15 Girl Secrets Men Might Not Want To Know

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Becca Tapert

Men may think that they have women figured out, but it turns out, there are tons of things about us that many people do not know. Women are a secret society of individuals that just keep everything close to the chest—like playing poker. We don't want to "reveal" everything, but some things are just universally true and experienced by us all—guys wouldn't even believe that they are true.

Some of us shave our toes/feet.

Unsplash | Helen Barth

While some men think all of us ladies have beautiful feet, usehernamechexout let the cat out of the bag that many of us have to shave our toes because a little bit of hair grows down there. On the piggies, we get some dark strands, and, let's face it, it's gotta go.

That we take birth control for more than just "birth control."

Unsplash | Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

"Lots of women don't primarily take anticonception pills because they have sex and don't want to get pregnant, but for various health reasons, e.g. severe acne, passing out from blood loss during period, etc," shared Island-of-Cats.

We like our boobs, too.

Unsplash | Dainis Graveris

HotLeafJuice1 confessed, and many others agreed, that when we are alone, we like to play with our own boobs. Sometimes, we just get bored and mess around with them. Other times, we like the way it feels, and, then other times, we just want to mess with them.

Period poops are a thing.

Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

existentially_there brought up the whole "period poop" situation, where our bowels go crazy when we are on our periods. Most of us cannot stop pooping during "that time of the month." Also, our farts are rancid. Just stay away from us for a few days.

When we're "ovulating" stuff gets weird down there.

Unsplash | Debby Hudson

"A lot of women on their fertile days of the month have a type of vaginal discharge that's the consistency of a jellyfish. You can stretch it between your fingers. It helps to guide sperm from the vagina and into the uterus to hang out until an egg can come down and be fertilized," said JaniePage.

We don't wash our bras all the time.

Unsplash | Pablo Heimplatz

Butterflylollipop said that bras do not get washed every day, like underwear, and many men would find that "gross." But, bras are the one thing we wash every few wears—even sometimes after months. But, as long as they don't smell, they're good.

When we shampoo, hair falls out.

Unsplash | Erick Larregui

SkyhuntL confessed that when we shower and shampoo our hair, some of it falls out of our heads. Many women shed a lot in the shower, and, some of that hair falls into obscure places. Like, in our very own butt crack. Don't be alarmed.

We have designated "period panties."

Unsplash | penki .ir

All ladies have their designated "period underwear" that they have probably leaked and/or bled in already, but we don't throw out because we are going to wear them again when that time of the month comes around. We don't want to mess up more than a few pairs.

We get hairs on our chin, but not a full beard.

Unsplash | Edz Norton

DareWright shared that we all pluck our neck/chin. We get strands of dark hair down there, not a whole beard, but enough to be noticeable. So, we have to pluck the dark ones to make sure we get them all. No one wants strands just swaying in the wind.

Most women don't care about "size."

Unsplash | Mike Dorner

BonnieZoom, and many others, shared that guys are always so concerned about "how big they are," whereas women usually do not care. No woman is going to throw a fit over size. And, many said it's not about "size" but it's about how you "use it."

When our "headlights are on," we're just cold.

Unsplash | Toa Heftiba

McRileyMac said that just because you can see a girl's nipples through her shirt doesn't mean she's "in heat" and ready to go. Most of us get hard nipples well, because we are cold. Not everything means that we are turned on. Sorry!

Being a woman is costly.

Unsplash | Natracare

treasureburied shared what we are all thinking: being a girl is expensive. Between all of the period supplies we need every month, the number of clothes we have to get, beauty products, and all the in-betweens—it adds up.

We all get nipple hair.

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

NettleGnome shared that all women, and I mean all women, get those dark stray hairs around their nipples on their boobs. Sorry, not sorry, but it happens. And, we end up tweezing them for the most part. But, hey, some of us forget every once in a while.

We're scared of a lot of things.

Unsplash | Francesco Ungaro

"It's a normal thing for females (or at least, a portion) to worry about getting raped or overpowered in a situation. If it's past 9:00 and I'm outside, I'm suspicious of EVERY dark figure strolling by. I have this fear of letting my guard down and then suddenly I get tackled and raped in a dungeon somewhere, so I just keep my guard up. I live in a bad neighborhood, by the way," shared HaveAVeryDay.