Woman Breaks Down After Showing Off Her $150 Haircut

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Getting a haircut, for many people, is an exciting experience where you are able to change up your look and make yourself over. Sometimes, when going to get your hair done, you look for inspiration photos and pictures to show your hairstylist.

Many women look on apps such as Pinterest or Instagram to find hairstyles on others that they want for themselves. And, we bring them with us to the hair salon to show them what we are going for.

Many times, hairstylists work off of the photos you bring.

hair salon
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Most of the time when you go to the salon, the hairstylist will work off of whatever photo you bring or show them. When it comes to cutting and color, bringing something along with you is very important to understand what you want to be done. It is easier to see what you want, rather than just describing it with words.

However, not all hairstylists are able to do things that we want.

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Sometimes, we ask for specific things and looks from our hairstylists, but they are not exactly able to give us what we want.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some rough looks and things that truly, utterly, and completely disappoint us. Finding out that what we want is not possible—but finding out when it's done—is something that scares us all.

One TikTok user recently shared her own story of disappointment with people online.

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TikTok user @mackaroniandmason shared a video in which she disclosed she has "never had her hair professionally done" but, thought it was time for a change so she decided to go.

Mackenzie shared that she brought a photo for inspiration, as we all usually do.

However, the outcome was nothing that she expected.

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"I’ve never got my hair done in my life professionally, so I finally thought I’d go and get it professionally done and I will never go and get my hair done ever again," Mackenzie says in her video. She also says she "cannot believe" she spent $180 on her hair.

The photo she showed to the hairstylist is a "balayage."

hair gone wrong
TikTok | TikTok l mackaroniandmason

The balayage hairstyle is one where the hairstylist "sweeps" the bleach onto the hair to create an almost waspy look.

Balayage literally means "sweeping" in French, so the technique makes a ton of sense. It's a very popular hairstyle trend currently, as many women ask for it. However, not all hairstylists are trained in doing it.

Instead of balayage, Mackenzie got more of an "ombre."

Hair gone wrong
TikTok | TikTok l mackaroniandmason

Instead of getting what she asked for, the sweeping highlight look, Mackenzie left with more of an ombre, which is the changing of hair color from one to another.

The color she showed the hairstylist was most flowing into each other, while what she got was just a solid switch from dark to light.

This hair is definitely not what she asked for.

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Every woman looking at this video knows that this is definitely not what was wanted nor what she asked for, and it totally is worthy of some solid tears.

If anything she should have gotten the hairstylist to fix it—or, she should have gotten her money back as one looks nothing like the other. At all!

People online were also shocked.

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Many chimed in, even hairstylists themselves, saying Mackenzie did not get a balayage but instead an ombre look.

Another person said it's "hard for some stylists" to do the balayage technique because it's training that not everyone can do.

Other people said it's important to "do research" on hairstylists.

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Other commenters said that it's important when you want a specific style done to do some research on the hairstylist you are going to go to.

Another good tip is to ask to see previous work or previous clients that the hairstylist has done. That way, you know what you are getting.

Fortunately, Mackenzie found someone to fix her hair for her.

woman hair redone
TikTok | TikTok l mackaroniandmason

Mackenzie said she was "lucky" that she found someone who could fix her hair for her, and it was $20 cheaper than what she had paid the other salon and hairdresser who did her first job originally. And, it came out way better!

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