14 Pictures That Are Confusing To All Of Us

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Sammy Williams

There are some photographers that can capture images that are once-in-a-lifetime photos that are a little confusing to us when we first glance at them.

Whether it's the angle, or the lighting, or just a really good position of a subject to make it look rather wild—some photographs are done in such a way that they are mind trick.

Where's the rainbow?

Talk about trying to find gold at the end of the rainbow! That would be especially difficult considering we have no idea where this rainbow might even be beginning. Either way, this is a STUNNING picture that I am absolutely obsessed with.

It does look like a beach at night!

While you think this may look like the beach at night—the ocean's tide climbing up to the shore line and the flash making the sand go from light to dark—it's not. In fact, it is not a beach at all, despite looking exactly like one. The Twitter user says that it is a lower part of the car gate that needs to be fixed.

Glasses that are looking at you.

Glasses Lamp
reddit | Reddit l youngack

These glasses may be laying down on the table, but don't worry—they're not looking at you. The mind tricks that this is pulling is truly spectacular because it truly does look like glasses are staring at you. But, it's the reflection of the lamp on the desk.

Where is its body?!?

antelope body
reddit | Reddit l b*shellpumps

Feeding animals and alpacas is a fun thing to do, and seeing the photos that come out from it can be funny, as well. But this is one that looks rather scary. It seems that she is almost just feeding the alpaca's head, and there is no body attached at all. Wow.

This dog blends right in.

dog on bed
reddit | Reddit l BMichael919

With bedding on this bed that has a black bear with black bear pawprints, it's hard to tell that the subject in this photo is not a black bear. In fact, he is a little black puppy that is curled up to take a nap. But, those legs do not belong to him!

This little girl may have the tiniest legs in the world.

girl popcorn leg
reddit | Reddit l shellybean23

Or, so it seems. At first glance, it looks like she is sporting the tiniest legs in the universe. But, when you really look at it up close, you will see she is holding a bag of popcorn and that is why her legs look so outrageously small. The popcorn looks similar to the grass.

Looks like they're driving through the snowy mountain tops.

car windshield
reddit | Reddit l Liamers

While this photo looks like a far-away photograph of a snow-filled mountain range, it happens to be something taken up-close and personal. The photo is actually taken from the inside of a car that has a snowed/iced/frosted windshield.

Is this a headless cat?

cat head
reddit | Reddit l Flums666

It does seem like this cat is taking himself apart and putting himself back together, but the looks of it. But, it's not that way at all. It seems to be two cats that are messing around and just have very similar fur colors.

There are four people in this photo.

drinks in the woods
reddit | Reddit l BalrogBunghole

One, two, three, four bottles...but only one, two, three arms. Or, so it seems—right? Camouflage is working its magic over here, because the fourth arm on the left is totally blending in with nature.

Who brought their cat to the concert?

cat rock concert
reddit | Reddit l jocoiscool

Who brought their pet cat out to the rock show past its bedtime? It looks like a cat is sitting here watching the rock show from the balcony and having a grand time doing so. But, if you look closer at the photo, it's not a cat at all—it's a hand.

The bearded lady strikes again.

woman beard dog
reddit | Reddit l lisapmg

The bearded lady is a wonder at the circus, but unfortunately, this is not the type of "bearded lady" you think it is. When we first look, it seems as though this woman decided to grow her beard out nice and long. It so happens to be her dog popping into the photo to say hello.

Did her body disappear?

girl behind wall
reddit | Reddit l MK24ever

Where did this little girl's body go?!? It seems like she has transported into the ground into the cement and truly, it's alarming. But, the photographer must be on top of a grassy wall or area, where the little girl is on a lower terrain. That's the only way this works!

Different body types

legs bartender
reddit | Reddit l Boardindundee

You would think that this bartender has some super nice legs, right? But, it turns out, that it's not a "half-man, half-woman," but instead, the bar has a mirror on the bottom and is reflecting the woman who is ordering a drink at the bar.

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