20 Things Hollywood Has Tricked People Into Believing

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Three grenades.
Unsplash | Sven Verweij

We're often taught growing up to not believe everything we see in movies, TV shows, and the like, as a lot of things are played up or fully fabricated.

And yet, that hasn't stopped us from internalizing some very common tropes, usually because we have no idea how incorrect they are. Many of these tropes were being exposed in an AskReddit thread where someone asked users for things Hollywood has tricked the general population into believing.

Life in the city.

Time's square.
Unsplash | Florian Wehde

"You can get anywhere in a major city in minutes, and there is always an open parking spot in front of any place."

I don't even live in a major city and this experience is still true, it only gets worse the bigger the city gets!

Persistence is not key.

Two people holding hands on a table.
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"If you keep bothering her long enough she will fall for you. Nah, she will just think you are creepy."

Tons of people agreed with this point, listing example after example of this trope from The Notebook to Atypical.

Speed limits.

A woman driving a motorcycle down the high way.
Unsplash | Harley-Davidson

"Almost every car chase ever. The power of the car almost never makes a difference.

Especially common with motorcycles. Your 10-year-old 100hp Honda won't keep up even for a few seconds with any bike north of 70hp. That bike is gone."

Breakfast buffet.

A table covered with breakfast foods.
Unsplash | Rachel Park

"If I’m in high school and my mom or dad makes a huge breakfast to cover an entire dining room table, I’m going to be late to school that day cause ain’t no way I’m choosing school over the once in a lifetime breakfast and just grabbing a piece of toast 'gotta go or I’ll be late!'."

Stay with us!

A speeding ambulance.
Unsplash | camilo jimenez

"Paramedics are constantly running and push the stretcher into the ER at breakneck speed with doctors and nurses running alongside down the hallways."

Silently sneaking.

Air ducts along a ceiling.
Unsplash | Drew Beamer

"Air conditioning ducts are an easy way to sneak through buildings."

Not only are they dirty, but they're also notoriously loud. As one person said, "One of my cats ventured into the ducts while we were having construction done and the vent cover was off. It sounded like the house was being hammered down. And she only weighs eight pounds."

Hanging on for dear life.

Someone standing on the very edge of a cliff.
Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"You can hold all of another person's weight with one arm hanging off a cliff."

"And then haul them up!" Another person added, "Unless they're wearing a glove, in which case they're dead meat."

Finding love in a hopeless place.

A woman with her arms out holding a bouquet.
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"That during a stressful and traumatic experience like a hostage situation or a massive fire/[earthquake]/tornado, at least one hot woman will be single and ready to mingle."

This even happens in horror movies! They really overestimate how much people want to get down.

Not even a scratch.

A large explosion.
Unsplash | Jeff Kingma

"You can outrun a giant explosion."

Not only that, but shockwaves don't happen, none of your clothes are burnt off, and no one's yelling after due to the explosion blowing their eardrums out!

Hard as nails.

Three grenades.
Unsplash | Sven Verweij

"You can pull the tab off a hand grenade with your teeth, it’s more like the tab of the grenade pulls your teeth out."

Huh. This is something I'd never actually thought about as I haven't come across any grenades in my time. You learn something new every day!

Ticking time bombs.

A white car parked on the side of the road.
Unsplash | Jeff James

"That all cars are made of unstable explosives."

One user had a story to tell regarding this: "I have a friend who’s watched probably every action movie ever made. One time we got into a relatively minor car accident and rear-ended someone on the highway, and he bolted out of the car and took off running. [...] he said it’s because he thought the car was going to explode lmao."

Nice and easy.

A pregnant woman in a hospital bed.
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

"The birth of a child takes under an hour, starting with a huge splash and "uh-oh!" as her water breaks then the baby is here within a few minutes, requiring a mad dash through the hospital in a wheelchair."

Setting up shop.

An abandoned building.
Unsplash | Radek Kilijanek

"That people can have entire operations set up in abandoned buildings without being bothered for [trespassing]."

If a few teens can't hang out there for a few hours without being chased out by police, no criminal will be able to station there for months on end.

I'm in.

code on a computer screen.
Unsplash | Arget

"Hackers use a real-time 3D interface that looks cool or a bunch of slick-looking interfaces and windows that pop up as they’re hacking in."

Someone pointed out that this is why they like The Matrix, as all the hacking looks like actual code. Then someone shared the fact that not only is it accurate-looking, but they show a real-world exploit being used!

A whole new person.

A girl with brown hair and glasses standing on a beach.
Unsplash | Cassiano Psomas

"The shy girl next door, with glasses, just needs a good makeover."

As someone elaborated, "Which usually consists only of removing the glasses and swapping out her baggy sweater and jeans for a form-fitting midriff-baring work-out outfit with a push-up sports bra."

Unrealistic expectations.

Fancy high rise buildings.
Unsplash | Max Slch

"That people with normal jobs can afford the most luxurious of apartments in New York, San Francisco, etc."

Someone specified further, saying, "God I hate the 'broke' NYC fashion student living in a 'run down' apartment when it's actually just an 'industrial loft that's really nice' trope."

Through thick and thin.

A couple sitting next to each other.
Unsplash | Khamkéo Vilaysing

"That as long as you love someone it'll work out, never mind the amount of work it takes to make a relationship work or that how you feel about someone will change because both of you change."

Get behind cover!

Someone grabbing the handle of a red car door.
Unsplash | Markus Spiske

"That car doors are somehow bulletproof."

Someone brought up that wooden tables seem to be the same, to which another commenter replied, "Hollywood tables: both bulletproof and capable of exploding into shards of scrap if a human falls on them."

The best years of your life!

A school campus with students sitting outside.
Unsplash | Bucerius Law School

"High schools are full of gorgeous people who always have fun and adventures. The mean people are obvious and your grades will always improve in the nick of time as long as you study the night before."

Job security.

Silhouette of a detective.
Unsplash | Craig Whitehead

"Rogue detectives/law enforcement going awol and working cases they were told not to, then have their entire unit cheering for them when they get the bad guy or rescue someone."

You mean they're not celebrated as scrappy lone-wolf heroes? Color me surprised.