20 Strange Things People Stumbled Upon Randomly

Ashley Hunte
A window in a bar bathroom looking out onto the patio.
Reddit | Bignbadchris

I think it's safe to say that no one really plans on finding strange things while they're out enjoying their lives (unless they, like, specifically go out to find strange things, which in itself is real strange). But it happens.

And it happened to these people. Good thing they had their phones around so they could snap pictures and show the rest of us.

"My Mom put up this bird feeder and the grains start to sprout now."

A brown bird feeder hanging from a tree branch near an iron bar. Some of the seeds in the feeder have sprouted, revealing green and yellow shoots.
Reddit | HeckYeahBridgy

I mean, I guess this isn't super random. It's more like, just a little random. You'd think the birds would've eaten those seeds before they started sprouting plants, though.

"This tiny ripe apple."

A hand against a stone paver background. The hand is holding a comparatively tiny red apple.
Reddit | DK_Boy12

Now that's one tiny apple. I can't get over the fact that it's so ripe, despite being so underdeveloped. I guess the tree straight up didn't care about this one.

"The reflection of the sky on this building makes it look like it’s made with LED panels."

A tall building during sunset. The windows on the building are reflecting the sun, making it look illuminated against the smaller, non-reflective buildings in the vicinity.
Reddit | Snooket

It literally looks like it's lit up. Especially since basically every other building in the area is so much shorter, and their windows aren't reflecting the sun like that. Weird, but cool!

"My cat likes to sun bake her beans while laying on the back of the couch."

A window as seen from outside. The blinds are partially closed, blocking the view to the inside, save for two small white cat paws that stick out between the panels.
Reddit | 051015

It's funny how most cats and dogs will take a nap in a sunny spot to stay warm, but this one just wants her paws in the sun. Like she wants to stay warm, but not too warm.

"One of my hard boiled eggs cracked and made spaghetti."

A pot with a clear lid on top. In the pot is boiling water and about a dozen eggs. One egg has cracked; strands of yellow egg yolk float in the water.
Reddit | ocular_sorcerer

On the plus side, that's definitely still edible. I'm not really sure anyone would want to eat that, though. Not because there's anything wrong with it, just because it looks weird.

"This small violin I was given as a gift."

A hand holding an incredibly tiny violin and bow.
Reddit | KindaFaulty

This is what you whip out when someone's trying to tell you an overly dramatic sob story.

"Hold on, let me play you the world's smallest violin..."

"My water bottle fits perfectly inside my Pringles can."

A Pringles can on the floor, next to an empty bowl and a partially ripped gum package. Instead of chips, the can contains a water bottle that sits inside of it, lid sticking out of the top.
Reddit | TurboTurtle-

This person made a shocking discovery for some reason, and decided to share it with the world. Again, for some reason. This is incredibly random, but I'm sure some use could come out of it?

"This tree goes through the store."

Two pictures depicting the interior and exterior of a corner store that has a tree growing through it.
Reddit | adriasanchezig

I guess whoever built this store really didn't want to cut that tree down. Which is fine, until it decides to grow. The trunk might not stay that skinny forever.

"I tried to make a fruit fly trap with vinegar and dish soap. The dish soap solidified into an abstract sculptural form."

A jar full of vinegar and dish soap. The reaction between the two substances cased strange squiggles to form, which make the shape of some kind of creature.
Reddit | HummerPapillon

The abstract shape in that jar kind of looks like what you see when you look at tiny bugs and stuff through a microscope. I'm getting dust mite scorpion vibes right now.

"Sunrise only came through the window in the mirror this morning."

A bathroom with light coming through the window. Through the mirror, the same window can be seen, but the light is orange from the sunrise.
Reddit | lindsoda

This is, like, some kind of crazy optical illusion! It's so amazing how what you see out a window can completely change depending on the angle you're looking at.

"This emergency stop button at my workplace."

A red button against an unfinished wall. Several written messages make jokes or ask what the button is for.
Reddit | rolfeadog

See, I can look at this button and ask what the heck it's for (emergency stop, of course, but for what?). But the fact that people who worked there were asking is... concerning.

"Accumulated snow on table in one night."

A snowy balcony. A table sits on the balcony, with about 2 feet of snow piled on top of it.
Reddit | SupraVillainn

Man, it feels like this winter is never gonna end. Every day you hear about these crazy storms where multiple feet of snow fall overnight. It's like we're gonna be stuck in snow forever.

"House being moved in Minneapolis."

A house on a large trailer. The house is in the midst of being transported.
Reddit | Triggersinferno

As someone who's only ever lived in houses with basements, this is super weird. How do you move a whole house from one place to another? Like, how do you even lift it off the ground?

"The lettering in my jeans started to wear off and created a new message."

The back band of a pair of jeans. Some letters have faded from the phrase, making it appear to say, "fart ade certified actory."
Reddit | Super_complicated

Who needs fair trade when you can have fart ade, am I right? No but seriously, what a crazy and hilarious coincidence. Of all the letters to be missing...

"A huge grape I found."

A hand holding a comparatively large green grape.
Reddit | sedatedhorse

That is, in face, a huge grape. I wonder if it would still have any flavor at that size, or if it would just be all water. Like zucchinis when they get too big and stuff.

"Got this cheap, bootleg Puma bag as a gift years ago and forgot about it. Just found out it has a random Louis Tomlinson print sewn inside one of the pouches, for no apparent reason."

A bootleg Puma bag. One image shows the exterior, while the other shows an inner pocket with an image of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction sewn into it.
Reddit | go_razd

This is... such a random combination of things. I have a feeling the person who gifted this bag had no idea there was a surprise in one of the pockets.

"Saw a traffic light hanging wide open on the way to work."

A standard yellow traffic light. The spot for the amber light has blown open, exposing the interior wiring.
Reddit | stevethepirate89

I can't tell if that somehow got knocked/blown open, or if someone was doing maintenance and... forgot to close it. But, uh, maybe someone should fix it before it ends up causing car accidents?

"My 2kg peanut butter jar that somehow landed like this when I knocked it over."

A large jar of Kraft peanut butter that is leaning at an extreme angel, but ha not fallen down completely.
reddit | SeriousTsuki

I really love this. I love the fact that this jar of peanut butter is so huge, and I love the fact that it's so perfectly balanced at an angle for some reason. No thoughts, just peanut butter.

For those used to Imperial measurements, that's roughly five pounds of peanut butter.

"The bar I went to uses a 2 way mirror as the urinal wall."

A full-length window in a bar bathroom that looks out onto the patio.
Reddit | Bignbadchris

This is... so weird. I know that it's a 2-way mirror, so you won't be able to see into the bathroom. But the fact that you can see out... that's kind of creepy, actually.

"These letters and numbers are invisible on my lenses, but cast shadows."

The reflection of a pair of glasses on a yellow surface. Letters and numbers are visible in the reflection/shadow.
Reddit | GrandPriapus

The only thing that would make this cooler is if those letters and numbers were part of some kind of secret message. But they're probably just related to the prescription.

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