15 Children Clearly Way Smarter Than Their Parents

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Markus Spiske

Some of our kids are pretty smart. They do well in school, they can read by themselves, they even stay within the lines when they color. But, some of our kids are so smart, they put us in our place and outsmart us before we even realize it.

Sometimes, our kids get one, or two, or three over on us. And, we have nothing else to do but share it with strangers online hoping that others realize we are also suffering, too.

Kid - 1, Cat - 0.

The cat has been knocking over his food bowl for a while and getting their food all over the place.

So, this kid thought next level and decided to make a "fence" to defend the food bowl and now, his cat isn't knocking it over so the food will stay right where it should be.

Savage kids burn their parents.

reddit | Reddit l Archaic_Hero

Making a bracelet for your parents is a very sweet and kind sentiment, but it seems that this kid had a secret message for their dad. Not only is it funny, but it's also a sick and wicked burn on the dad. Imagine your own child telling you that you are mediocre, and then asking you to wear it forever?

Milk + Oreo = amazing.

This may sound crazy, but trying to dunk Oreos in a cup of milk can be hard, and also, you don't get the good milk-to-cookie ratio that you need to get. So, this kid figured out you can use the sleeve area of the Oreo packet and pour your milk in there, then, soak your Oreos in there. Boom!

Saves the day.

Getting stopped by a cop for speeding can be incredibly scary for any parent, especially when your kid is in the car. But, this kid was a quick thinker, saying that they had to poop! Clearly, getting their dad out of a ticket is something they will always remember forever.

This daughter got her dream houses!

reddit | Reddit l NinkovichPlease

The Reddit user shared that their daughter asked for his wife's cell phone on a long car ride to play a game, and secretly, she ordered herself a couple of Barbie Dream Houses online on her mom's phone. I'm not sure how she got away with it, but damn, good for her!

Nephews are so kind.

reddit | Reddit

The Reddit user said that she was trying to "avoid" having her nephew want ice popsicles by making up a little lie saying she isn't "allowed" to have them either. Then, one day he acted like he was going to sneak them over some hardcore stuff, in a hidden room so no one would see.

At least Santa knows which is for him and which isn't.

reddit | Reddit l notnotbrowsing

Everyone leaves cookies out for Santa, but this kid wanted to make sure that there would be cookies left for him. So, he kindly labeled which cookies are for him and which cookies are for Santa. Hopefully, Santa can read.

So, that's one way to find out.

Kids may feel like the tooth fairy or other "fairies" and animals are not real, so they have to deep dive and find out for themselves. This kid decided to put his tooth under his pillow without telling anyone to see if the beloved "Tooth fairy" would show up. Newsflash, she didn't.

I can feel the embarrassment all the way from here.

reddit | Reddit

When her niece complimented the "blue deer" on her shirt, saying it's a boy, she thought she called it a boy for the color blue—so, said that it can also be a girl because girls also like blue.

Turns out, she said it was a boy because male deer have antlers, as did the one on her aunt's shirt. Wow. BURN!

Take a lesson from this kid.

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This is a kid who is thinking straight. These workbooks and worksheets sometimes put some bad juju out into the world. No one should be hitting their dogs! So, yes, we love that he substituted "hit" for "pet."

I mean, it's a solid question.

Donating hair to locks of love is a moving and amicable decision. However, this question is one that adults would wonder—not a 12-year-old. However the question stands to be answered—can they be tracing things back to you? Who knows!

This kid should work for the FBI.

reddit | Reddit

Parental controls block a lot of content for kids who want to watch some other things and shows. So, this little girl decided to get her parent's password and did so by using their fingerprints. Honestly, thinking ahead like this is a gift. Get her a job with the FBI or CIA.

Way to expand that vocabulary.

Kids always call food gross when they don't like it, but it can be offensive to people outside of the home. So, this mom told her 4-year-old she can't use "gross." Instead, she decided to get "creative" and expand her vocab. to say it in other, more "polite" ways.