15 People Share What Their Own Toxic Trait Is

Jordan Claes
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I genuinely believe that at our core, human beings are inherently good-natured creatures. However, that isn't to say that we're without fault and that we can't act against our own self-interests.

When it comes down to it, each and every one of us has some characteristic of our personality that we don't like. Have a look below as these 15 people share precisely what their own toxic trait is.

"I ignore things that cause me too much stress until they become urgent and serious." - Reddit u/EarthExile

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From one procrastinator to another, all I can say is that I feel your pain. Issues that cause me stress and anxiety are problems for "Future Jordan" to handle. Yet somehow, "Present Jordan" is always the one who gets left holding the bill.

That really pisses me off!

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Reddit user squarefan80 says that their most toxic trait is their irritability. They don't mean to be so short and nasty with people, but more often than not — it just comes out. It's unbelievably infuriating.

To forgive is divine.

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Despite their best efforts, Redditor robotchicken007 admits that at times they can be quite petty and tend to hold onto grudges far longer than they should. It's easier said than done, but try to remember that when you hold onto a grudge, the only person who winds up hurt is you.

I just can't be bothered.

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This Reddit user said that they can't be bothered to remember things that don't benefit them, specifically. To me, this actually sounds more like a superpower than it does a toxic trait. Hmm...maybe that's my toxic trait speaking?

"I interrupt people if I feel like I know what they're going to say. It's [expletive] annoying." - Reddit u/devondawsonmma

Gary Oldman Churchill

Part of being a good conversationalist is allowing the other person ample opportunity to speak. This can be difficult at times, but if you truly care for someone then you should give them the respect of hearing them out.

I'm a walking contradiction.

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Reddit user Exemus says that their toxic trait is two-fold. On the one hand, they have a very low sense of self-worth. However, they also tend to think of themselves as superior to all others around them. Isn't that ironic?

A hermit at heart.

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We all have those days when we want to shut ourselves off from the world, but if you aren't careful it can become a problem. Reddit user loganalytics says that one of the biggest aspects of their personality that they struggle with is a constant desire to self-isolate.

Ease is a greater threat to success than hardship.

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Reddit user Exotic-Will-2668 has plenty of goals they'd like to see themselves accomplish in life, but they have absolutely no drive or determination to go out there and make it happen. It's as if they just expect everything they ever wanted in life to fall out of the sky at their feet.

I shouldn't have to tell you — you should just know!

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Redditor AnticipatingButtsex hates discussing their feelings and negative emotions with literally everyone around them. At the same time, they get angry at friends and family when they don't intuitively or instinctually understand that something is the matter.

"My toxic trait is thinking that my self-awareness of my toxic traits cancels them out." - Reddit u/user

The Dude in 'The Big Lebowski'

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. If a person acknowledges that they're an asshole, it doesn't give them free rein to act like one — no matter how staunchly you might believe otherwise.

Put the weight right on me.

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Redditor RGNlingling has an incredibly difficult time when it comes to asking others for help. They manipulate themselves into thinking they can do everything alone when they know full well that this just isn't the case.

It's my way or the highway.

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Trust is a tricky concept. It involves putting yourself out there and having faith in another human being. Reddit user zygomelonm says that they struggle with this greatly, and always feel that they will be let down in the end.

You just don't measure up .

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A Reddit user who goes by the handle CrossroadsTarot says that they set impossible expectations for others. They know full well that no one will ever be able to measure up to their standards and are always left feeling disappointed when it inevitably happens.

Repressing emotions is always a bad idea.

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Reddit user Dodofitus said that they let their anger build and build until one day — they snap. It's never anything violent or physical, but more often than not there's a lot of yelling and cursing.

You need to learn how to silence the voice of doubt inside your own head.

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"I'm really bad at keeping up with people I'm genuinely interested in getting to know, and when on occasion I succeed, I can't help but feel I'm being creepy." - Reddit u/maleorderbride

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