15 Weird Things That The Internet Came Together To Solve

Jordan Claes
metallic scissor device
Imgur | bhanayakrakshasa

Sometimes I wonder how humanity was able ever to survive before the internet? With so many questions in need of answering, it's strange to think that we ever could've been content with not knowing.

Luckily, nowadays we don't have to worry about that, as a multitude of answers lies right at our fingertips. To illustrate my point, have a look below and check out these 15 weird things that the internet came together to solve.

Try looking at it another way.

tie rack
Imgur | Birdly3

I was stumped when I first tried figuring out what on earth this could possibly be, but when you flip it on its side everything becomes clear. It's actually a tie rack that's designed to be mounted to a wall.

Sometimes, it's exactly what you thought it was.

GPS tracker
reddit | Duggan_Digs

Reddit user Duggan_Digs found this device hiding under his passenger seat and thought that it was a GPS tracker. Little did they know at the time — that's precisely what it is. As to who left it there, that's a whole other matter.

What on earth does it open?!

metal key
Imgur | ribitty43

Right away, I knew that this was a key, but a key for what?! A little research reveals that this is designed to open the paper towel dispensers that you normally find in public restrooms.

I can't stop giggling.

Hair remover
reddit | Pristine_Historian53

Despite its rather suggestive appearance, this device is used for removing small hairs on your face and above the upper lip. If you don't believe me, you can watch a video that shows how to properly use it.

So that's what those things are for!

collar stiffeners
reddit | Bailym

Gentlemen, have you ever purchased a dress shirt and found a pair of these things nestled in the front pocket or hiding underneath the collar? They're inserts designed to be put in the collar to keep it looking rigid and stiff.

Is this designed to help you fix divots on the golf course?

Brass bubble blowing device
Imgur | ashleyd733111

According to a fellow Imgur user, this is actually an antique bubble-blowing wand. This style of the device was reportedly used during the 1800s and they're incredibly rare/very hard to come by nowadays.

So you're telling me this isn't a shot glass?

anticellulite device
reddit | blasticinc

Shows what I know, I suppose. According to a product description on walmart.com, this plastic cup allows you to remove unwanted cellulite without the risk of bruising your skin. It's also great at helping to flush toxins from the skin.

It isn't workout equipment.

jar tongs
Imgur | Yupurineutah

I was shocked to learn that this isn't an antique abductor/adductor machine. It's a set of tongs designed to use for canning jars. Apparently, these prevent you from burning your fingers when you remove the jars from boiling water.

What in the world?

Lightbulb remover
reddit | Nancy1437

I know that this might look like some kind of torture device, but its real-life use is much more practical. This product is intended to help homeowners change and replace lightbulbs that would be otherwise out of reach.

It's not what you think it is...

wooden stick device
reddit | Rigel04

I can't be the only one who mistook this device for an ancient Aztec sex toy, can I? It turns out that this is actually called what's known as a Molinillo, which is a device used for stirring Mexican hot chocolate.

Whatever you're thinking, I can almost guarantee that you're wrong.

double spoon
reddit | daeris_cos

This is what's known as a Yacouba. It's a symbol of hospitality in ancient African art, designed to represent two distinct universes that are diametrically opposite of one another.

Seems like an odd spot for this.

can crusher
Imgur | hastalanever

Although it's incredibly rusty and likely not working properly, at one point in time this was an aluminum can crusher. These have decreased in popularity, as crushed cans are increasingly more difficult to sort and recycle.

I definitely wasn't expecting that.

Victorian-style purse
Imgur | kojef

This was one of the toughest to crack of any on the list. Back in Victorian times, this would've been fastened to the top of a mesh purse — a popular style for the age.

All I can say is "ouch."

egg topper
Imgur | RedBanner

This looks like something they used to make people talk during interrogations in the Dark Ages. Its practical usage is much less dramatic, as it's actually nothing more than an egg topper — designed to slice the top of a boiled egg.

It's most definitely not a pair of scissors.

metallic scissor device
Imgur | bhanayakrakshasa

This nifty little device has a dual purpose. Although it may look like a pair of shears, in reality, it's an antique Victorian candle snuffer. It also is designed to trim the excess wick from a candlestick.