Fans React To Kylie Jenner's New Baby Name

Alicia D'Aversa
kylie jenner
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In case you didn't know, Kylie Jenner is officially a mother of two! She gave birth on February 2nd, and now, after a lot of speculation on the part of the fans, the name has been revealed.

Fans all over were watching everything to do with Kylie very closely the moment they found out that she was pregnant. There is no fan like a Kardashian fan, that much is for sure. So we're certain that people will be obsessed with all things baby moving forward.

Good news Kylie Jenner lovers!

kylie jenner
instagram | @kyliejenner

There is a new baby and a gorgeously cute name to go with it. On Friday, February 11th, Jenner took to Instagram to reveal the name of her gorgeous newborn son that she gave birth to on Feb. 2nd. And that name is Wolf Webster.

She waited four days before sharing with her fans that he had come into the world.

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She posted a super sweet picture his hand to tell her fans that she had welcomed a son into the world. Obviously, her fans and family blew up the comment section with nothing but love.

Want it to be even sweeter?

Stormi Webster, Kylie's other child, shares a super special connection to her little brother. Her birthday is just the day before! Talk about meant to be! February will certainly be the best month for the Kylie Jenner clan, that much is certain.

Fans have already begun to react to the name online.

And among the amazing Twilight memes (shoutout to Jacob Black) are some actual reactions. And people definitely feel some type of way about it.

I think it's really lovely and unique, but apparently, that is not how most people feel online.

Okay, let me just put in ONE 'Twilight' reference please.

Let me have this, I'm only human. I cannot be expected to hide a laugh while seeing this kind of meme circulating on the internet. There are a lot of good ones out there, but this one is probably my favourite.

But don't worry, some people do actually like the name.

I'm very grateful that I have some people on my side (because I really, really do, think that it's cute)!

These are the fans that I'm sure will be defending the name if some people do decide to take it too far.

Either way, this is certainly going to be on the internet's mind for the next few hours, that much is for sure.

And no, I'm not overexaggerating. This is a Kardashian-Jenner's baby, you KNOW that is going to take over the headlines.

And why shouldn't it? A baby is a great thing to celebrate. It's nice to see some good news floating around for once.

And some of course, want to know just what inspired them to name their son Wolf.

Whether or not she decides to expand on that is up to her, but I think it's safe to say that we are all pretty curious!

I mean, can you blame us?

Thankfully, no one is being TOO mean.

For the most part, people are just turning everything into memes or funny tweets, which is definitely the better way to go vs being outright rude to Kylie.

Remember people, no matter how you feel about the name, always be respectful!