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If you've ever been hired by a company, you probably signed a non-disclosure agreement. It basically prevents you from revealing any trade secrets, especially to a competitor.

However, that doesn't always mean that you can't disclose a few tidbits once you're no longer employed with that business. That's exactly what happened when a Twitter user asked former employees to spill the beans online and let's just say it was pretty interesting.

This Retail Fact

Oh, yeah! I pretty much knew that. That's exactly why I usually don't buy things at a regular price. Instead, I wait for the sale, so I can get the garment for the amount it's really worth, heE-hEe. Trust me, that's how you shop for bargains.

This Kind Gesture

Aww, that's so nice. You see, this is why I'm always super pleasant to whoever I have to deal with because you never know it might persuade them to act in your favor. Plus, it's just awesome to be nice to everyone.

This Yucky Reveal

Oh no, say it isn't so! I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound appetizing to me at all. Now that I know this little 'dirty' secret, I'm definitely never ordering anything from KFC with gravy. No, thank you.

This Disturbing News

Speaking of not-so-fresh food, how do you like this reveal here, huh? I don't. I've heard this about chili before, so it's one fast-food item I will avoid like the plague. The good thing is that I make a stellar chili at home, so I don't really have to worry about this too much, ha, ha.

This Odd Request

Wow, that's pretty odd, right? I mean, I can understand this when it comes to food items as you wouldn't want to be responsible for somebody getting sick. But to do this with candles and wall flowers doesn't make too much sense to me. I wonder why that is. I say, who cares? Let people dumpster dive if they want.

This Retail Secret

Speaking of annoying, how do you feel about this secret here? Um, I don't like it either. I would rather have them tell me they know it isn't in the back than make me wait and waste my time. Just be honest, okay? Don't use my time as your break.

This Best Buy Hack

If you're in the market for a new TV, listen up. Take advice from this lady here — I think she knows what she's talking about, hehe. I don't know about you but getting a brand new TV at half off is my kind of bargain. Oh, yeah!

This Chicken Secret

Oh, wow! Is that right? I wonder if that's the case in Canada? It's probably a supplier in the United States only, but it's good to know anyway. I wish somebody could verify it for us Canadians. I want my chicken to be the freshest and the best tasting one.

This Call Centre 'Dirty' Trick

Say what? No, I definitely didn't know that. Oh, my! Now I'm trying to remember if I ever said anything nasty about the person on the phone, ha, ha. From now on, I will keep my mouth shut. I can't believe they have had us fooled like that.

This TV Show Trick

Okay, I have to admit I figured that. You must be living under a rock if you didn't realize that. I mean, all those people who are awful singers wouldn't get on the show otherwise. It makes total sense. It's just a little sad that they make fun of people for entertainment purposes.

This Gross Admission

Okay, for someone who used to go to the movies religiously and always ordered popcorn, I find that last revealing secret absolutely disgusting. That's it — I'm never buying movie popcorn again. As far as the cleanliness goes, I'm not thrilled either.

This Interesting Discovery

So pretty much everything comes frozen, huh? See, this is why I hardly go out to places to eat. Honestly, I'd rather cook at home. I know it's convenient, but I like my food to be freshly made to order, that's all.

This Sad Fact

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Yikes, that doesn't sound right. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I don't often get packages delivered by this company. However, I've also heard that most of the big delivery ones do pretty much the same thing. That's disturbing, to say the least.

This Shocking Fact

Honestly, this is not right. I think fast-food joints and restaurants should be required by law to donate food they didn't have a chance to sell that day. Imagine how many homeless people this could feed? On second thought, McDonald's food probably goes stale pretty fast, so perhaps that's why they do it that way.

This Hotel Cleaning Hack

Sadly, I've heard this numerous times. It was also in a viral TikTok video that an ex-hotel employee revealed not too long ago. I have to admit I kind of suspected this, so I've always cleaned the glasses in my room before using them, and so should you.

This IRS Tip

You know what, I also suspected that. I mean, it makes sense, no? I think they would rather you pay something over time than nothing at all. And it makes you look good too. So forget hiring some firm because you can negotiate right with the IRS yourself.

This 'Dirty' Hotel Secret

Oh no! Did I read that right? I have to say that is the grossest thing ever. From now on, I will ask the hotel check-in desk to supply me with a clean comforter. I am not sleeping on something that was used for other guests. Is this shocking to you, too?

This Annoying Thing

Okay, that's not cool, McDonald's. Don't you find it irritating when you are told the ice cream machine is broken? I do! And now that I know the real reason behind it, I'm even more aggravated. What a trick, huh?

Holy moly!

Beverly from The Goldbergs
Giphy | ABC Network

I have to say I wasn't expecting some of these answers here. The food ones are always the most shocking, but so is knowing that the comforter in that hotel room didn't get washed after the previous person. Yuck! I'm so grossed out by that now. How about you? Which little 'dirty' secret surprised you most?

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