Guy Tries To Catch Rabbit In Hilarious Video — Rabbit Wins

Ashley Hunte
A white rabbit sitting on a dirt road next to some shrubbery.
Unsplash | Jason Leung

Whether you want to keep one as a pet or not, you have to admit that rabbits are pretty dang cute. I mean, just look at those floppy ears, those little faces, and those cotton tails!

They make for great pets, too.

A woman with dark hair holding a rabbit against her shoulder.
Unsplash | Chan Swan

Some people are dog people, while others are cat people. And there are plenty of people who'd rather take care of a different kind of pet, like fish or lizards.

Or rabbits, of course.

Which is what led this guy to try and get one.

A man holding a box against a tree. On the other side of the tree, a small, white rabbit stands.
YouTube | Bun on the run

In this hilariously strange 5 minute long YouTube video uploaded by an account called Bun on the run, a man attempts to catch his pet rabbit, which has him in circles around a tree.

This goes on for several minutes.

The man is behind the tree; only his hand and one foot are visible. The rabbit still stands, facing the tree.
youtube | Bun on the run

A good two-thirds of the video is dedicated to this guy attempting to use a stick to get his new pet rabbit back in the box he came in.

It really needs some Benny Hill background music.

And... it doesn't work out that well.

The man is bent over, waving the box toward the ground. The rabbit stands to the left of the tree, out of the box's range.
YouTube | Bun on the run

One thing about cute little bunnies is that they're fast. It's going to take a lot more than this to catch a rabbit on the go.

The man is also, inexplicably, barefoot.

Eventually, it looks like the man gives up.

Lucile Ball shrugging in black and white.
Giphy | Paramount+

After the rabbit gives chase around that tree for long enough, he eventually veers off camera and isn't seen again. Poor little guy must've been scared off.

The man then turns to the camera.

NPH shaking his head and asking "why?"

He explains why he was chasing that rabbit, and what he was doing with a rabbit in a park in the first place.

It turns out, he'd just purchased the rabbit from a store.

A small bulldog walking through the aisles of a store.
Unsplash | Peter Plashkin

In his explanation, the man talks about how he wanted to get a pet to "reconnect with the earth," and the pet he chose to get was a rabbit.

He bought it and immediately took it to the park to let it be in nature.

A park with green grass and trees, against a blue sky with a jet trail in the distance.
Unsplash | Martins Cardoso

Clearly not thinking it all the way through, the man let the rabbit outside... and couldn't get the little guy back again.

That rabbit definitely wasn't having any of it.

A woman shaking her head with her palm over her face.
Giphy | Global TV

It's unclear whether or not the man was able to get the rabbit back, but one thing's for sure. He'll probably think twice before doing anything like that again, but he definitely learned a little bit about nature.

h/t: Good News Network

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