20 Baffling Designs That Have Us Both Angry And Confused

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A bundle of four forks, a bundle of four knives, and a bundle of three spoons.
reddit | Kaija-Papaya

I'm not an expert on, well, anything really, and for most of us, it's fair to say that there's little we know absolutely everything about save for maybe our jobs or our passion hobbies.

This means I'm surely not a design expert. Still, I find myself looking at a lot of things and thinking that I could have designed it better, seeing as what they went with has just left me angry and confused.

"My webcam privacy shutter has no clearance and scratches the camera lens."

A laptop camera that's scratched up due to the camera cover.
reddit | fruitybanana_good

What better way to ensure no one's using your camera to spy on you than making it so scratched up that it becomes impossible to see you anyway? Sounds like a nice long-term solution to me!

"Good thing I don’t need to read the sign."

A transit sigh cut in half and going into the wall.
reddit | FirAndFlannel

Good to know the ht Rail Transit is located at minal 2, surely there's no other information I might need on the other side to make my navigation easier.

"Let’s Pizz."

A pizza shop where the sign looks like it says "Let's Pizz."
reddit | kskashi

I'd really rather not.

There's already a way to make a slice of pizza look like an A, but they went with this instead? I want to ask why but I don't think I'll like the answer.

"Ordered 6 filters for my furnace, this is how they were shipped. Yes, all 6 would have easily fit in one box."

Six large Walmart boxes toppled over onto a driveway.
reddit | dudemanspecial

Not only that, but it looks like whoever delivered them decided to try and play Jenga with the boxes too, only to leave the toppled tower remains on your driveway.

"A crosswalk in Romania."

A crosswalk that leads to a concrete wall.
reddit | uhavinalaugh

My definitely wrong assumption is that people use this crosswalk, then have to vault the concrete wall and trudge through the mud to get to their destination. Whatever it takes to stay off the road!


A vet sign that reads, "Love is a four legged word." But it reads like "Love a legged is four word."
reddit | TheLiftDr

This shouldn't be hard to read correctly, but it is somehow. There's nothing to really fault them for here as, when read left to right, it's correct! And yet...love a legged is four word.

"There's only one bag though..."

A garbage bin where the 'general waste', 'paper', and 'glass' sections all lead tot he same bag.
reddit | decay_shadows123

Do you ever see a photo that, in regards to the ongoing environmental crisis happening globally, makes you think, "Yeah, we might be screwed." Just me?

"Making tea for my wife and I in the dark. Grabbed two tea bag’s that I thought were the same. Not sure who got which tea."

Two identical bags of tea, but one is 'bedtime' and the other is 'stomach ease'.
reddit | DavidIWright

This led to a series of updates from the uploader regarding who got which tea and what state that would leave their bed in come morning, but thankfully, the last update read, "Like a farmer in a drought, I woke up with a dry bed and a snoring wife."

"My wife is to my right but my valentine is to my left."

A card that says "My wife, My valentine, My love, My everything" but with arrows pointing in opposite directions under each.
reddit | neoprenewedgie

This is a risky card to give if there's anyone, and I mean anyone else sitting nearby. One quick, wrong assumption and it may be your last Valentine's Day with this wife.

"How are you supposed to read the contents like this."

A bottle of soap where the contents label is unreadable becuase the soap warps it.
reddit | ASF_28

That's the trick, you're not. They assume no one out there reads soap content anyways, so they stick it behind the soap itself, assured in their decision that no one cares about what they put on their skin.

"Just noticed that after book three, the author’s name and the book title are switched."

A lineup of books in a series where, at three books in, the title and author position on the spines are switched.
reddit | ihatecathaters

Sure, there comes a point where the author is better to market than the title, but that doesn't mean you should sacrifice aesthetics for it! Do what you want to the covers, but leave the spine alone!

"This QR code was printed onto a door jam, and can’t be scanned."

A QR code for a hiring process where a split in the wall makes the code unreadable.
reddit | jjasper123

Not only is the QR code completely ruined, but the link is illegible too. They're going to wonder why they have no one applying online for a while.

"Yeah, hopefully starting with this poster."

A near illegible poster.
reddit | FracturedMoonNetwork

Here's what I can make out: "One has to remember hat every ailure can e a steppin ne to somet better." Do you know what that means? I don't know what that means.

"The hot and cold water taps are separate and pretty far apart, so I either get skin scalding or bone freezing water."

A sink where the two faucets are far apart.
reddit | futility_belt

Someone said this type of sink is for filling the basin, as the two would mix together and make a nice, neutral temperature. While they're right, that doesn't solve the hand-washing problem.

"Got a brain [aneurysm] trying to read this."

A sign that reads, "If not safe? Don't!"
reddit | short_simp

One day companies will learn that they don't have to insert their name into every slogan and sign they make. One day. Maybe not one day soon, but hopefully.

"Let's play tennis... baseball... both???"

A lawn ornament of a woman holding a tennis racket while a baseball is at her feet.
reddit | happybudgeter

Tennis with a baseball sounds way harder and also far more dangerous. Sure, tennis balls can hurt if you accidentally get whapped by one, but baseballs would leave a mighty bruise.

"Just realized I bought 4 forks, 4 knives, but only 3 spoons."

A bundle of four forks, a bundle of four knives, and a bundle of three spoons.
reddit | Kaija-Papaya

This is not your fault, and don't you dare let anyone make you think otherwise. This packaging is pure evil on the part of the company. Who ever buys three of a utensil? Especially when all the other bundles are four? Despicable.


A set of boxes that read, "Only you live once."
reddit | tarsoo

This version of the saying has a far more sinister implication that you, only you, are the sole person that only lives once. Everyone else gets nine lives like a cat, but you? You get just the one.

"The trousers of my classmate."

Pants where one leg reads, "Stun" and the other reads, "Error."
reddit | FireLord_112

Stun error? Is it supposed to be stunner? Were they bought like this? Because it also looks a little home made, which makes the odd word choice even more confusing.

"Smart car vinyl that looks as if the car has been fire bombed."

A car with a coffee-themed wrap job that looks rusty.
reddit | alexterryuk

For anyone who doesn't want to spend the time zooming in to see what it actually is, the brown is coffee beans and the rest is newsprint with coffee-related headlines, and then a coffee cup on the center of the hood. Yeah. It certainly was a choice.