20 Funny Tweets That Are More Relatable That We'd Care To Admit

Ashley Hunte
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Some tweets are so relatable, you can't help but sit there and laugh at them. And then at yourself. And then at the tweets again.

Some tweets may not seem that relatable at first, but they may give you the feeling that something about them seems so real in a way you can't quite place.

Either way, you're bound to find the tweets in this list hilariously relatable.

It's an endless cycle of telling the same stories.

Yeah, I definitely do this. And so does pretty much everyone I know. We're really out here telling the same stories to each other over and over again.

What are we even doing at this point?

Jazz truly is the music of life. Sometimes you think you know exactly what's going on. And then it throws a curveball at you and you're all like, "okay, what's going on now."

When you don't have a pet but you act like you have a pet.

Hey, stuffed animal pet parents are real pet parents! Just because you don't have a dog or cat doesn't mean you can't pretend to have one. Even if it comes across as kind of sad to outsiders.

The level of conviction this kid has is pretty dang relatable.

I feel like every parent and every person who has parents can relate to this. Sure, we may not remember our times in the womb, but that can't stop us from pretending we know what's up.


I'm not gonna lie, I wish I could respond to job rejection emails with "Bummer!" But I also kind of feel like this is the least professional way to reply to a professional email. I guess complete silence is the true way to go.

"I don't wanna go to work, I'm tired."

I would absolutely be behind "sleepy days." There are some days when you're so tired, you just don't want to do anything. But alas, taxes and bills and stuff. We can't just not work whenever we feel like not working.

I can't tell you why I relate to this so much.

But I do. I guess we're all crows in this life, trying to get corn but getting scared away by creepy straw men instead.

Wow, did I just take a meme and make it deep?

Any amount will do.

You know how treating yourself can be a form of self-care, but is also a great way to break the bank? Just find someone else to pay for your self-care for you! Problem solved!

Just be nice! Please.

I feel like this is the kind of tweet that's ultra relatable to the shyest, most sensitive among us. Because man, people are so mean, and sometimes you just wanna live your life!

Basically any time I create anything.

Is it imposter syndrome? Is is an inferiority complex? Who knows! Who cares? The bottom line is that the bread is mean, but maybe the bread is also you. Be nice, maybe.

Real talk: who doesn't want to be comfy?

I'll never understand why anyone would think a bed is too big. There's literally no such thing as too much bed space. Never mind the fact that Goldilocks was breaking and entering.

She really had the wrong idea, huh.

It tends to creep up on you.

It starts with wearing nothing but comfortable clothes. Then you forget to wash your hair once. Next thing you know, you've gained 30 pounds and forgot how to dress yourself.

Am I speaking from experience? ...no.

It's true.

Look, I'm not going to explain the why behind this tweet. But you have to admit, they have a point. In some kind of cosmic way, we're all ravioli.

Is the toddler me, because —

This sounds like a very universal experience. I mean, not the part about the toddler drinking beer (which is a joke, don't worry). Just that feeling you get when you're clearly on your third beer.

This typo made this hat so much more relatable.

Like, it's right. Women do want fish. And me do fear me. I kind of wish I had this hat, just so I could wear it around with pride.

And yet we can never feel well-rested.

As someone who loves sleep as much as the person who tweeted this, I sure am tired all the time. What's up with that? Let me sleep, man!

"I agree," she said, nodding with satisfaction.

Okay, do you also randomly narrate super mundane parts of your life, or things you observe other people doing, or are you normal? You do, too? Good, we're on the same page, then.

It's me, I'm the clown.

We always ask what the clowns are doing, but we never ask how they're doing. This is a sign to talk to the clown in your life, and make sure they're still doing alright.

They have lives, after all.

When you're lack toast and tolerant.

Metaphorically, our guts like to think they know a lot. But physically, our guts can't really handle all that much. Especially if you're lactose intolerant, but just love to eat cheese.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Just be nice!!!

This kind of reminds me of when you're roasting one friend in the group chat and then all of a sudden that friend starts coming after you. Like, please don't do that; I'm sensitive.