it also prevents them from snacking and eating late at night, which can be pretty bad for you.

Carry an extra bag.

Unsplash | Mediamodifier

oddlyfamiliarr said that carrying a foldable bag in their regular bag is helpful when they need to pick up things last minute or spur of the moment. That way, they always have an extra shopping bag or a bag to carry things with them when they need it.

Shop smarter.

meal prep
Unsplash | S'well

Shazamshazam2 said that they meal prep, but not intense meal prepping. Basic meal prepping like knowing what you want to cook for the week or knowing what fruits/vegetables you want will make your shopping trips more successful and in the long run, pay off for you.

Stay hydrated.

Unsplash | engin akyurt

Kirasmile said when they are drinking, they have one cup of water for every two cups of drinks they have. That way, they don't get super dehydrated and they wake up in the morning less hungover. They also keep a bottle of water on their nightstand to make sure they drink at night.

Summer hack: done.

iced coffee
Unsplash | Demi DeHerrera

annswertwin said their summer hack is making coffee and putting it into the ice cube tray—making iced coffee cubes. This way, when the ice melts, it's not watered-down coffee, it's coffee with even more coffee.

No rest for the wicked.

Unsplash | No Revisions

clydeswitch said that one thing that helps to keep them productive is not sitting down until everything is done. That means all the cleaning you need to do and the little things around the house that has to get done. If you sit down before it's done, you'll most likely not do it.

Start your day off right.

washing face
Unsplash | Tadeusz Lakota

"Wash your face every morning. A quick cold shower in the morning works wonders. When you leave the house always be presentable. Seems trivial but when you know you're at your best you radiate confidence and others sense it," said ElkAlternative3080.

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