15 Things People Will Not Spend Money On Ever Again

Lex Gabrielle
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A lot of us spend money on things that we look back on and say, "Damn, I really shouldn't have wasted my money on that."

Even though at the time, we wanted to buy it, eventually we realize that our money is only so limited, and spending outrageous amounts of it on things that don't serve us much purpose is just not it. If it doesn't "spark joy," we got to stop spending on it, right?

Phone data.

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

meaganhibbert1 says she cut down her phone plan by cutting down on her phone data. She says she'll "never waste money on that again," because when she is using her Internet and phone, she's home or somewhere on WiFi.

And, elsewhere, she's not on her phone because she's out enjoying her life.

Take out food.

Unsplash | Jon Tyson

ieatraw_eggs123 shared that thanks to Covid-19, they had to cook more often at home and try to learn new recipes.

Now, they have become such a skilled and delicious cook, they won't spend and waste money on ordering in from expensive restaurants anymore.


Unsplash | Kimberly Farmer

misschristmastina said that while she loves reading and she loves books, she won't keep buying books anymore.

They are so expensive, and you can get the same books from the library, without having them take up space in your home when you are done reading.

Fast fashion websites.

Unsplash | Pickawood

"Low quality fast fashion clothing. I want 5 curated high-quality pieces that take time to find and stay wearable for years to come, not 20 cheap trendy pieces that give instant gratification and no one wants after a couple years," said N0timelikethepresent.

Zip-lock bags.

Unsplash | Oleksandr Sushko

baobaopanda shared that while there is a lot of upfront cost, she has gotten reusable bags for food storage.

They are dishwasher safe and friendly and can be reused over and over again. The disposable ones are not cheap and these reusable ones also help the environment.

Gym memberships.

Unsplash | Victor Freitas

panda_13 said that they stopped paying for a gym membership because, with the internet, everything is accessible for free.

They follow tons of workout channels on YouTube and also go outside for "free walks." Saving money one step at a time.

Any at-home waxing kits.

Unsplash | No Revisions

"At home waxing stuff. I tried to wax myself during the pandemic and it was the worst. I don’t think I’ll wax myself ever again, or even get a professional wax ever again, honestly. I recently started laser hair removal and it’s a game-changer," shared frenchfriesandsushi.


Unsplash | Sorin Sîrbu

CanesRN said that they spent almost $7 a day at Starbucks, and then they tried to "get it cheaper" by ordering espresso shots instead of coffee. It still came out to $4.10 every single day.

Now, they save all of their money by making the coffee at home with their own espresso machine.

Gel manicures and extensions.

Unsplash | Anna Kumpan

pigbaby pointed out that getting gel manicures or "fake nails" is a cycle where you have to keep going for fill-ins and new sets over and over again. And, when you want to take them off, you have to wait until your nails heal and get better before painting over them again. It's a lose/lose for her.


Unsplash | Adam Winger

jbdnco and others shared that the pandemic opened their eyes that they can go way long without trims and haircuts. Many people end up spending hundreds or even thousands to go to their hair salon and get a light trim or cut that they can do at home.

Spin classes.

Unsplash | Andrew Valdivia

tceeha said that they spent a ton on spin classes and even got a Peleton because, well, everyone and their mother were buying them. She said she "doesn't even like Spin Classes," and now she goes out and rides her actual, real bike outdoors in the fresh air.

High Heel.

Unsplash | Emily Gouker

shlitzoschizo said that while heels look great with outfits and make you look like you're dressed up, they hurt and they are hardly ever worn. So, she has a rule that she isn't going to waste money on them, even for a "special occasion." They're going to just collect dust in the closet.


Unsplash | Raphael Lovaski

SweetLittleKarma said that, like many others, they realized during the pandemic they don't use "a ton" of makeup products. Really, just their everyday concealer, bronzer, blush, and mascara. And, they have bins upon bins of makeup, thinking they needed all of these high-end products due to following beauty vloggers for years.

Diet products.

Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

"Used to be super fixated and splurge on a ton of powders, potions, and supplements. Now I focus on spending my money on the highest quality food I can and only supplement as absolutely necessary," shared Kind_Session_6986.