18 Modern Solutions For Modern Problems

Kasia Mikolajczak
handrail hand sanitizer
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People used to get excited about the simplest of things. But nowadays, technology has evolved so much to make all of our lives at least a little better. So I wanted to share with you just a few such inventions that will surely make your day brighter.

Check out these modern solutions that clever minds have designed to help us all. If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.

1. These Seat Chargers

Chargers underneath train seat
Reddit | u/Jackal000

Wouldn't it be cool if you could charge your phone while you're riding a train? Well, that's exactly what you can do on this one here. The chargers are located conveniently under the seat, so they're not in your way.

2. This Water Fountain

Outdoor drinking fountain
Reddit | u/Somethingclever13

It's cool that there are outdoor drinking fountains we can use when we're thirsty, but what about our pets, huh? Don't they deserve to be hydrated, too? I'm happy to see that somebody thought of that when they designed this drinking fountain here.

3. This Airport Bathroom

Airport bathroom
Reddit | u/Putin__Nanny

I don't know about you, but I feel a bit odd trying to peek underneath a stall in a public bathroom to see if it's occupied. So this airport one here eliminated that problem by installing lights that tell you if somebody is using a stall or not. The red light indicates that it's in use. Aha!

4. This Bathroom Mirror

MIrror with anti-fog system built-in
Reddit | u/Lapurrau

It's pretty annoying when you take a shower and your whole bathroom fogs up, including the mirror. Now you have to wait for it to become useable again. But wait, this hotel's mirror has an anti-fog system built-in that takes care of it all.

5. This Bike/Charging Station

Bike doubling as phone charging station
Reddit | u/AndersV2200

Public phone charging stations sure do come in handy. But what if you could exercise while you charge your phone? Wouldn't that be cool? Well, that's exactly what you can do here, and I think it's both helpful and healthy, no?

5. This Tupperware Notch

Tupperware lid with notch
Reddit | u/Fototapete2

If you ever bought Tupperware, have you noticed the little notch on the lid? Did you wonder what it was for, huh? Well, as it turns out, there is a purpose for it, and that's so you can hang it up like this. That's so neat, eh?

6. This Airport Seating Area

airport sitting area
Reddit | u/shut-up-karen

I don't know about you, but I often feel very cold while sitting at an airport gate. So I'm super excited to see that at least some airports recognized that and came up with a solution for it. This one has propane heaters at the end of the aisles. Yes!

7. This Multi-Use Device

charger with different plug options
Reddit | u/Darmug

It's always annoying when you travel and do not have the correct plugs. Am I right? Ugh! Then you start running around looking for an adapter. So I'm thrilled that this device here comes with three different plugs. It's like a charger and adapter in one.

8. This Vertical Mouse

vertical computer mouse
Reddit | u/Content-Cockroach-90

Whoa! I've never seen a vertical computer mouse like this one before. Why would you use one? Apparently, they are very helpful if you have wrist issues. They reduce pain by turning your arm, so your weight is directed differently. I should really try that.

9. These Airport Seats

long airport seats
Reddit | u/Jezzmund

If you've ever gotten stuck at an airport for a long time, you know it can be impossible to try and catch some Zzzs. So this location installed long seats like these where the hand rests don't interfere if you want to lie down on them. I could have used those when I got stuck for eight hours at the Frankfurt airport. Ugh!

10. This Microwave

microwave display
Reddit | u/iamtomm

What if I told you that some microwaves come with a "chaos defrost" mode. What in the heck does that mean? Well, so I've heard, this setting randomizes the location and recurrence of the waves for a more even and efficient thaw. Hmm, I would be interested in testing that out.

11. This Jacket

Jacket with built in sunglasses
Reddit | u/radicallysold

Let me ask you something: have you ever seen a jacket that came with built-in sunglasses? I can't say that I have. Isn't that such a neat idea? I mean, instead of worrying about bringing them along, they're right there when you need them the most.

12. This Shampoo/Conditioner Dispenser

shampoo and conditioner dispenser
Reddit | Reddit

I really admire it when hotels try to minimize waste. So I'm happy to see that this one here uses a refillable dispenser for their shampoo and conditioner instead of providing plastic one-time-use bottles. Isn't this a step in the right direction, eh?

13. This Surface Tester

safety boots surface tester machine
Reddit | u/MusicMedic

Let me ask you: have you ever bought safety boots? If you have, were you able to test them on different surfaces to see how it would feel to be wearing them? Well, this store here lets you do that, and I think it's such a cool idea.

This Airplane Seat Phone Mount

airplane seat phone mount
Reddit | u/hysnbrg4

I've seen some nifty solutions people came up with to mount their phones to an airplane seat. But this is the first time I've seen a seat that came with an actual mount already built-in. Not only that but there are two different ways you can use it. Wow!

This Hand Sanitizer

handrail sanitizer
Reddit | u/eYjay420

Now that everyone is super careful about eliminating germs, we're used to seeing hand sanitizers everywhere. However, I don't think I've ever seen them attached to a handrail like these ones here. Don't you think this is super handy or what?

This Pill Bottle

pill bottle
Reddit | u/the_tip_of_my_tongue

I don't know about you, but I sometimes forget whether I took a pill or not. So I wish there was a way to keep track of it all. Aha! Apparently, there are pill bottles with a lid which is a timer cap, and it helps you keep track of what you took or not.

These Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable USB batteries
Reddit | u/amcnewman

We've all seen rechargeable batteries. Am I right? But have you ever had one that has a USB inside? Oh, my! I need to get my hands on something like that. You can pretty much keep recharging it forever, huh?

What did I tell you?

Woman saying "so clever!"
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Aren't these simple solutions so handy? I love it when companies keep the user in mind when they create products for all of us. Have you found any interesting gadgets that have made your life a little easier lately? I would really love to hear more about them.