18 Tattoos That Got A Second Chance With A Cover-Up

Kasia Mikolajczak
man doing a tattoo
Unsplash | Lucas Lenzi

Not every decision you make in haste works out in the end. That can definitely be said about a tattoo you got when you were young. While some people have a good sense of picking the right design or the artist, that isn't always the case for everyone.

Those who chose wrong often end up with a messed-up design they wish they could change. And sometimes, they get very lucky to find an artist who can correct that. These are the perfect examples of that.

This Mighty Peacock

Peacock tattoo before and after
Reddit | u/nocab_09

Oh my, check out this mighty peacock here! This tattoo looked pretty much laughable before, but now it should stand the test of time. I love the bold colors the artist picked to enhance the visuals. What do you think?

This Giant Mess

Tattoo before and after
Reddit | u/[deleted]

Wow, I can't even understand what was going on with this first tattoo here. It was just one giant jumble that was pretty much unrecognizable. Now, the fix-up looks a lot better, no? You can clearly see everything in much better detail.

This Fix-Up

tattoo before and after
Reddit | u/theredhairedcic

This lady wasn't happy with her original tattoo, so she knew she had to do something about it. The tattoo artist tasked with fixing this added shading (especially to the hair) and went over the whole tattoo again while pointing out the edges of the ivy leaves. Now I really like it.

This Dolphin Remake

Honestly, this dolphin looked like a child drew it on this person's skin. The tattoo didn't exactly scream professional, huh? But now that it got the love it deserves, it looks like night and day. I think it's pretty fantastic, and I would be proud to show it off on my skin.

This Faded Bird

bird tattoo before and after
Reddit | u/dedoubt

This bird tattoo had such potential to look good. The only problem was the poor execution. Now that this person got the right tattoo artist to tackle this, the bird looks a lot more life-like, and the feathers look pretty realistic, too.

This Dog Transformation

dog tattoo before and after
Reddit | u/3llac0rg1

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and I tend to agree with that statement. However, this doggo here deserved a lot more than this poorly done rendition of him. I'm super stoked to see that he finally looks like a real dog, ha, ha.

This Cool Turtle

Did I tell you that I used to have a turtle? His name was Sal, and he was super cool. So I definitely have an affinity for these amazing creatures. I'm happy that this person opted for something this awesome instead of the symbol they had before. Way to go!

This Sad Key

Something has always intrigued me about an old key design, so I understand the appeal of getting something like this on your arm. However, the work definitely didn't stand the test of time. But that can't be said about this new tattoo job here, huh?

This Frida Tattoo

If you're going to get a tattoo of a real person, you better make sure it looks realistic. There were so many things wrong with the shading on this original piece. I'm glad somebody made it over. Now it actually looks like a painting of her.

This Watercolor Mistake

I find watercolor tattoos very artistic. But any person who attempts this technique needs to be very skilled. That was clearly not the case here. This tattoo came out looking like a total mess. Thank goodness somebody was able to bring it back to life, eh?

This Chest Piece

You must be quite the badass to get a tattoo on your chest. Do you agree with that? I don't think I could ever go for that. But if you do, make sure you pick the right tattoo artist. Otherwise, you might get stuck with something like this. Thankfully, this cover-up saved the day here.

This New And Improved Sleeve

before and after tattoo sleeve
Reddit | u/sailor_rose

If you had this odd tattoo on your arm, would you consider covering it up? Well, this person had enough of looking at it, so they decided to go all out. And now they have a giant colorful octopus on their arm. Hey, I wouldn't be mad about it at all, ha, ha.

This Colorful Fox

I wasn't a fan of this original tattoo here. I guess the tattoo artist didn't make it clear enough. So it's no wonder this person decided to re-do it and what they ended up with is really gorgeous. Are you as impressed with this new design as I am?

These Butterflies

It doesn't take a genius to see that this first tattoo wasn't cutting it at all. I couldn't even tell that these blobs here were butterflies. Now that they got the royal treatment, everybody can see how beautiful they look.

This Back Piece

tattoo back piece before and after
Reddit | u/cookletub

It must be so hard to be stuck with a tattoo you don't like, especially when it covers most of your back. I bet this lady here is super relieved to have something this stunning instead of the disaster that was there before, eh? Bravo to whoever tackled this job.

This 'Starry Night'

tattoo cover up before and after
Facebook | Kami Tattoo Arts

Oh, wow! Doesn't this arm look like a work of art? It's pretty fitting since it's Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" that came alive on this person's skin here. I'm blown away by how beautiful this tattoo is, especially in comparison to what they had there before.

This Galaxy Arm

galaxy tattoo before and after
Reddit | u/brookasaurusrex

There's something cool about a galaxy tattoo. However, this original one left something to be desired, no? The way this artist interpreted the concept made such a huge difference here. I bet this person is super happy with how it turned out in the end.

This Beautiful Elephant

Oh my goodness, look at this gorgeous elephant tattoo here. I'm in awe of this amazing design. Whatever this person had on their skin before this masterpiece has faded from their memory fast. I would love a piece like that.

We all make mistakes and that's a fact.

woman tattoo artist
Giphy | St. Lucia

So if you happen to have a tattoo you don't like, I hope these cover-ups gave you the inspiration you needed to do something about it. As long as you pick a skilled artist to do it, I think wonderful things can occur. I say go for it. Chances are, it will be a lot better than what you have right now.