15 Uncomfortable Compliments People Have Received

Lex Gabrielle
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Getting a compliment is a great feeling—most of the time. While we all enjoy a good compliment from someone, there are some compliments that are a bit strange and definitely not what we expected. Sometimes, compliments can be pretty backhanded and we also don't know how to respond when they're out of the blue and not all that "kind." Some people have had it in the worst ways...and here they are.

They must be your wife's children.

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shoopshoop87 said that when they had taken their kids to work, their co-workers looked at all of them, and said: "you must have a really attractive wife." Who looks at children and decides that their spouse must be much more attractive than they are? I mean, how could the kids be so cute and only be from the OP? Yikes, that's not great.

Thanks, mom?

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"The first time my mother-in-law saw me in a bikini she said, 'I knew my son would end up with a woman like you by the way he breastfed.' It was uncomfortable," shared Reddit user ProductiveFidgeter24.

Not cool.

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Thelazywitch said that after they gave birth and returned to work, a colleague had seen an older photo of them—before the baby. And, they found it to be a great compliment to say, "Wow, you used to be so hot!"

Just what every new mom wants to hear.

This is alarming.

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daymanAHAHahhhhhh said while ringing up a customer at work in their 40s, they said to the OP that they looked "15-years-old," so, they basically looked like a teenager. Then, they proceeded to try and get her number. If she looks that young, why do you want to then ask for her number? Red flag.

Ear fetishes are a thing, I guess.

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Drumfreak101 said that during a college seminar, they had someone compliment their ears. At first, it was nice, and then it took a very strange and uncomfortable turn.

"You have very cute ears. Very suckable."


Dad, do better.

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shainadawn said that her dad had told her, "I forgot how skinny you'd gotten," and said that he would most likely now confuse her with her sister, who apparently is skinny as well, despite that they are two completely different people. In addition, the OP has been very sick, which caused her to lose so much weight.

Never going back here.

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georgina-clementine said that they sat down in the hair salon and were ready to get her hair done. But, the hair stylist hit her with the most backhanded compliment I have ever heard—ever. She said, "Awww, I love a challenge," as she was sitting down. OMG.

Nice toes.

red nails

padlycakes said they were attending their sister's mother-in-law's wake after she had passed away. She was wearing some open-toe shoes, apparently. Because, well, her sister's father-in-law stopped to tell her that her "red toes" were "sexy." At his dead wife's wake.

Not sure how to accept this compliment.

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"This was in high school, but a female friend of mine told me I had nice genes. I was wearing sweats at the time, and was confused because I thought she said jeans.

She clarified saying she meant my hair and skin color. I awkwardly said thanks and to top it off, she said 'one day, I want to adopt a small little Asian girl who looks just like you,'" said omfgitsmal.

This is better than being called ugly.

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TheOldroyd said that his "uncomfortable compliment" was that he had the most "default" face that the person had ever seen. Basically, if they had to describe or show someone what a "standard" human face would be, they would use their face to show them.

Moms need to chill sometimes.

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10tpeg said that he was at a wedding when the mother of the bride came up to him and said, "I was always hoping Sarah would marry you." Was he the groom? Nope, just a friend of the groom. Yikes, that's rough to be told at someone else's wedding.

Who would notice this?

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TZK-Anubis said while working at the front cash register at McDonald's, a customer compliment them on their veins, saying they had "really nice veins". Now, that the OP is working in medicine, they kind of get it—or, the customer could have been a drug user.

Just don't say anything instead.

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1BoiledCabbage said the worst compliment they got was that they would be "so hot" if they "weren't fat." If you are going to say something like this to someone, you might as well not say anything at all—keep it to yourself. This is downright wrong.

Way too creepy.

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"We had to volunteer in a soup kitchen when I attended Catholic grade school. I was about 13 at the time, and one of the homeless men came up to me and said, 'You have such pretty eyes. Can I have them,'" shared user atmphys.