20 Pics That Put Things Into A Fascinating Perspective

Two people climbing a mountain
twitter | @RoamMtns

A new perspective can really help when it comes to your outlook. Of course, this phrase can mean your psychological outlook or your literal outlook.

Today, we want to talk about the latter category. The world, when viewed from certain angles or in certain ways, can offer us something more than what might initially meet the eye.

"Solar power station in Chile with one cell for scale."

A huge solar power station in Chile
reddit | Stotallytob3r

Solar power is an incredible innovation, but to generate it in big amounts, we need big power stations. How big? Well, this one should give you some idea.

"A breeder in the Netherlands has been working to make the French Bulldog a 'healthier' breed."

A comparison showing differences in French bulldog breeding
reddit | Dull_Tonight

You have to feel for breeds that have been selectively bred, as it can really mess up their ability to breathe. Here's an example of a breed in the process of getting selectively...un-bred.

"I’m a rescuer for a raptor rehab, and I got the call for this guy in the middle of me dying my hair."

A woman holding a large bald eagle
reddit | Wildlife-outside

It's funny that she had to put the hair dye on hold, but I'm not focused on that. What I'm focused on is how absolutely massive this bald eagle is.

"Pics I took from the tornado destruction in Mayfield, Kentucky."

A movie theater with massive hole thanks to a tornado
reddit | Ok-Structure5772

There's something oddly beautiful about seeing the wreckage from this tornado framed through the screen of a movie theater.

"One of the huge rings they used for close-up shots in LOTR."

A giant prop ring used in the LOTR movies
reddit | 73ch_nerd

When movie directors want to show extreme detail, the easiest way to do so is to just make a prop that's really big. Case in point: this ring.

"Two people sitting on the Abraj Al Bait clock tower in Mecca."

Two people sitting atop the massive Abraj Al Bait clock tower
reddit | busted_maracas

It's easy to lose your sense of perspective with really tall buildings, but seeing a couple of humans for scale really shows off the size of this clock tower.

"I'm inside Windows XP."

A man at the site of Windows XP's iconic wallpaper
reddit | whynotanything

There's something about seeing an actual person in this iconic scene that makes it seem substantial. Before this, it may as well have been a computer rendering.

"I found a ladybug with reversed colors in my room."

A ladybug with reversed colors
reddit | SugoBonoEnthusiast

It's kind of surprising how jarring it is to see something so familiar with its colors completely reversed.

"The sun rising behind the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada."

The rising sun perfectly centered behind Toronto's CN Tower
reddit | GaryCPhoto

I wonder how much planning went into this pic. Of course, if you're at the right angle, you could see the sun rising behind the tower on any day. But it's only going to rise behind the tower from this particular angle at a certain time of year.

"Christ the Redeemer getting some maintenance for its upcoming 90th birthday."

A worker on top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio
reddit | PandoraFortuneCookie

Honestly, given the way this statue rises over Rio, I thought it would look bigger at the top. It looks like Christ's head is no more than 10 or 12 feet tall.

"A puddle in Chicago."

Reflection of skyscrapers in a puddle
reddit | Madeulook_

This photo shows nothing more complicated than a puddle on the road, but the reflection gives me vertigo.

"A rare African black leopard under the stars - a photo that took me 6 months to capture."

A black leopard under the stars
reddit | willbl

Various species of big cat come in melanistic, or all-black, color patterns. This doesn't mean they're common, though. This guy's got perfect camouflage at nighttime.

"My son in snow light."

A streetlight illuminating falling snow
reddit | Awiworld

This really shows just how much a beam of light can influence what we see. If not for the streetlight, you wouldn't even know it was snowing.

"My girlfriend doing homework in NYC."

A girl doing homework with Manhattan in the background
reddit | That-Donkey

When I look at a city skyline, I often think of how many people exist within it. This pic shows one of those people — one of many thousands.

"Giant manta ray captured off the coast of New Jersey in 1933."

A vintage photo of a giant manta ray
reddit | thejppass

It's a good thing I don't live near an ocean, because after seeing this pic, I never want to swim in salt water ever again.

"Here's a swimmer holding on to a giant underwater boat propeller."

A swimmer holding onto a ship's propeller
reddit | beethy

I sincerely hope this swimmer knew for a fact that this ship wasn't going to start its engines anytime soon. This pic is cool, but makes me super anxious.

"Me demonstrating how big traffic signals actually are."

A person showing the scale of traffic signals
reddit | LivingGhost371

It would be helpful if we knew how tall this person is, but still, it does appear that traffic lights are bigger than we might expect.

"Made this yesterday. The black dot on the stem is me."

A massive drawing in the snow
reddit | -KeyLime-

It's one thing to make a simple drawing in the snow, it's quite another to make one that's hundreds of feet across.

"The actual angle of the Olympic bobsled track is wild."

A photo showing the extreme angle of a bobsled track
twitter | @JoePompliano

When you watch the bobsled event, it's vaguely impressive, but difficult to appreciate the extreme angles and extreme speeds. Well, here's one such extreme angle.

"I took this photo the other day whilst on Ben Nevis. The two climbers seem to be having a nice chat before finishing their route."

Two mountain climbers
twitter | @RoamMtns

The United Kingdom isn't known for its mountains, but this pic of Ben Nevis, its tallest peak, looks sufficiently alpine. The two climbers are absolutely dwarfed by their surroundings.

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