20 Weird And Random Pics That Are Going Viral This Week

Ashley Hunte
A statue of a woman standing next to a dog. The dog's snout is discolored from people touching it.
Reddit | obrienc6

There's really no rhyme or reason for why a certain picture or video will go viral. As long as it's entertaining in some way, it's pretty much fair game.

In that spirit, all the pics in this list have been racking up the internet points for different reasons. They may be weird, or they may be super cool. Either way, they're all kind of random.

"Feeling very proud of these mugs I made recently!"

12 mugs stacked in columns of 4, each with a different intricate ceramic design on them.
Reddit | tobtal

These have got to be some of the strangest mugs I've ever seen, and the urge to own them all is pretty real. OP should be proud of themselves for sure, for making such cool art!

"A bat flew into my room and it's now chilling on my couch."

Two images of a small bat, one of it on the floor in a room, and the other of it on a green piece of fabric above the floor.
Reddit | Cultural-Equipment68

Most people will get random houseflies or spiders that hang out in their rooms. This person got a random bat. I'm surprised at how calm the caption is considering there's a whole bat in their room.

"An early model Chevy S10 now looks like a minimalist work of art compared to modern trucks."

An old, beige pickup truck in a parking lot at dawn.
Reddit | nathanimal_d

Modern pickup trucks have such a distinct look to them, that this looks totally out of place. It's pretty neat that old vehicles like this can still be driven around without breaking down randomly.

"I took my Ninja Turtles on a hike!"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures set up on a cliff overlooking a scenic mountain view with nearly clear skies.
Reddit | r4tzt4r

Alternate title: Cool View With Some Cool Dudes. I honestly love the fact that OP decided to bring the Turtles up a mountain and then took a picture of them. It feels like a still from a movie.

"I found a bug adorned with gold markings."

A gold an iridescent mothlike bug in a person's hand.
Reddit | tehgerbil

Like most of us, I kind of hate bugs. This one, though, I can make an exception for. It looks like a piece of jewelry, like a pendant or a broach. It's so pretty!

"My dog Hendrix takes his job (moving livestock) very seriously."

A dog with its head low to the ground, walking like it's stalking prey.
Reddit | The_Wind_Cries

This good dog has a good job, and it looks like the internet may be in love with him a little. But like, who can blame them? He's hard at work and doing amazing!

"The excessive wax on this bottle of Makers."

A shelf full of bottles of Makers whisky. On the bottle in the middle, the wax seal from the top has dripped down, covering half of the label.
Reddit | Venomous72

This bottle is honestly so pretty. I would buy it and then never open it because it looks like the kind of thing that should just be on display. Plus, truing to remove all that wax would probably be a huge hassle.

"I like to draw things using one non-intersecting line and wanted to share my goldfish."

A drawing of a goldfish made out of a single, continuous line of gold marker.
Reddit | tfoust10

I wish I knew how to do something like this. Like, I just don't get how people know how to make shapes using a single line that doesn't intersect itself. It almost seems like magic to my tiny brain.

"I saw my door in a book."

A distinct wooden door with square patterns on it. A similar door can be seen in an illustration in a book held up next to the real door.
Reddit | Fashion__ThrowAway

I love the fact that this person has such an incredibly distinct door and found that same door in a book. Like, what are the odds?

"Had a sale to see if there was interest in my artwork. Sold out in 20 minutes. Beyond happy."

A man standing behind a large, framed painting of a skull made out of flowers.
Reddit | Rogosjin

There's definitely a huge market for paintings and images just like this one. So yeah, totally unsurprised that he was able to sell out in 20 minutes.

"A little girl in my sons kindergarten class made everyone handmade soap for Valentine's Day."

A bar of soap fitted with wax and sprinkles that make it look like a small cake.
Reddit | my_milkshakes

This is actually so cute! I bet the girl's parents came up with the idea, and just let her do whatever to each bar of soap. Such a unique Valentine's gift!

Or, maybe a subtle hint to her classmates?

"72 Carat Tourmaline."

A green and orange gradient tourmaline in an emerald cut, set down on a white sheet.
Reddit | TheDiceMan2

This tourmaline is pretty tiny. But it's also so pretty! I bet it's worth, like, hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

"6 years ago during a summit push on Mont Blanc (4,807m), I snapped the best pic I'll ever take."

A man walking toward a snow bank in a mountain, as the sun rises in the distance and snow falls around him.
Reddit | The_Wind_Cries

This is honestly one of the most amazing shots I've ever seen in my life. Like, no joke here.

Jeez, no wonder the internet went crazy for this one.

"My skin raises where I trace my finger over it."

A person's forearm where the word "skin" is visible in the skin.
Reddit | bulmeurt

This condition is called dermatographia, and as far as I know, it isn't painful. It is pretty strange, though.

And like, the raised parts go back to normal after a while.

"Took this at Central Park today."

An image of a path in Central Park, NYC where all the trees' branches are covered in a thin layer of snow.
Reddit | parkslopeboy

It's kind of amazing how snow can be one of the most dangerous things out there (it's cold and slippery), but also one of the prettiest. Nature is so weird, man.

"These airplane trails crossing in the same spot."

A clear sky with a building visible in the corner. Three different airplane trails intersect at one point.
Reddit | paulethanol

I'm guessing they didn't fly by that spot at the same time. Or maybe they did, but at different elevations?

I dunno. I just know that it's a pretty neat sight.

"Went on a walk and found a door in the base of the tree."

The base of a large tree. In the trunk, a pieces is painted red with yellow accents, to look like a tiny door.
Reddit | operator139

This is someone's house. It belongs to fairy, or a little gnome, or maybe an elf. And you can't convince me otherwise.

I wish we could see what the inside looks like...

"This AC cover causes optical illusion."

An air conditioning cover with differently sized rectangles and squares set in a pattern over the vent.
Reddit | oliviakim_3874

I honestly have no idea what I'm looking at. But, like, I kind of don't care, because this is pretty cool. Weird, of course, but you can't deny it has a coolness factor, too.

"One of my friends deleted social media and is attempting to stay in contact VIA mail…"

A short letter written on line paper to Brittany from Ryan, with a stamp enclosed.
Reddit | BrittanyBabbles

It seems like a lot of people appreciated the letter OP got from her friend. It kind of makes me want to go buy some stamps and send letters to my friends, too!

"I saw this ‘good boy’ statue in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires the other day, his nose has become polished to a golden colour from people petting him."

A copper statue of a woman standing next to a dog, with flowers in her hand. The snout of the dog is discoloured from people touching it so often.
Reddit | obrienc6

Obviously, all the people passing through this cemetery had to pay respects to this good boy, too. A boop on the snoot had to do, since his head isn't really available.