People Online Love A Baby Who Is Growing Up In A Frat House

Sarah Kester
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Thanks to the movie Neighbors, we know that babies and frat houses do not mix.

There's lots of noise, partying, and other substances that a little one shouldn't be around (unless you want CPS called on you).

And yet, things seem to be going more than well for a baby girl whose dad goes to college. Since he belongs to a frat house, she is being well taken care of by her many "bros."

Being a single parent is one of the most difficult jobs there is.

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It can cause financial strain, a lot of stress to handle day-to-day duties by yourself, and there are many difficulties in finding childcare to work around your busy schedule.

Imagine adding college on top of all of this, and you'll truly understand what it is to be busy.

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Thankfully, the internet has provided us with plenty of stories of professors who have lent a helping hand to single parents in their classes.

Ramata Sissoko Cissé, an assistant professor of biology at Georgia Gwinnett College, went viral for doing just that.

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When her student's babysitter called in sick, she allowed the student to bring her child to class.

Then when the baby made it difficult for the mother to take notes, Cissé stepped in again.


“I said, ‘Hand me the baby,’” Cissé told CNN. She then gave a three-hour lecture with the baby strapped to her back using a white lab coat.

The baby soon fell soundly asleep, which was equal parts adorable and impressive.


While there are plenty of stories about babies being in the classroom, you don't hear much about babies being in frat houses.

Until now.

Meet Eli Dolney. He's a college student in Minnesota who has a baby girl named Everly Jane.

Recently, he went viral for sharing what "life of a college kid with a baby" looks like.

The video showed his adorable daughter hanging out with her frat brothers.

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She sat at a table while the boys were out to dinner and she sat in her father's lap while he tried to multitask studying.

She was even shown in her activity center while the football game played on in the background.

People online went wild over the baby's interesting life.

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"They said 'our baby,' one comment, which garnered over 12,471 likes, wrote. This was in reference to all the frat bros taking good care of little Everly.

"Awhhh baby is gonna get some lit ass uncles and it’s really sweet the friends are so supportive :D" another wrote.

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This is true. While some guys would likely complain about a baby ruining their fun, these guys have totally embraced the situation!

This earned them lots of praise. "I see a real man and some real friends," wrote this user.

People know that this baby is well protected.

"Can you imagine someone tries to mess with the baby? The boiz will obliterate whoever does," another user added.

There were many comments about the baby living quite an interesting life.

"Kid has more of a social life than I do," one joked.

"This kids going to have a very interesting personality," another added.

This much is true! Check out the video for yourself to see what they mean.