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20 Tweets That Have My Introverted Self Nodding In Agreement

Being an introvert is hard work. You constantly have to talk to people; your boss, your friends, your parents. And leaving the house is always an exhausting ordeal. Yeah, it's tough out here.

Whether you're an introvert yourself, though, or you just think memes about introverts are funny, you'll probably get a kick out of these Tweets. They really highlight the struggle.

We need phone chargers, but like, for ourselves.

Being an introvert means that social interactions are emotionally draining. Your close friends will understand if you don't respond to the chat right away.

"I don't want to go; I just want the option not to go!"

Being an introvert is tough, but being an introvert with FOMO is the worst. Like sure, I don't want to go. But I still want to be included. Throw me a bone, here.

Gotta do it quickly before people think you're being present.

You know that panicked feeling you get when you accidentally read a text too soon and the other person assumes you're available to chat? This is that times a thousand. Read receipts are the bane of an introvert's existence.

Sometimes you have to pretend you weren't paying attention.

This is the same energy as when you remember random details about a person but then you have to pretend you don't know anything in case they start thinking you're weird.

You may be special, but not that special.

Like I said, the real friends won't be offended if you ignore them. They'll just get that you don't have the emotional energy to respond right away.

The ones who don't get this usually show themselves out, anyway.

Why email when you can just never communicate ever again?

At least with remote meetings, you can just turn your mic and your camera off and pretend you don't exist. With an email, you kind of have to respond, and it's never not slightly terrifying.

People love to assume the worst, I guess.

Or, when they assume you're in a bad mood. Like, no, I'm just quiet. Please let me be quiet in peace.

One rule I hope we never get rid of.

I actually... love how people stay six feet away from me when I'm out in public. It's about the size of my personal bubble, and it couldn't make me any happier.

If only you could get away with this on job applications.

Or any professional setting, for that matter. Emails may stress me out, but there's nothing that strikes more fear into my heart than having to make a phone call. It's the introvert way.

Don't follow me.

This is very true and they should say it louder for those in the back. After all, introverts love not being around people, so why would they take you with them?

What do you think would happen if you say, no?"

I love live music but I hate screaming. Just let me sit in a corner (away from the crowd), all nice and quiet, and let me have a nice time all on my own.

Trying to talk with an extravert is tough.

Since extraverts love to talk, you kind of have to cut them off to say your part. But the trick is to do it in a way that doesn't come across as rude.

Easier said than done.

"What do you mean I have to participate?"

The one thing I don't miss about school is the fact that you had to talk in class to get above a B. Just because I'm not actively participating in the class discussion doesn't mean I'm not learning!

The perks of being a wall pasta.

Going to a party as an introvert can be really tough. The whole point is to socialize, but you always end up stuck to the same spot on the wall, like you grew there or something.

Every introvert needs an extraverted best friend.

Introverts and extroverts can really complement each other. One doesn't usually like to talk all that much, while the other likes to spend most of their time talking. It's a match made in heaven.

Never call without several hours (or days) worth of notice.

Would it kill people to ask, "Hey, can I FaceTime you?" Like, before they decide to go ahead and do it. Just give us some time to prepare.

Ah, of course.

The human in me thinks that people are great. For the most part.

But the introvert in me thinks that 99% of our problems would go away if all people also went away.

My bed is my best friend.

Beds are much less work to maintain than friendships, and they tend to last longer than most casual friendships you have anyway. Plus, beds are comfy. So I don't blame anyone for loving them more than people.

Phone calls aren't for the weak.

See, as much as I hate having to talk on the phone, I hate leaving a voicemail even more. It's impossible not to end one with, "uh, yeah. Ok, bye."

Most introverts lead double lives.

The best part about the internet is that no one would suspect you of being an introvert. You can be as loud and outgoing as you want, and not have to deal with people right in front of your face. It's perfect!