20 Design Ideas So Good They Deserve A Second (Or Even A Third) Look

Ashley Hunte
A bag of walnuts made to look like a chipmunk with big cheeks.
Reddit | BullionGodspeed

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that good designs are always super pleasing to look at. Sometimes, I find myself staring, then I look away, only to stare at that design again.

And let me tell you, the ones in this list are absolutely amazing. Props to the people who thought them up!

"This carpet."

A carpet made to look like Jerry from Tom and Jerry, during that scene in which he is flattened on a staircase. The scene in question is on the picture to the right.
Reddit | SuryaYlp

This has to be one of the most genius carpet designs I've ever seen, and I seriously wish I had one of my own. No joke, I think I need to know where to get one.

"This Johnny 5 mailbox."

A mailbox designed to look like an angry robot holding a mailbox.
reddit | Vinegar_Peppas

This little robot mailbox may resemble a certain character from the Short Circuit film series, but it's also just a really fun mailbox design. A true double whammy. No disassemble!

"Fence has holes cut out allowing dogs on walks to greet resident dogs and birdhouse with dog treats inside."

A fence into someone's yard, with several cutouts that dogs' heads could fit through.
Reddit | Sv33stunov

What a cute idea! You know how when you're walking your dog, you always end up having to stop near a yard where there are dogs barking, but your dog can't see them? Well, this fixes that.

"This water bottle has its ingredients printed on the inside to appear larger and easier to read."

Two images of a water bottle (back and front), showing both the brand and the magnified ingredient list.
Reddit | JJJJchrist

As weird as it is that any water bottle has ingredients (I know, there are minerals and stuff in drinking water), I really like the idea behind this.

"Windows warns you if you delete the shortcut of a program you only delete that shortcut but do not uninstall the program completely."

A screenshot of a computer window asking if the user wants to delete an Adobe Acrobat shortcut, warning that it isn't going to uninstall the application.
Reddit | NeoSDAP

I feel like there are some people out there that don't realize that you can't just uninstall a program by deleting the shortcut. Nice of Windows to start warning people.

"These Puzzles have no edges and 5 extra pieces."

A shelf with two "Impossibles" puzzles on it, which boast being harder than regular jigsaw puzzles.
Reddit | icemage27

This is the most terrifying puzzle concept I've ever heard of. And yet, I can't help but feel like it was made by geniuses. For geniuses, I guess.

"This word search on the back of my restroom door."

A wordsearch framed on the back of a restroom stall door, titled "Forgot your phone?"
Reddit | Rednedivad10

Hey, you could be in there for a while. And what better way to distract yourself when you're stuck on the toilet than with a word puzzle? Genius idea, genius placement.

"This spatula with a bunch of useful conversions on it."

The back of a spatula with conversions for cups, fluid ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons, and millimeters.
Reddit | brennanCAhill

The worst part about cooking or baking is the fact that different recipes will use different measurements that you'll have to convert yourself. If only we all had helpful conversion charts like this one...

"Exit signs near the floor in case of fire!"

An exit for a building, with multiple signs pointing to it, both close to the ceiling and close to the floor.
Reddit | Seashoreshellseller

How... how have I never seen this before? When it comes to fire, smoke is usually more dangerous and it rises, so you'd think someone would've thought to put exit signs near the ground earlier.

"Net designed to keep the Strom [sic] water drain clean from plastic and other waste."

A storm drain fitted with a mesh net/basket.
Reddit | easybutnotpeasy

Considering the fact that people can't seem to stop littering, this is pretty smart. Now I just hope someone remembers to empty them every now and then.

"The bathroom sinks in this brewery."

A bathroom sink made out of a metal barrel.
Reddit | Benicio_Del_Tacos

I swear, you see urinals made of beer kegs in brewery bathrooms all the time. But never the sinks. This is so cool! Especially the tap that's literally a tap.

"Microwave options at a local school."

Six microwaves on shelving racks, each with different signs that show what kinds of things to microwave in them.
Reddit | blu3r3dgr33n

This is such a good idea! Some people have food allergies or preferences, and making it so that you can only microwave certain things in each unit will keep from cross-contaminating lunches. Nice.

"This restaurant has its menus on wheels, and they wheel them around. No paper menus."

A table at a restaurant. Next to the table, an entire menu board on wheels sits.
Reddit | TheJawsofIce

This is honestly so fun. I can just imagine a server walking up with this thing, and then explaining all the specials. Plus, no menus crowding up your table.

"Repurposed tire trash bin, produced roughly 20 years ago."

A small garbage can outside. It's made entirely out of repurposed tire rubber.
Reddit | ghengis_dynamite

This may not be a smart or clever idea, but it's still great! The fact that this garbage bin used to be a tire is kind of amazing. It actually looks pretty.

"This bag designed for pizza."

A person at a subway stop, holding a bag with cutouts to fit the pizza box inside of it.
Reddit | iiTaurusii

Something about this is hilarious to me, and yet I still can't help but feel like we've been carrying pizzas wrong for, like, years. This bag is where it's at.

"Saw this at my bank, last ditch effort to make sure none of their customers are scammed."

A sign at a bank telling people they might be victims of a scam if they're there to withdraw large sums of money.
Reddit | heroesandcrooks

Scams work because the victims don't know they're being scammed. I think this is a good first step in making sure people know that scams are out there.

"Decathlon attach their clothes labels to a little strip of extra fabric, so you can easily cut it off without leaving a scratchy little nub."

A tag on a piece of black clothing. The tag is attached to an extra piece of fabric sticking out of the clothing fabric.
Reddit | Mish106

If only all clothing brands did stuff like this. The world would seriously be a better place. Mostly because people wouldn't be so cranky from having to deal with itchy clothing tags all day.

"Simple and well executed."

A package of walnuts made to look like a chipmunk with big cheeks.
Reddit | BullionGodspeed

Cute and clever. I'm not much of a walnut person, but this design is so good, I'd probably end up taking a bag home if I ever saw it in a store.

"This cart return is in a median."

A cart in a corral that was built into a parking lot median.
reddit | trigunnerd

See, this is something I can get behind. Sure, it may not make jerks who don't put their carts away change their act, but it's still a pretty awesome way to integrate function into something that's already there. Who says the corral has to take up a whole parking space?

"This is something that we could all use."

A before and after of a person at the gym, wearing a grey shirt and black sweatpants and hoodie. The shirt in the before is blank, while the shirt in the after is covered in sweat, and the words, "you can go home now," are visible.
Reddit | Alec935

If you look really closely at the picture on the left, you can sort of make the words out. So yeah, this is the same shirt. That's pretty cool!