Camera Operators Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen

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Just when you think you've seen everything, you remember that security cameras exist!

Some weird, wonderful, and straight-up disturbing things have gone down on there. Who could forget the infamous elevator fight between Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Solange? Or when Michael fell into the koi pond on The Office?

For more interesting discoveries, you've come to the right place. Here, camera operators share the weirdest things they've seen.

The stolen pizza

Unsplash | Ivan Torres

This worker got a man stealing his pizza on camera — really. Some random guy came into their office during the day, went to the staff fridge where the pizza was kept, and walked out of the building carrying the box. The day shift co-worker didn't even notice.

The casino

Unsplash | Kaysha

"Worked casino surveillance for several years. Saw a drunk guy trip on an escalator, catch himself on the side, then slide down a 50-foot moving rail, spinning the whole time, then land on his feet without spilling his drink." - u/Akronaut

The drug dealer

Washington Post | Universal

When this Redditor worked at an IT company, their boss asked for their opinion on something strange they found on the security camera. It was a female worker going to the bathroom with different men in the office and returning with her skirt all messed up. It's not what you're thinking; she was a drug dealer who hid her stash in her underwear.

The butt grab

Unsplash | Oxa Roxa

"When I worked security and was watching cameras I’d see sooo so much ass grabbing. I mean everyone from older couples to teenagers. I had no idea people grabbed ass so much." - u/DannyDawg

The rocket chair

Giphy | mtv

When this Redditor's bosses came barging into their office, demanding to see security footage, they thought something serious was going down.

What they actually wanted to do was laugh at the footage of a team lead who was rocketing through the office on her chair. When it got caught on something, she ejected out of her seat, landing around 10 feet.

The perv

Unsplash | Bernard Hermant

"I worked at a hospital and one of the security guard's got caught zooming in on some granny who was undressing in the ER. This is the weirdest thing we caught a security camera operator doing lol." -u/bomberrunner

The strange smell

Giphy | HULU

Something seriously crappy went down at the grocery store this Redditor worked at. After noticing a strange smell, they checked the cameras to find footage of an older woman pooping her pants in the pet care aisle and tossing it on a stock trolly.

The Bugatti

Wiki | NBC

"I used to monitor cameras for a very high-end car dealership. One day while checking the connection (test 3x daily, only really look when an alarm goes off after hours) I managed to catch a man dry-humping a Bugatti Veyron and subsequently being dragged away by their security guard." - u/knightricer210

The sink

Unsplash | Imani

When this Redditor worked as an assistant manager for a grocery store, they happened to notice that one deli employee had stayed behind to fill a sink.

They didn't think anything of it until they saw the girl bathing in the sink. Turns out that her water had turned off at home and she needed to bathe for her date with her parole officer...

The cat lady

Unsplash | Manja Vitolic

"I only watched the cameras on night shift once, but It was 4 am and on one of the cameras located at the beach, I watched a frazzled middle-aged lady in her nightgown hobble around with a fat cat in her arms for an hour. I thought she was sleepwalking or something so I was gonna to call a guard down to check on her but I think she went home clutching that cat." - u/Feedyourdog

The indecent exposure

Unsplash | Patrick

This Redditor was in for quite the surprise when they worked for a gym. After they saw a twitching foot sticking out of a hallway, they went to check on it, worried that a member had fallen or had a seizure. What they found was much more disturbing: it was a girl on her laptop, erm, touching herself...

The intruder

Unsplash | Luis Villasmil

"I work at a pub and the weirdest thing I've ever seen on our cameras was a homeless guy breaking in. The front door wasn't locked properly so he just walked into the bar, helped himself to a bottle of jimmy, sat up in the bistro area to drink it and passed out under a table. The poor cleaner got a fright in the morning when she bumped his leg with the vacuum. He had a whole open bar but was happy just settling for his bottle of jim beam." - u/inolezej

The ninja

Wiki | NBC

This Redditor watched as a middle-aged man with a cane got into an elevator and started to practice what looked like taekwondo form. When the elevator came to a stop, he grabbed the cane and went back to his regular demeanor.

The handpuppet


"I was managing a fast food restaurant at a rest stop on the highway. I had access to all of the cameras, inside and out, including one pointed right at the exit to enter back onto the highway. This guy was trying to merge back onto the highway in the middle of rush hour. He had been sitting there so long, waiting for someone to let him in that he just pulled out a little hand puppet and started yelling at traffic with it." - u/saveusnck

The candle

Unsplash | David Tomaseti

Since this Redditor's job was on a busy street with an alleyway, they saw some weird things.

One time at 7 a.m., they saw a man go into their garage, light a candle, and set it by a wall before walking away. This left them with a lot of questions.

The affair

Unsplash | Deon Black

"Caught store's manager screwing one of the cleaning ladies, they're both married to different people, that also worked in said store. And they just got on with it in a room where any of the cashiers could sneak in at any time." - u/lanhu1998

The beehive

Unsplash | Shelby Cohron

This one guy was filmed punching a beehive. Bad idea! He was then shown fighting the bees by throwing punches for 20 minutes before he ran off.

The Happiest Place on Earth

Giphy | The Office

When this Redditor was a teenager, they went on the Splash mountain ride. While there, they head the camera operator over the speakers say, "Ladies please stop flashing the cameras."

The cartwheels

Unsplash | Brett Clouser (@brettclouser)

"I secure video footage for insurance claims and once had a women wearing only a hair dressers cape stumble out of her car and start doing cartwheels around the parking lot. This was in the middle of the day." - u/ZPSwee

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