20 Things People Spotted That Deserved A Loud 'WTF?'

Ashley Hunte
A chunk of raw ground beef on a seat.
Reddit | rollerbladess

There are plenty of weird things in the world. But when it comes to some of the stuff out there, "weird" may be a bit of an understatement.

Like, the stuff in this list, for example. It moves straight past weird, and goes into WTF territory. And trust me, you'll know the difference between weird and WTF when you see it.

"Got a surprise in my Lush bath bomb."

A partially melted bath bomb with a screw sticking out of it.
Reddit | Stranger-Than-Vixen

Nothing like relaxing in a nice bath, only to find a rusted screw in your bath bomb. Might be a good idea to take a shower after all that. And maybe go for a tetanus shot.

"Enjoying the free ride."

Two kids leaning on the front windshield of a train or streetcar.
Reddit | Miguel3403

That's... fake, right? Like, there's no way those two kids could just be chilling on the front of that thing, right?

I... have no words for this, to be honest.

"That’s one way to keep bugs out."

Some shelves in a store fridge. A bug zapper can be seen behind some of the Gatorade bottles in the shelves.
Reddit | Hotdog_Parade

Yeah... that's not the most appetizing thing to find when you're buying a drink. It makes you wonder what kinds of critters they're trying to zap with that things.

These spider leg things sticking out of this shower head.

A showerhead with what appears to be bug legs sticking out of it.
reddit | jayduhaus

As terrifying and confusing as this is, it probably isn't spider legs. In fact, it can't be anything other than some kind of metal or fungal thing. Still really shocking to look at and I wouldn't want to wash myself with any water coming through there.

"CATROUSEL discovered?"

A playground carousel. In each seat, a black cat sits, facing the camera.
Reddit | SquirrelThink

Now, why do those cats have to be all over that carousel? I mean, it's not like any kids are using it, but still.

It feels like we're looking at some sort of forbidden cat meeting.

"Airbnb I found online a while ago. Door appears to lock from the outside! If I remember correctly the description said it was 'good for families and couples.' North England."

A strange, rundown room with stacked furniture in places.
Reddit | GoodFoodDoneCheap

I'm gonna go ahead and say it: this is a murder house. You can't convince me otherwise and if you rent this place, the resulting horror movie is on you.

"Nearly died thinking this was a person in the van parked next to me."

The front half of a van, with a masked mask head poking out from the back.
Reddit | LiveSickWAR

I think the worst part about this is the fact that the mask thing... has another mask on. Like, whoever put that thing in their van is evil.

"The dash on this van, for sale near me..."

The inside of a truck, where the dash is made out of a pair of human legs made out of wood.
Reddit | VengefulTick

Yeah, weird, bizarre, and strange won't cut it for this one. This is the exact kind of picture you can't look at without saying "WTF!" at least a few times.

"SUV was covered in grass. Or maybe AstroTurf."

A van covered completely in fake grass, with a hot dog-like cartoon decal in the back window.
Reddit | zenguy59

Yeah, whatever's covering that car just ain't right. But I guess some people have... eccentric taste, and they really like to show it off.

"Attic full of mannequins with different body part missing and swapped including a baby mannequin."

An attic filled with nothing but mannequins laid on their backs.
Reddit | adinkins

This is, well, it's terrifying. In fact, there's a lot of really uncomfortable energy in this picture. I think I might need to go sit down for a while.

"Asked for extra pickles and got 25."

A fast food burger with the top bun removed. On the bun and the rest of the burger, exactly 25 slices of pickles can be found.
Reddit | lostcrafts

This is very obviously an absurd amount of pickles, but I guess OP asked for it?

Though, I have no idea who would actually want this much pickle on their burger.

"A bird's claw I spotted in a fence."

A bird skeleton claw stuck in a shrub.
Reddit | Tominator2000

Look, I get that animals die in nature and stuff all the time. But that doesn't mean any of us are ever expecting to find random animal bones in random outdoor spaces. It's giving me the chills.

"This bidet in a Clearwater, FL motel."

A public toilet. On the wall next to the toilet, a sign that reads "bidet" sits over a hose.
Reddit | aufcenter

The vibe right here is not good. I get that this is basically what a bidet is, but you couldn't catch me using it in a million years.

"There's a possum in my washing machine."

A possum playing dead within a dishwasher full of wet rags.
Reddit | grieserl

Don't worry, that possum is just playing possum. According to OP, they had to clean some stuff out of their garage, and didn't notice the little guy in there.

Definitely not the kind of thing you'd ever expect to find in your washing machine, though.

"Found this thing at an antique store 5 years ago. Still there to this day."

A strange object that looks like a human curled up in an egg sac, tied with rope.
Reddit | HoneybeesAndLillies

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this is some kind of really cool movie prop, and not, like, a real person or something. Either way, I'm totally unsurprised that no one's tried to buy it.

"What's Under the Checkout Belt."

The inside of a grocery store checkout belt, which is covered in years worth of dust and grime.
Reddit | lathe_down_sally

That's plain gross. But, I guess it's one of those spots that cashiers aren't going to go out of their way to clean. So I get it, even if I hate looking at it.

Wait just one minute!

An SUV stuck inside of a very tall snowbank.
Reddit | IrwinMFletcher200

I honestly have no idea how this even happens. Like, this is honestly so needlessly confusing.

Does this town have like, really powerful snowplows?

"Cutest infestation ever???"

The exterior of a building. In all the windows facing the camera, dozens of stuffed animals fill the spaces, making it impossible to see inside.
Reddit | BigDaddyCocoNutS

You know what? I don't think I want to know what's going on here, or what the inside of this building looks like.


A chunk of raw ground beef on a theater seat.
Reddit | rollerbladess

I can't tell if this is a movie theater or a stadium, but there's no reason... raw ground beef... should be there. Like, that's just nasty, dude.

This cursed...decoration...found in a Goodwill.

A doll in a maxi dress hanging by one arm and one leg along a store ceiling.
reddit | M_C_Hawk89

I think the worst part about this display isn't the doll itself, but the dress. And that's mostly because I own a dress that looks a lot like that one...