15 Wholesome Tweets From Parents That Made Me Smile

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Picsea

Being a parent can be a lot of hard work sometimes. We can feel overwhelmed and outright stressed out. But, there are moments in parenthood where we can feel pretty grateful and happy that we get to witness the brilliance that is our children. When we do, we can't help but share the solid and touching moments with everyone else because, well, everyone deserves that feel-good moment.

They're teaching her right.

This dad has a whole lot to be proud of because his daughter clearly has a lot of empathy and care for other people. When she saw another kid didn't come with a lot to eat, she decided it was more important to give him her lunch and share, rather than eat it all on her own.

How touching is this?!?

Sometimes our kids make friends with other children in school and we don't know much about their background or culture. However, it's so sweet to see parents making an effort with people so their children can see their friends and have playdates, and maintain their relationships outside of school.

We need some kindness from strangers sometimes.

As one mom shared, the kindness that we receive from strangers can be enough to change our entire day. Sometimes, our kids can be overwhelming, especially in public places where people stare. Some small words of encouragement can go a long, long way.

It's really the little things.

As one dad put it, we don't realize how amazing the little things are until we are living them at that very moment. Sitting and watching the rain with our sons may not seem special, but when they're older and live on their own, we will look back and remember these moments fondly.

What a huge win!

Any parent of a child who has any kind of disability knows that watching them struggle can be very challenging and hard. We hope, pray, and manifest that maybe one day, the words will come. And, when that day comes, it's like 1,000,000 wins in one.

Watching our kids be better is something indescribable.

As one parent put it, we all make mistakes in our lives—some more than others. And, when we do, we hope that our kids will grow up to be better and not make those same mistakes that we once did. Watching them grow into better adults than we were is touching.

We love this too much.

Sometimes, society can make our kids feel bad about their passions or the things they love. But, when we raise our kids right, we teach them that whatever society says does not matter if you are happy and doing what you love. Like, this one boy who was clearly born to dance!

Working from home wins!

Working from home for so long through a pandemic has been pretty crappy for a lot of people. But, there are also some perks. Like, for example, the fact that this mom was home to witness her son's first steps—which she may have missed if she was at work.

The ones we will cherish forever.

This dad is clearly a total boss—always doing the characters his daughter loves and talking about her day with her every night before bed. These moments are going to be so integral for her life and development, and he doesn't even know it yet.

So pure.

We often forget that when we make adult jokes with kids, they can hit us with an even better kid joke. Like, asking them for a "stronger drink" than milk, and then hitting us with a "grab the chocolate milk!" What a pure kid.

The joke is clearly on her.

This kid is going places. Sometimes, as parents, letting our kids think that their "act of rebellion" is sneaky and wrong can be beneficial to us. Letting our kids think reading under the covers at night is "not right," will turn them into avid readers for life.

Sometimes, marriage is sweet.

Hiding from our kids happens—every parent knows it to be true. And, when you get the good snacks, we have to hide in our room and eat them in secret. There's nothing worse than 100 sticky fingers all over your M&Ms.

Get yourself a husband like this.

Not all men can accept tears and valid emotions from their sons. But, this guy is raising his son right. Instead of telling his son to "man up" and stop crying, he tells him that his emotions are valid and crying is totally okay. A true man.

This sister for the win.

This little girl is the little sister that we all wish our kids have. Not everyone is understanding of every situation, but not only is she an incredible sister, she's a smart human raised by two wonderful individuals, it seems. Way to go mom and dad!