19 Very Wholesome Posts That Have Made Me Smile

Sarah Kester
Unsplash | Hybrid

In need of a smile today? You've come to the right place!

These 19 very wholesome posts provide everything you need to turn that frown upside down. This includes Van Jefferson’s wife giving birth after he won the Super Bowl and a man dressed as a unicorn while shoveling his driveway!

It all goes to show that kindness and generosity will always trump hate and discrimination. 

First night home from the shelter

We're not crying, you're crying! It's very obvious that these two were meant to find each other. You can feel the love radiating from this image, and see how grateful this dog feels to finally be home. Soon, we'll probably see them in matching PJs!

Van Jefferson has much to celebrate

instagram | Tank Good News

On the same night that his team, the L.A. Rams, won the Super Bowl, he found out that his wife was having their baby. There's even an adorable clip of him explaining this to kids on the field.

The dream come true

instagram | Tanks Good News

Speaking of the Super Bowl, a man who is battling terminal cancer had his dream come true on a video call. After he was asked what his dream was and he replied, "going to the Super Bowl," the team surprised him by making it happen!

This is one amazing lady

It's not just these adorable selfies that make this post so wholesome. It's also the fact that the internet banded together afterward to let Melissa know how special she is. She's a talented writer who deserves all the recognition!

This proud daughter

There is no shame in honest work. If anyone knows that, it's this man's sweet daughter! She let the world know that her father is an incredible provider for their family and a tough worker at that through her viral post.

The Gentleman's Club

How sweet is this?! Thanks to the generosity and kindness of these teachers, these boys are going to grow up knowing what it is to be loved and cared for. Hopefully, they will be able to pass on these lessons to their own kids one day.

A helping hand

It's a sad world we live in where females have to worry about being harassed or followed while out in public. Thankfully, we have a bright light in the form of this woman's tweet. She reminds us that when women stand together, we're never truly alone.

The dog did my homework

instagram | Tanks Good News

After seeing this image, we have a few questions: did he get an A? Were his little paws able to flip the page? And WHERE'S THE REST OF THE PHOTOS?!

The biker gang

biker gang
instagram | Tanks Good News

The gang here is called Bikers Against Child Abuse. They're an international nonprofit that recruits volunteer bikers to offer support to the victims of family abuse. This is beyond cool!

It's never too late to learn

That proud look on this uncle's face is everything! So many of us take things like reading and writing for granted without realizing that many people never had the opportunity to learn.

Be your own boss

hot dogs
instagram | Tanks Good News

Everyone deserves a second chance! Sadly, the world didn't give this man that chance due to his criminal record. This forced him to buckle down and become his own boss. We hope his business is extremely successful today!

Perfect just the way she is

In case you don't know who James Fridman is, he's a Twitter user who has gone viral for completing photoshop requests. But instead of trolling users like he usually does, he took a different approach with this girl. He did the right thing by reminding her of how beautiful she already is.

The rare moment

instagram | Tanks Good News

Everything came full circle for this image. You have a father comforting his new son and then the father of the woman who just gave birth comforting his little girl.

King of Caesars

instagram | Tanks Good News

This man had a vision and he made it happen! Talk about dedication! You can say what you will about Little Ceasers, but you can't deny that they have amazing deals!

The Mighty Duck

This is amazing! It goes to show that it's never too late to turn your life around. Shaun looks 20 years younger by getting rid of alcohol and drugs in his life.

The unicorn

This is what turning lemons into lemonade is all about! This guy could've woken up and been extremely upset that it had snowed and that he needed to shovel his yard. Instead, he took a creative approach to cheer up himself and others!


instagram | Tanks Good News

Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for both parents and pet owners. So this woman took matters into her own hands with this adorable presentation. Although, we're sure they're thinking, "this could've been an email."

The championship ring

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This is so well-deserved! People tend to forget how important janitors are to schools and other establishments. Since the job comes with little thanks, this must mean everything to him! He's part of the team.

Betty White's lasting legacy

The world was absolutely devastated when the iconic and beloved Betty White passed away just a few weeks before her 100th birthday.

She made a huge difference in the lives of animals while she was alive and — thanks to this fundraiser — after she passed.